CRAZY HIDE AND IN 10 POUND MANSION !!! Sub To LanX Hello guys, and welcome back to another video its competition time lel sub to LanX yo mama dat savage Hide-And-Seek Challenge and I know you’re Probably Expecting this to be like a Joke or something, no We’re Actually Just going to be Playing Hide-And-Seek in The five Star Villa so you know this is actually going to be Really fun #Minion YAYYY MEME Basically we’re Both Going to have a minute to hide and then we can find a hiding spot anywhere in the villla We Can find a hiding Spot Anywhere in This Villa Can be Outside it’s Inside I’m Saying the rules like you, don’t Already know the Rules of Hide-And-Seek SUBSCRIBE TO MORGZ (THIS BADASS), However The Loser Is it going to get A forfeit Forfeit you’ve Not told me About this I’m going to Keep A secret but Guys if You’re New to my Channel Remember to go Down and smash that subscribe And subscribe to my Channel we’ve got Loads of Crazy Videos to Upload in this Mansion so you’re going to want to subscribe so you Don’t miss one of them and also mum set A big light Target what like Target We’re Thinking Today forty Five Forty five Thousand? (U MAD MOM?) DO IT guys, plz smash that live on smash that subscribe or are you Ready guys Yeah You Ready yeah I’m Guys let’s do This I’m not losing I swear to God I ain’t losing I’m not Losing Well You want Those Gotta Lose Ain’t gonna be me Can Wait over? Okay so mums, on her Camera Down There we’ve got a double Camera Settle There We go then Basically I’m going to go Down There Into the Downstairs Toilet Account yes I’m going to be it for a moment you get One Minute I’m going to count out Loud To go find your Spot are you ready I’m Ready are you Ready Ready Let’s do This okay, okay I’m Walking Down the stairs mom’s Account Begins in Three Two one One Two All right Guys I know Where i’m Going? Well This is Actually Pretty Spooky I found this little Room, oh God how, Did I get to it Despite Going to six Twenty seven Twenty Some Little Room Today and it’s like Storage Called the Geyser in the gas republic Istanbul if You want busy – oh my God I’m gonna get we need Armed Corner, oh, no he’s Coming I’m Gonna have to go in Suns Telling Us years no come on no? Because she Had like A big debate over if We Could go outside or not I’m Thinking She’s going to Use against our Thinking She’s Going to Think I’m going to go outside I think She might have gone Upstairs Easy Places her It’s Crucifix and Things nope it’s Talisa it Looks A bit Suspicious, ah ah Should Be find a Bond are in A drink I’m ai Tuna coop it Get in This one so I’m not to go you go further follow, hmm Nope hey Mom I know You’re in There I Know you’re in A mom are you sure about that give it up give it up on it Give it up mom always a nice Bird’s-Eye view Here Kind of see you anywhere Guys Can you See i can’t see, ah? Okay, Let’s go Through This, one I got a problem because. I don’t really know. Why Else too big Nope Only There’s only One More Floor, We Made well Tomato Check it out? Now Sure Now Here this Is this is Probably Dark. I can’t See it Anywhere I’ll see you anywhere yep Not down There Maybe Around the Back of the Hotdog Your Nice Little Space Down There you Should put in so that she could Spend Soon are You sure about that ah Um oh, well Guys will actually Never go Round the back of the House Maybe she just lies forget About it But we’re Behind in Now You literally can’t find that by the way must be Absolutely Killing I didn’t bring Bloody Shoes? This Is not on There Either that is Literally A full Up A? Full Lap of the House, oh my god, oh Shoes on the only Time you little Chin Here You know and Laughs I’ll back up you love me did you know that Room was even Mad yes, oh? Well Guys Nice Round Mummy you ready yeah, let’s do it okay mom yeah inside get down, okay You’re on Charcoal I’ll see you soon I 62nd so now in the Downstairs toilet, oh? my I think I Spotted mind for a while I’ve Had this Spotting mind for a while if She Gets This I’m going to be so Surprised It Upstairs Right Now as you can See going Into my room and Basically if You come out Here you Can Actually get on This Balcony This Pill Is There and as you can See I don’t think She’s going to see me There If I lay Down on it it’s one That you Till they change it for Mamas is Really what as you can See i’m over Now Gotta be Quick Look? I’m Coming Round is going to Quickly run Around everywhere Building You be Down Here Quit Looking The Capacity in Math Lockdown Sirs not Down Here Right These Just Be wrong why are you selling that you know wearing it I’m looking at the places that I would have done I don’t know Whether he’ll know all these Places Don’t get in Too Bad If She Comes Up to the Balcony I am Screwed A few Moments Later Waters Open Shelf on the Beyond Ian and the Bad Look, including, Emily’s Room Back has moved Where Would he Hide okay Let, Me sing the hi? It is Absolutely Boiling tonight not underlined Grant forgiveness 11 Years and It’s not round There now I’ll cut the pool looks Nice Watering Plain so far okay not There This is Really Nice it May not be Hiding Where I was Just Hiding? No morgan it will Be if He’s Hiding Where I’ve Just hit Number That’s Lutely Goes Bonkers What do I do what you do if you can’t find someone to just like so i give Up for What you do if you can’t find Somebody Whether those let’s go to this that room at the top Oh that’s the other Way to kisses, oh this is Lovely, oh? my God you will lose me working under me Absolutely Made A, don’t fall Through the room, oh my god morgan Let me Zoom in on yes Master did you Notice of that Yeah how Did You get Through your Bedroom Because we’ve all know did you that was Actually A very last Minute to talk These set Darling okay, Honestly morgan morgan, oh Did You go out a bedroom Window that’s yeah? Optimistic I mean I went Into your bedroom when i said the next being put on the bed the next? Emu well I don’t know what you do I don’t did you not See No She will late Fly out Confident to See someone Have Been Running Around the last ten Minutes like This Twenty Old Thing no ground I just want Solutely incredible bit of Fun Although I’ve Even got A point where that Was a good spot to Finish ma’am we’re Gonna Make it Up a little bit Are We mom we’ve got Minor Where he’s got his Camera no go and Basically Martin Is going to go in Hide and Me and mom are Both going to try and Finding yeah, we? Yeah We’re Going to give mine a chance to show that the ball that Really Does have some power to it and it’s going to go And high you See if He’s Bad Enough you Ready you Ready alright Let’s go Come on Come on okay three two one One Two? Three Bonnie I think They, won’t find me in built a car so when it bought it car Weird Thing by me Quality Three Four People I’m Closing bow I can see that so you know Birthday okay don’t Be drastic yeah I’m Happy to see you by the way No the Yesterday it was before not Return our Self now? Actually Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait Let’s go all the way up to the tops, we Can start the area Let’s go all the way You to See me woman why? Are you so that was a Deputies of all you Know in The Bus Engine Okay, Mom are We Saying Left to the garage I? Would do Can you here hmm Thunder Nope um? okay, he Looking – okay Try The Car Charlie Start On Car it’s a good idea, oh so food Chaplin Open This Box Have Where are you going Boo you Can, bring Watching me Joy, sorry Charlie Husband, oh my God Oh my God, well mine We all laughing I was Actually like Terrible, We got you in like five Minutes? There We go I was an Easy one Where Name one High five high Five We trusted You Martin and he was down You’re like, oh how that Works a light one, oh? She’s Genuinely so when I didn’t believe I don’t think you then i said I can, Ii see ally I can sit Up? Okay Guys So it’s Time for Round Three right Now and This one Is going to be a little bit Different We said undersell is A Competition and so far Between Me and all it Is? One so Basically for this One Martin Is going to be it We’ve all got Cameras mine Is going to be agent Accountant sixty like usual and then me Amana Both going to highs and Whoever Mine Finds first who every Fines first losers this is the Grand finale Guys why Won’t you do Comment down Below? Who you think Is going to win me all mom and also smash a like and subscribe if You’re New for more Hide-And-Seek Videos Because it Is game They’ve Been so fun but Guys are you Ready I’m Ready I’m Ready okay so mine Get going Joe Carlino Cows African Injury then I’ll find us if I can Interest Them on Owner ok Logos of God okay here at the heart in the Wardroom so Long yeah what you’ll do the Best in Europe – Oh yeah! God Which was no one Really yeah? You See Outside Wall good noble I went Outside By switch so guys Guys in for this Video but Wait There’s More Obviously Because mum Got Picked first she lost and it’s Time for the Forfeit and She’s Gonna have to drink raw Lemon Juice are you Ready more Coconut Milk Okay your Drink sources, oh man that smells Horrible Look at I and now We come Over and get your knives go On we’re Gonna Get A good Laugh a nice One You’re Almost a nice Stone, oh? Yeah There’s Colin yeba so sor he Looks Clean by the Way Probably not Probably Says lemon Juice is good Yeah Thank you for that mocha Nothing Nasty No Field no I gotta get it all out Liquid sphere it’s One Cause it Could be Oceanography your Mouth and Taste There You go Shovel I mean okay There mum I’Ve got the lemon, oh look at, okay mom, well, we’re all annan go for it Why, was it all Now? You’ve Got A real isn’t fit for me You Gotta Drink the Pitch, oh No, oh, no, oh, no, oh God Bad News some People Can Dream Landing back up, oh, you, don’t think, oh No, oh god Authorize Me Wrong Without lemon It’ll taste like A normal lemon, oh? My God, oh my god, oh God, oh God no She’s Freaking out She She’s Freaking out She’s Freaking out you can do it mom One More that’s all on the Three two one Keep going Ego can do it all you could do it he Goes, oh, no? No, oh? God Mom Finish it Show everybody Pay Finish it mom Look she knows you done did you do it, oh, no Oh Now She’s all over the place, oh God She’s gone Outside I think She’s got, Outside yeah, She’s Gone That’s what You get when you don’t forget hide and Seek Well God’s Eyes The end of This Video if You’ve Enjoyed remember to smash a like on the Video Down Below and also subscribe To my Channel we’d like to Milk you Days Ago and I can’t believe how fast Would Grow it is incredible All the new Subscribers Welcome Thank you all so much and Guys Once More Thank you all so much for Watching the Video and as always I’ve Been More Cheese And more Lines in mine You Guys are awesome and We’ll see you in my next video Peace out If you Enjoyed the Video Remember to subscribe to my Channel and don’t forget to leave a like if you have a Pc me Thnx 4 watchin peace out boyz

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