81 thoughts on “Crash Landing on You | Official Teaser #1 | Netflix [ENG SUB]

  1. The 2nd teaser just released yesterday.

    This one gives me a glimpse of the ending, maybe they'll meet in different country LOL
    How about a twist where Hyun Bin is actually a rich man and not an actual soldier IDK WHAT I'M SAYING IS IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS TWO

  2. so we ain’t getting a season two of memories of the alhambra?? gosh why Netflix do us like that…if this ends like memories of the Alhambra I am never watching another Kdrama for the rest of my life

  3. If Netflix wanted to get more subscribers they need update their app example : Viki …interactive app where views get to comment on scenes sometimes makes shows more funny or exciting + write reviews is done easier. Many other apps are more advance than Netflix.. here to hoping they update soon….especially when watching foreign films/shows and somethings can get lost because of lack of knowledge on the culture……fans comments and input help keep up with the scene

  4. Seeing and being in Switzerland before with its scenic and astounding mountains and lakes I hope the drama will have a remarkable closure, something that a heart could pounder. The pairing between hb and syj
    should be a crash landing to the closing curtain of 2019💕

  5. Will it be like Memories of Alhambra or will it turn out to be like King 2 Hearts? Imma watch my bebe Hyun Bin for sure.

  6. Even though there were no romance scene in 'the negotiator', couldn't deny their chemistry n have been shipping them since then… so happy to see them back together for a drama 😭😭

  7. 3 more days to go before it airs 🥺✊🏻 please release more teasers, we need something to hang on to till then😭

  8. Is that Interlaken?!!? Went there with my fam last year… GORGEOUS place ugh… Honestly Switzerland was gorgeous in general. My family and I also went to London and Paris but my brother and father and I all agreed Switzerland was our favorite!

  9. 0:12 why do i get the feeling it will be the ending scene? 😮😮 i really hope the writer will make ri jung hyuk die in north korea and live in another country with new identity. Imo, that's the way i could think to make junghyuk and seri live together 😂😂

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