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Be very careful, that’s a bad frog clone, what are these things I bet for a clone. My name is bad frog go It’s up guys welcome back to the amazing frog guys look out stronk bad frog is TV he can pick up a whole refrigerator Guys have you ever tried picking up a refrigerator actually don’t try that to say it for me refrigerators are really heavy TUI’s crazy How strong this guy is but guys I am really excited for today? – we’re goin to a secret area in the space station somewhere. We’ve never gone before and guys I’m telling you. There’s something crazy in there well before we do that guys look at this arcade How many episodes have we done of this series? I don’t think we’ve ever done this Dude I don’t know I think we’ve been playing for two years guys If you haven’t seen this before there’s sort of a there’s an amazing frog arcade in Amazing frog we’re playing amazing frog an amazing frog dude. It’s crazy can we fart a Fart we should be able to fart. I don’t think we can fart, but dude It’s amazing frog and amazing frog so it’s like a 2d. Oh I’m stuck look I’m like breakdancing and it’s like a 2d it’s kind of 2d It’s like side scroller, but kind of 3d make it make it. Oh I see TV up there I’m supposed to collect the TVs dude. I don’t know I’ve tried this a little bit off camera before I’m not exactly sure what we’re supposed to do. Let’s see let’s see if I can pick up that TV, but guys I hope you a lot of great Thanksgiving those who celebrate it, dude It was so much fun reading through the comments last video select less video. I was saying Tell me in the comments what your favorite. Oh, No I try picking it up um. Oh, dude Okay, get back in the game get back in the game. Wait a minute. I think I’m on player – oh Did I break it Did I break it yeah there? We go, okay, so I just knocked off the TV I don’t think there’s anything we can do in that oh Yes, I said put in the comments your favorite Thanksgiving food. Do I don’t know why I keep doing it? I don’t know why I keep telling you guys to put like your favorite. Oh trophy. Just drove me down here I don’t know why I keep telling you guys would like a pair of food and candies, so All it does is make me and everyone in the comment – hungry. Okay. Well. What are we supposed to do with this trophy? I don’t think I could do anything with it. I’m pressing buttons I’ll say I can do anything with it. Let’s just throw it off the cliff Destroy it off the cliff. Yeah guys Lance, and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and dude it was also fun Hearing about some of you guys Traditions stuff that you guys usually do for Thanksgiving oh no no oh no I’m falling I’m balling I’m back. Can we do anything this way? Oh, it’s another frog can we do anything this way No Don’t think this I think that way Okay, guys. We gotta at least get the end of the map, okay. We’re at that cliff. I’m jumping. Oh, we made it What is it? Oh? It’s like flowers or something okay guys. I don’t know if there’s anything. We’re supposed to be doing there’s another trophy Dude is just like the game you got trophies you got TVs you got buildings what is this another TV? Okay, okay this time I went on top of the buildings – there’s a bunch of crates, okay I think we’re getting close to the end guys. Let’s just go for it. Oh There’s a blimp There’s a blimp okay, okay? I don’t know if there’s anything I get dude. There’s no like trampolines or anything I think that’s it but guys either way It’s still pretty fun game – it’s like amazing for exception for playing amazing fog an amazing frog That’s amazing okay. Well guys. Let’s get going also guys I wanted to thank you so much for all your support on last video over 3,000 likes I’ve said it a million times guys I know it seems like such a small thing, but it helps so much, so thank you guys. You are the best I love each and every one of you. I wanted to mention too this past Sunday I finally did a 1 million subscriber special and I mentioned another amazing frog video guys The channel wouldn’t pay 2 million subscribers if it weren’t for you guys Thank so much, but if you missed the million subscribers special you gotta check it out, dude I’m giving away 2 Nintendo switches. I’m giving away a bunch of Amazon gift cards also, I announce my new merch – we got a new shirt. I’m actually wearing it right now. Oh We got some oh, we got some amazing frog characters, we got Tabs characters, we got people go fish characters We got we just got a ton of different characters from Oh for my favorite series do that cars on fire? Ok I think we’re still good Yeah, guys so the giveaway is gonna be going until Monday December 4th also shirts are gonna be 10% off til December 4th So guys, I’ll link that video and in the description. Maybe if I can remember a baby. I’ll link the Actual to tis a good run, maybe I’ll like the actual giveaway and the shirts in the description. Yeah guys I’m just super excited, and I want to get back to you, so I feel like this giveaway It’s just a good way to get back to you guys. I wish I can give it a Nintendo’s wish to have auto-fire broad run Ok there’s nothing. What’d you do that? Was a pretty good run, though Ba guys like I said, I wish I’d give everyone a Nintendo switch, but it’s just impossible It’d be impossible to give one to every single person So I’m doing 2 and also guys if you did want a shirt and actually there’s a poster too if you want either of those You can order before December 11 to get it before Christmas because maybe maybe you want to ask for for Christmas or something So it has to be purchased before December 11th to get it by Christmas Hey guys christmas christmas is almost here. I know it’s like here’s like a month away. Hey guys i’m already excited I love Christmas It is my favorite holiday of the year But guys I know I’ve been asking a lot of questions lately in these videos, but for today’s video I want to know you put in the comments. I want to know your favorite Christmas present. You’ve ever gotten guys I was thinking about it. I can’t pinpoint an exact favorite Christmas present. I’ve ever gotten But dude. I do remember when I was younger when Cuz I own a Sega Genesis and some of you probably don’t even know what that is but basically Sega Genesis It was a video game console and guys won Christmas all I wanted was Jurassic Park for the Sega Genesis, and I don’t know why I think it was a game that was in really high demand But I remember my mom telling me. She was looking at all these different stores nobody had it and I was starting to get nervous Started get nervous cuz that’s how it went. It’s alway Christmas would come around I wanted something that everybody else wanted it, and I knew there’s a chance I wasn’t gonna get it But somehow my mom she would call every single store in the area She would drive miles and miles away Just to get what I wanted for Christmas so Wow I don’t know if you’re watching, but if you are Thank you so much. You always make Christmas really special for me so guys here. We go. We’re going to this secret area I can’t believe I missed it at the same time. It’s kind of easy to pull it’s kind of easy to miss because it’s uh It’s kind of small okay. How do we go again? Yeah? Okay? Don’t don’t explode All right guys dude look at this. How would I have seen that before? So like I mentioned in previous video. I can’t remember which video. It was but we started out here and Someone in the comet whoa. What is down there? Whoa what are those things? Okay? So there’s something down there? Okay, I didn’t know about that 20 down there there guys so one in the comments was telling me To press respawn home, and then something crazy would happen so when I did it it. Just respawned me out of the map – what are those things What? Dude, what are these things? What? Okay, that scare me You want all those things? Dude, I gotta check this out. Can I shoot them, let’s try shooting them, okay get this view and let’s try shooting them I’m shooting them. I’m shooting out Nothing’s happening. What are those things? I? Think there are little mini spaceships, dude. I didn’t see that before Okay, that’s absolutely crazy Yeah What I was gonna say is that someone told me every spawn home why you’re in this simulator thing And I would do that and I just went flying I think he meant that it takes me to the This secret special place, okay. I lost it. Where’s the special place? Dad keeps scaring me Okay, let’s respawn one more time. He’s the secret special place here. What are these? Dude How come I’ve never seen this stuff before? Okay, those are more ships like my ship Okay, that’s crazy wait that stuff always there was this ship always here. I don’t know guys Oh, this is gonna already control. Yes some of this stuff some of these ships are pink, but there’s a ship right there Yeah, I don’t know why it’s no more pink. Okay watch out for the debris I don’t know if the debris is gonna explode me too. We can actually go pretty fast Okay, guys here we go So this is the secret area. Let’s just head right in and guys I don’t know if you see it put there’s something crazy in there You’re probably ready and always gonna be I’ll probably put it in the thumbnail or something okay here we go here we go Okay, we crashed in are we inside no Okay, I think we were inside. Let’s just try respawn. Let’s try respawn home Bread bread okay guys be very careful That’s a bad frog clone. I actually checked this off camera and I Don’t know how else to put it. He’s kind of crazy, so let’s just let be very careful Let’s just scope the place. Let’s go the place out. There’s my bus it ship it floating around Okay, so what does that say keep? Remove remove so keep the green remove the blue remove the red Green is out a alpha blue is beta red is gamma. Okay guys We got to be very very careful, but dude isn’t this place cool This is like inside the simulator thing and look at this it’s like some kind of hologram thing So that’s like instructions or something. Okay? What does that say the? something our family of moleculars Molecular scissors, okay guys I think this is a reference to another game that fade You made called cascade which I think that game is about like I think it’s about curing Alzheimer’s Maybe I don’t know man I think it’s about curing some kind of disease, but guys to look at those other ships So the one we’re in right now is that is the big white one, but dude? There’s a purple one? There’s a red one guys. I think this area’s pretty cool. How if I miss this okay? We got to be very Very careful, but let’s talk to the soccer club a frog clone. Hi Hi bad for a clone. My name is bad frog no. No leave me alone guys this what I’m talking about He’s got a crazy. He’s quite a night. No leave me alone leave me alone. You crazy fat front clone Okay, guys. We got to get out of here. We got to get away from him. Okay, um a light bulb keeps coming Maybe I can pick him up dude. I got a time it just right. He said it was fine. Okay Do maybe I can direct him out of here, okay? We gotta get him out of here. This guy is absolutely crazy Okay, jump out the window. Please. Please jump out the window. I don’t think we can know he’s running after me, okay Let’s see if I can pick him up. No. Don’t touch me don’t touch me. I want to pick him up. No No, he got me actually wait a minute here picking him up. Okay. He stopped dude. What is with this guy? it’s some kind of crazy bad for a clone and he’s Absolutely out of his mind Okay, let’s put this invisible wall here. I don’t know what that’s all about okay, dude I just want to see what these controls are okay. There’s a picture of the ship. Here’s some meters or something Okay, or no, dude that scare me. He like looked at me. Okay fit for a clone snap out of it, too We gotta get out of here. We gotta get out of here, or we gotta get him out of here, okay? He stopped again, maybe uh, maybe I could take a look at this stuff again What else we have we got a lever we got some buttons dude. That’s not a buttons. Hey guys. I gotta say This is pretty cool We’ve never checked this out before okay, and three we try to tackle him and knock him through this window one two three Decco That didn’t work. It didn’t work at all – he’s too strong He is my strength remember the strength they’re talking about he has that strength. He’s not stronger than he were equally oh We boot throw away. No. We’re good. Dude. We flew through the window can I get up there? No, I wanted to get up there. Oh, we made it Guys what are these things? Okay, just leave me alone your plants that fat frog clone. I’m the real pet frog Okay, okay. What are these things? We got to get away from that guy? What are these things? Dude, two little spaceships, okay. He’s just sitting there. Okay, so these are little spaceships. Can I do anything? Can I actually fly this? Hopefully sell me dude. This is a little spaceship guys. I actually got no idea This was in the game either But I don’t think there’s anything we can do with these things. I hain’t you tried blowing them up Can’t really do anything there. Okay. Let’s try sitting in the sea No, nothing’s happening. Hey either way. That’s pretty cool guys listen. Oh while the echo is He’s definitely a big room. Okay, well guys Let’s see if I can pick up my ship parts, and maybe you put them back together okay to be really sneaky bafreux Clone you don’t see me Do I can pick up these parts it’s like going through my head. Okay? This is probably the the wing if I attach that to the Body of the spaceship, we’ll probably be able to put it back together I don’t think so, but guys got another part over here. This is probably for the exhaust Dude, it’s going right to my head. Oh, it’s like it’s going up and down Dude, what is this? It looks like this has some meters blue green and orange Yeah, this log, hilarious. Okay, well guys I think there’s only one thing left to do and that’s take out this crazy bat frog clone. Okay guys Let’s do this. Just okay. We’re in the spaceship. Where’s the bat frog clone, okay? I think he’s down there guys We gotta take him out there can only be one bad frog and this guy’s just a clone okay. Oh no We gotta shoot him sure duck. No oh My goodness, I’m wasted as he wasted guys. I don’t know if we got him um I’m not seeing him. I don’t know actually I didn’t see him explode dude. He’s probably on the loose out there somewhere guys I don’t know about you, but this guy’s kind of freaky. Yeah bad frog clone. Yeah. He just gives me the creeps Guys this was so much fun like I said I don’t know how I missed this stuff before but I’m so glad we found it, but guys that schedule for today’s video I really hope you enjoyed if you did as always feel free to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe you haven’t already I’ll see you guys in the next amazing fraud Tell me I can grab a wall, okay, so let’s hit the airlock Is this some kind of simulator? Oh my goodness? Oh? Dude, it’s a sandworm. Oh, it’s got me. You gotta be kidding keep shooting. No. He got me

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