Crazy Badminton Fight!

Sunday’s Canada open the men’s double
final I’m gonna try not to put your these names
tie it former Olympic teammates boded art is Sarah and money pong a deng’s it I think I got a right flank
where you putting their names in quotes that’s their nicknames ok are that okay trip alright they
glared at each other they talk shit to each other and then
when they were changing sides as you always do in badminton tennis what
have you paddle tennis ahh the ending result occurred so it’s
got a very columns on the way fun the leader factor the hand in the former
Olympic teammates these guys now with that little court with a record for dole’s but why was he
running away that suggest that he did something first
why was he running away lb they said that 11 gave the finger to the other
then they started talkin shit in glaring at each other and then I think one attacker the other one
didn’t wanna fight right well if the if the pursuer was also the initial attacker then the
you got a gf assault a crime yeah let the legal him first and then
ran away then it’s up slightly different story well the guy who got the shipping
out them was John shit I was really I’m gonna guess that art
lost the fight knowledge it sounds like john jet lost the file
five stitches do so which one was junked was it’s not John art jet boat in our Asara contact money money pong a songs it in a epic badminton did say there will
disqualify me with doesn’t speak well that I like to make fun of
orders names but or badminton but I do wife but I they’re free to make fun you enjoy
that feel free to make him a good what we did is not much to make fun of
those call you doing in the move along mixture yep so I wanna commenters I told
you their belts while but one other comment you said I like the new rules the additional full
contact fighting the Batman will bring it to the mainstream I think Anderson Silva will do well next
year batman’s World Cup you know Anderson Silva I do know me
understand so grossed out I he just lost a big fight to Chris
Weidman to Chris YWCA 162 on idea I’m staggered always that there is like a or $1.82 there’s
professional or competitive international bed and that like somebody your what by astounded that exist and that I given
you support my hands on a given night there’s an arena booked in there to be
built that court in the somebody has the net they
ordered it from some badminton net company that makes that and they all went why does this like
surprising because it just didn’t catch on here so can’t catch on anywhere else because there are things you do when
you’re in sixth grade the just have a sense grown-ups don’t do
and I was pretty sure badminton was wonderful but it turns out now tablet all over the
world I so if I challenge you to a bad match you
would like I why I like I got a girl a shuttlecock
Rick om chief the hut cut to stop talking here come back your bench press
competition might be the only guy get three did this

100 thoughts on “Crazy Badminton Fight!

  1. Ben Mankiewicz is so ignorant. He's always talking shit about other sports because they're not big in the US and he can't accept that they are big elsewhere in the world.

  2. Spoken like a true armchair athlete. btw, in the world of racquet sports badminton is recognized as the most difficult of them all.

  3. Yes, in the US, you're right, but I'm guessing that you probably don't spam every video that you watch with puerile comments that a mentally challenged 6 year-old would make.

    Actually, it turns out that the age limits are as follows:
    Spain and South Korea: 14 or older
    Netherlands: 16 or older
    All other countries: 13 or older

  4. Yeah, I didn't know, either. I just googled it myself. It's strange that in the Netherlands it's older than anywhere else. (I thought it was 15 everywhere). And Spain, where I live, has the lowest age of sexual consent in the world (apart from the Vatican, of course), at 13, but you can't have a Google account until you are 14!

  5. Ben, didn't you say once you had like no quads??
    Then badminton is really gonna kill you!
    I (bball player) used to feel the same way, until I played my gym teacher who was a badminton fanatic … bad idea on my part

  6. Look dudes it's badminton. I played some pretty intense matches in college. I'm not surprised by this. It's as if you'd be shocked at a fight in a hockey game. Just sayin'

  7. The dude in glasses is totally trashing badminton because he can't play shit. I bet a six year old kid can beat his ass up in that tiny court. His butt cannot even move around for a few points. SMH!

  8. I bet Ben would not consider the court so small if he would be running diagonally from one corner to the other to play the shuttle :).

  9. oh absolutely destroyed!
    But that's not the worst part, a good player will send you from corner to corner, jumping all over the place, while he makes little physical effort.
    You look like a clown, and it tires you out fast …
    Badminon can be VERY intense and physically hard!

  10. This is not class badminton player, the player should be punished and not allowed to play again and in prison

  11. Ben should not talk about and judge a sport he clearly knows nothing about. It's actually quite insulting. Badminton played properly is very physically demanding, requires excellent fitness and ridiculous speed. Sure it's a non-contact, but it's a sport that requires you to move and react constantly. At the same time, it requires technique and precision. As a workout, i run and i find badminton comparable!

  12. Tired of this channel…………. You think its the real video but instead its some idiot talking about the video i want to watch.

  13. omg…the guy with the glasses is an idiot..why is he even on this vid giving baseless opinions??like to make fun of foreign names,badminton is a sport for kids….blimey,where did they dig this guy out?lie down before you hurt yourself,mate

  14. i played basketball,tennis,hockey and badminton and i can tell you badminton is the hardest of these. I played at a prettyu high level at each btw.

  15. This is so stupid. Badminton is not an easy sport. Most non badminton players I know in North America doesn't know shit about badminton. They thought it's an easy, boring and slow game. Well, turn out they know it because they saw how bad it was at their highschool… :facepalm:

  16. That grease back looks like an nonathletic panzie… I dropped hockey to start badminton at a high level and it's a way more physically and mentally demanding sport than meatheads on ice. From AAA hockey I had to improve my fitness just to start learning the sport for higher level…

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