(upbeat music) – [Tiffany] Good morning. – Good morning. Beby, say good morning. Good morning, I want to
eat my breakfast too. – [Tiffany] I scared myself. – [Sierra] How’d you
scare yourself? – [Tiffany] (laughs)
I don’t know. Way to scare me right? – What you doing? – [Tiffany] I don’t
know, I’m so jumpy. – Are you recording?
– [Tiffany] Yeah. Good morning.
– Good morning. – What’s up guys,
welcome to Tuesday. The smell of it,
you can’t smell it, because there’s no
smell-o-vision cameras yet. I’m still waitin’ for, I’m
still waitin’ for Canon to come out with a
smell-o-vision camera. You can’t smell it, but
Tiffany’s in the kitchen, and she’s cookin’ somethin’
that smells amazing. For Taco Tuesday. I think, I hope so, I said that. Oh yeah, we got the stand
and stuff taco shells, my favorite, chicken, we
have chicken, we got rice. Anything else,
any other surprises? – That’s it, I thought we
had beans, but we don’t. – [Clintus] Oh. – So it’s taco’s and rice tonight. – [Clintus] I’m okay with that,
I’m okay with that. I know I’ve asked this before. Who here does taco Tuesday? Do you guys do taco Tuesday? Let me know in
the comments below. What kind of tacos do you get? What kind of tacos do you eat? What kind of tacos
do you go make? Let me know, let me know. What’s up children? – What’s up. – [Clintus] How was
your day at school? – Good.
– [Clintus] Good. Anything exciting, anything new? No, all same oh, same oh.
– Yeah. – [Clintus] You still
enjoying your classes? You still enjoying your teachers? – Mhmmm.
– [Clintus] All right, all right. So I just got off the phone
with brother number three, aka Travis, and it looks
like he had a little surprise for me and Bryce. Looks like we are going to
the Arizona Diamondbacks game tonight, and what’s
really cool about this, is that he has two
tickets to the pool area. If you’ve never been
to a Diamondbacks game, or you’re not familiar
with Chase Field, home of the Arizona
Diamondbacks, we have a swimming pool, out in the outfield,
with seats, and a big area for like, people to hang out at. And in the 20 years the
Diamondbacks have been here, I have never been to the
pool, never been in that area. I take it back, I walked by
the, I walked up to the area during a game, but I didn’t
actually get a chance, to actually sit down, and
like hang out in the area. I just kinda saw it during
a tour, and that’s it. So, I’m excited, Bryce is excited. I know a lot of you guys
are already excited. You’re already tweeting
me, and messaging me about your excitement,
because we haven’t been to a D’backs game
in over a year. I think last time
we went, was when we went out to that tour, which
is almost two years ago. Two years ago,
it was two years ago. Holy crap,
it was two years ago. So, yeah, let’s go. Oh baby, oh baby,
look at those tacos. This is like Mommy’s taco,
taco tray, taco tray. And these are the stacker
ones, so you like, they sit, they stand up, so
you just buy those from now on. Never buy anything else. – Yeah, but there’s
healthier ones out there. But the store didn’t have any. – The reality of the
situation is, when I eat 10 of these tacos, it
really doesn’t matter what kind of shell
she’s gonna need, because I’m eating
too many calories. – This little girl. Are you still a little girl? I can still call you
my little girl, right? This girl, is off to volleyball,
and she’s super proud of her outfit you
picked out today. What shirt is this? – [Sierra] Daddy’s. – [Tiffany] And her Nintendo socks. Super cute. – [Sierra] I thought it went
well with the shirt. – [Tiffany] Yep, you excited? Of course. – All right, Bryce and I
made it downtown Phoenix. Got parked, headin’ over
to the game, Chase Field. You excited?
– Yeah. – It’s first baseball
game in two years. Did you know that? We haven’t been to a
baseball game since we came down here for like
the behind the scenes, and met all the players. It’s been two years, yeah. – Well, Diamondbacks game. – To a Diamondbacks game,
well yeah, to a Diamondbacks game. We went to, where’d
we go last though? You went to Uncle Jack,
he went to a Padre game with Uncle Jack, but
yeah, it’s been two years since we’ve been
in Chase Field guys. And Bryce has been
askin’ to go, we just. – No to Monster Jam. – Well but I’m sayin’, for
baseball, for baseball, yeah. He’s so literally, so
literal, no Dad we were there six months and two days
and four hours ago. There’s Talking Stick
Resort Arena, home of the Phoenix Suns,
and then we got Chase Field over there,
Arizona Diamondbacks. All right, here we are, game
just started, first inning, pool is right over there. (game and stadium noises) There it is, check it out.
That cool? Got a little
AZ D’backs all around. Show him your tickets. – Hey guys, oh you
got both tickets – [Clintus] Yes sir. What do you think dude? Is it pretty cool? – Like on the floor. – [Clintus] Like on
the field, right. Yeah, it’s like right
where the outfield is, huh? So we got hot tub,
we got a pool. I was just tellin’ Bryce,
I think they redid this pool. I think originally, like when
they first, 20 years ago, I think it was one giant pool. I think there was a
basketball hoop in it, there’s no basketball hoop
now and there’s a hot tub. I have to go back and
look at the pictures. I think the pool
has been redone. This is more adult
style, I think originally it was for kids, like it
had like a kid theme to it, you know, not anymore. Bryce wasn’t lying,
this is where we’re at. Like, what do you think,
three feet off the ground? – [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] The outfield’s
right there, huh? You can like, high five
number 19 right there, huh? – Yeah, oh his last name’s Bruce. – [Clintus] His last name’s Bruce. (stadium noise) – [Clintus] Is that jets? – Yeah, strong ones. (stadium noise and laughter) – [Clintus] Bryce,
what just happened? – Home run. – [Clintus] Home run, woo. He got that at the wall. Woo, oh it’s the Mets, no waterfalls
for the Mets, huh? I got excited for
a second, then realized it was the other team. It’s been about two
hours since dinner, and you’re already
stuffing your face again? Gotta have a hot dog
at a baseball game, huh? – Mhmmm.
– [Clintus] Uh-huh. Got some mac and
cheese as well. And I’m munching on
Bigs sunflower seeds. These are the Old Bay,
man these are so good. Oh, so good. Oh, he got the ball. He jumped in, shirt and all. You got it man, look at him. You were just fighting
for yourself man. No one else was goin’
for it, it was all yours. That’s two over here. That’s another one for the
Mets, so no sprinklers, no sprinklers. That’s two for the Mets. (stadium noise) – That’s right Chuck,
we are hangin’ out here at the Ram Trucks pool,
and I’m here with Paul, who’s got a chance to
win this $100 gift card for Fry’s food stores. If you go to Fry’s food
stores, you can find some ways to make some
bratwursts right here. Nobody’s saying that
it has to be Bratwurst. No matter how you say
it, we’re gonna find out if you think it floats, or sinks. You get it right, you
get that $100 gift card. We’re gonna ask
your friends and family. What do you guys think? Float or sink,
a package of bratwurst? They’re unanimous,
they say it floats. Do you agree with
friends and family? Or are you gonna go it alone? – As far as I’m concerned it is. – All right,
you’re gonna go float? Here we go. Let’s throw the Bratwurst
in there and find out. (cheers and yelling) – Let’s hear it for Paul,
he’s the winner in Fry’s float or sink. Fry’s, great food, famous
low prices, great prices on Bratwurst. (stadium noises) Alright guys,
way to get that Bratwurst. – [Clintus] Good job Bryce. Good job dude. Dessert time? What do you got there? – Apple pie. – [Clintus] Apple pie,
like Grandma’s? – Apple pie and cherry
pie are my favorite pies. – [Clintus] Cherry huh? – Yeah, I kinda like this one. (rap beat boxing) – Well guys, that was mega fun. Bryce had a blast
playing in the pool, and I get to watch a
little bit of baseball. Man, the pool is
strategically placed there, because there was a
lot of balls that came right in that vicinity. Both, from both teams. The Mets actually
hit like two or three home runs,
right there in that area. So, definitely a place
to make sure you’re paying attention
when the balls are hit, because flying objects
do come from the field. But a big shout
out to my brother, for hooking us up with those
tickets, they were amazing. And, I owe him one. Gonna go ahead and call
it a night, it’s late, Bryce is goin’ to bed, and
he’s already an hour behind his bedtime. Tiff and Sierra are already asleep
obviously, and I got to edit this vlog, so thank you
so much for watching. We appreciate it,
thumbs up if you liked it. And we’ll see you
guys tomorrow for Bryce’s basketball
practice, and I’m gonna go do something, I’m gonna
go to lunch or something. I’m gonna get outta
the house tomorrow. I was here all day,
we’re gonna do somethin’. So we’ll see you then.
Vlog on.

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