Crash Landing On You, Wang Yibo’s message for stalker fans 02.05.2020

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to another
episode of Chinese Entertainment Update. Greetings from the Independence Palace here
in Ho Chi Minh City. So here I am, on the balcony of the Independence
Palace. I’ve always been fascinated by the Vietnam
War so being up here feels a bit surreal. To think that at this moment, I’m seeing motorbikes,
cars and tourists, whereas on this very same spot almost 45 years
ago, on April 30th 1975, it was tanks and soldiers rolling down Le Duan, which is the
street coming right at us. It was a day which signified the end of the
war. Anyway, that’s just a quick piece of history
for you all. On with the show. In this edition, some upcoming Chinese dramas
in February 2020 and Wang Yibo has another message for stalker fans, but first.. So normally I only do updates of Chinese dramas
but recently I was introduced to a Korean drama that’s trending at the moment. In fact, many people urged me to watch it
– cousins, friends in Canada, friends in Asia, pretty much everyone. I found some time in my vacation to watch
the first two episodes and I thought I’d share my thoughts with guys. The drama’s name – Crash Landing On You. Crash Landing On You is a Korean modern drama
starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin and it premiered on December 14th. The drama tells the story a South Korean heiress
who crash lands into North Korea after a paragliding accident. There, she meets an army officer who helps
and protects her, promising that he will ensure her safe return to her home country. And as it is written in the stars, the two
eventually fall in love, despite the hostile relations between the two countries. I’ve always been a fan of Korean movies. In my opinion, Korean filmmakers are some
of finest in Asia or the world for that matter. By the way, if you guys follow Korean films,
you’d know that Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite which came out last year took the world by storm. It’s been nominated for best picture at this
year’s Oscars which will air on Feb 10th, just a few days time. Anyway, as much as I have followed Korean
movies for many years, I haven’t quite done the same with Korean dramas, which are a completely
different animal from Korean movies. So admittedly, I’m not as well-versed, but
hey it’s never too late to start. So I watched the first two episodes of Crash
Landing on You and they really just flew right by. The story moved along at a good pace, there
was well-timed humor and the actors were terrific. And the one thing I like about K-dramas,
and someone please correct me if I’m wrong, is that they never use overdubbing. They always capture the actors’ real voices
on set if I’m not mistaken. And you all know how I prefer that over
overdubbing. Crash Landing On You is 12 episodes in at
the moment. Apparently broadcast was delayed due to the
2020 Lunar New Year special broadcasts but it will resume on February 8th, when episode
13 will premiere. The drama is currently the fifth-highest-rated
Korean drama in cable television history and is available on Netflix. Have you guys been following the drama as
well? Let me know what you think of it in the comment
section below. And now some Chinese dramas slated to air
in February 2020. Well-Intended Love S2is an upcoming modern drama starring Xu Kaicheng and Simona Wang. The drama is of course a sequel to Well-Intended
Love and continues where the first left off. The lead couple enjoy their married life until
his best friend enters the picture and becomes a third wheel. The first season of this romantic comedy was
very well-received so it’s not surprising that its production company Sohu, follow
up with a sequel. The 16-episode drama is slated to premiere
on February 13th. The Promise Keepers
is an upcoming fantasy costume drama starring Leo Wu, Lareina Song and Karry Wang. It was previously entitled Chinese Bestiary. The drama is based on The Classic of Mountains
and Seas, an old Chinese text and a compilation of mythic geography and beasts. It tells the story of three siblings who are
exiled from their land and their fight to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs. Leo Wu recently starred in another fantasy
costume drama, Fights Break Sphere. Everytime I mention Fights Break Sphere the
inevitable question is when will season two come out? And the answer that has remained the same
for the past year or so is that they are still talking about it but
nothing official has been announced. However, it’s been reported that Leo Wu has
already said that he won’t be returning for a sequel even if it does happen. He didn’t give a specific reason why but he did
recommend Liu Haoran as a replacement. Lareina Song recently starred in Novoland:
Eagle Flag which incidently also starred Liu Haoran. Karry Wang who rounds out the trio of siblings
starred in Eagles and Youngster with Vicky Chen in 2018. The Promise Keepers is slated – or rumored I should say as it hasn’t been officially announced on their Weibo – to premiere on February 18th. There are, however, multiple sites including
the oftentimes reliable Yue365 that have it premiering on this date. Wait in Beijingis an
upcoming modern drama starring Li Yifeng and Maggie Jiang. It was previously entitled In New York. Li Yifeng plays an orphan who grew up in the
streets of Brooklyn and aspires to be a lawyer to help those in need. Maggie Jiang plays a university graduate who
dreams of opening her own designer clothes store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. An accident happens and their lives intersect. Li Yifeng hasn’t been in a drama since Noble
Aspirations 2 in 2016 so fans of his dramas will undoubtedly look forward to this. Maggie Jiang on the other hand recently starred
in the popular gaming drama The King’s Avatar with Yang Yang. Wait In Beijing is slated for 46 episodes
and a Feb 23rd premiere. Even as the number of coronavirus cases increase
on a daily basis, it doesn’t seem to have stopped sasaeng or stalker fans. In my previous video, I updated that many
studios and dramas have shut down because of the epidemic – Legend of Fei starring Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo is one of them – but that hasn’t stopped Wang Yibo’s most extreme fans from doing their thing; chase him down. On Feb 3rd, Wang Yibo’s fan club revealed
in a Weibo post that they received notification from Yibo’s company that there were still
fans disturbing him and his family. If the harrassment continues, the company
will call the police.” Sasaeng behavior is not acceptable during regular
times, let alone extreme times like these. I mean people are staying home as much as
possible, avoiding crowded places, avoiding shaking hands even or touching anything in
public, and for fans to continue invading Wang Yibo’s
privacy is quite inconsiderate and maybe even be dangerous. And before I let you guys go, here’s a recap
of the dramas rumored for this month. And that’s it for this edition, guys. Do check out my Patreon page where you can
find perks to becoming a patron, the link is in the description box below. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing. so thank you all for watching and as always,
I wish you good health and happiness. Until next time, cheers.

40 thoughts on “Crash Landing On You, Wang Yibo’s message for stalker fans 02.05.2020

  1. Correction: Well-intended Love S2 doesn't continue where S1 takes off. It's actually a standalone drama but features the same characters. Thanks to Wei Ling Ong for pointing it out.

  2. I can recommend 'rookie historian goo hae ryung ' … it's a south korean historical drama series…I love it so much 🥰

  3. I love all Asian dramas and movies, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese, etc. However I do watch more Korean dramas and I’m loving the Korean drama Crash Landing On You! The movie is heart warming and I love all the actors that are playing in this drama. My family and friends think I’m a little off because I watch more Asian movies and dramas then American, but it’s what I like👍🏼

  4. If you like K-dramas, please try the recent TALE OF NOKDU. Besides being a terrific story, it does some gender stuff that C-dramas wouldn't dare due to the governmental boot.

  5. I would like you to update about the Chinese drama "battle through the heaven season 2". I hope you would surely do that. Thank you.

  6. I'm already excited for The Promise Keepers! I miss Wu Lei already.
    Crash Landing On You is my current most favourite Kdrama!
    Thank you for keeping us updated!😊

  7. Thanks for reviewing Crash Landing on You! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama…Watch it and you will NOT be disappointed

  8. Oh… crash landing on you, I wanted to watch but won't have time till April. I will be watching just because of Hyun Bin, he was cool in Memories of Alhambra (it's also in Netflix) but that story ended up with an open ending…
    I haven't watched a lot of Leo Wu's show, I know him from one of the condor heroes version. I think he was a cute and smart kid there. I watched Karry Wang's eagle something something and it was pretty good. He seems to have a potential for acting so I kinda want to see if he has progressed. However, this show seems going to have a lot of CG and shiny thing, which is not my cup of tea if it's done poorly… well, let's see if I have time to watch it after April. My new job should keep me busy and, unfortunately, away from dramas too~

  9. Sometimes I don't pick up on the dubbing when it's done well or when not everyone is dub. Yet other times it makes a drama hard to watch especially when the actor's mouth isn't moving.

  10. Hi Marcus , “under the power” is a really good chinese drama . I think underrated — possible for you to talk more about it in one of your future videos?
    Thanks bunch !

  11. Love crash landing I’ve been getting up early to watch as soon as it airs on Netflix the main actors have great chemistry love all the cast and story line.

  12. Guys, the new drama on IQIYI called The New World is great. I love it. Their subs for the first 7 ep are horrible, but I got the just of it, with a little of my mandarin knowledge. Y’all check it out.

  13. The part that touched me in this drama " CRASH LANDING ON YOU " so far is when he held onto her hand and pulled her back as she attempted to run out in the open in the parking lot. BIN showed real real facial emotions in eposide 11 with 5:52 remaining. That scene was IT for me.

  14. Thank you for the information. I will look into these shows. I haven't found a drama that can hold my interest since Joy of Life ended. I'm trying to find a TV drama I haven't seen yet, that's already done airing ,(I'm a binge-watcher). It was hard for me to wait for Joy of Life with
    English subs on You Tube. Of course I have to have English subs. All the best, and enjoy your time in Asia.

  15. wow! love crash landing on u too! so excited to watch the sequel of well. intended love. Both leads have greatnlove chemistry!

  16. Wow I just watched the latest 2 episodes! I found myself shouting and cheering, which is something I Never do! This is one of the BEST BEST series on Netflix! Love this series!

  17. I agree with you that Korean movie are ones of the best in Asia or even in the world. I have been a watching Korean dramas most of my life and only started to switch to Chinese dramas recently. They are the best when it comes to romantic dramas. And maybe because they make too many of those people might find them similar. And since they are around 16 episodes long, they have good a much better pace as compared to Chinese ones. But the reason why I switched to Chinese ones recently is to watch other storylines beside romance. And since they are so long, thanks to your channel the choice becomes a bit easier.

  18. CLoU is addictive. I love the main star’s micro-expressions. Hyun’s pouting and sighing😤💨is especially to die for!

  19. Wang Yibo stalkers are very scary creepy they don't give privacy to him OMG if I'm on his shoes oh I can't get out the house peacefully 😱😰 Always be safe Yibo

  20. STalker fans are the most selfish, inconsiderate are narcissistic people. Their behavior could kill the subject of their so-called "affection". They should be arrested as a danger to public health.

  21. I'm late with your update Marcus, sorry. I have watched the first 6 episodes of "Crash Landing on You" and I already impressed with it. I decided to wait for all the episodes to finish on Feb 16th on Netflix, so I can watch it without having to wait a week or two. I will do my best to get the message out on Facebook as I'm a member of Yibo's biggest fan club. Thank you so much for all you do and can hardly wait for three siblings' drama series.

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