Courtney Barnett Rates eBay, Rugby, and Baseball Hats | Over/Under

(percussion music) – It’s underrated for how
funny it can be and strange. I worked in a job in an office where I didn’t know what my job was for the first couple of months. So I kind of knew how to do
some of the things I was doing, but I didn’t know why I was doing them or what the bigger job was. So, the water cooler talk was me just really trying to, steal pieces of information
about what we were doing and why we were there. Ebay, underrated. I love Ebay. I used to be scared of
Ebay, and then I embraced it and just started buying everything on it. I just used to be scared of
buying things online in general. And then I just gave in. Underrated, yeah. They’re the greatest. I’m a big koala fan. I’m sad that you guys don’t
get to see them over here. I feel bad that we chop
all their trees down, in Australia, and then
they have nowhere to go. And they run across the road and die. Rugby? Overrated, I don’t like sport. Hitting each other, and yeah, overrated. (chuckles) Is that a baseball cap, yeah? I like ’em. This is my hat that Danny made. He got it embroidered for me. It’s quite a comfortable hat, actually, and I feel like it matches
well with the blue jacket. So, there you go. Normally, I stick up for baby corn ’cause I don’t mind it really, when it comes in my vegetable soup. But today, I’m just gonna say overrated ’cause I feel like I’ve not
said enough overrated things. How do they even get that small? (percussion music)

78 thoughts on “Courtney Barnett Rates eBay, Rugby, and Baseball Hats | Over/Under

  1. bad topics. too generic to have an opinion on. poor courtney must've struggled to come up with something mildly interesting to say

  2. You get Courtney Barnett and then screw her with a bunch of retarded questions. Pitchfork is misogynist.

  3. Is was really awkward but I think that’s just her personality. Lol

    Do you guys just pick topics from searching through stuff they like on Twitter or something? Lmao “I’m going to pick the other option just once since I loved everything.”

  4. you guys should start playing the artist’s music at the end of the video again! i used to discover new music from that

  5. This is harsh but she could have been sloths daughter from the goonies. Fuck I’m gonna get hit by a car.

  6. do you like discovering neeeew indie music?? if so then you may enjoy my new demo, I just dropped it on my channel and would love to hear what you think

  7. They say if you look at her smile long enough, you see how the offspring of Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult would've looked like…

  8. I started cringing as soon as the sketch started going at the end. Rightly so, as it was a horrified at the final result.

  9. I love the little song you havce at the beginigng very groovy makes you wanan dance rightç?

  10. So everything is underrated except for rugby cuz u don’t like sport? Lol. Well you’re super overrated Courtney. Most boring over/under I’ve ever seen!

  11. I appreciate that she's very down to earth and isn't some tiring pretentious d-bag like St. Vincent but it was very hard to discuss about any of the topics really, has to be the shortest over/under ever!

  12. She's a genius, she is always thinking more than what she states and put out there… she's just too real… and too beautiful haha

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