*Dog Wimpers I’ll meet you around at the other door. Okay. Come on Guys watch you’re going to get up on the beanbag by yourself. I guarantee it You can do it little come on. Come on. No, rose. You got in the way. What did you want on guys today? We are back in today first things first if you guys have not seen the 24 hour overnight foampit challenge [Aka] Yesterday’s video you guys have to it’s honestly one of my favorite videos. We did so many flips it was crazy It was awesome, and we just stopped. Oh yeah, [gonna] be tired. It’s nap time for Luna and Dylan’s flapping his lip because she just got a filling And he can’t feel his mouth. Yeah, I used to get cavities all the time as a kid [Frickin] [size] [diverse] cavity yeah must be nice. I got cavities all the time that stuff suck Am I gonna break it? I’ve opened in the pool because we have to leave it open so the sun will heat it up to like 55 degrees and then Once it’s that the heater will kick on and then it’ll get warmer by itself so we got to leave it open [I] cannot wait To be doing videos of this in the summer it’s going to be so much fun And I can’t tell if this is as deep as our old pool or not like it doesn’t look that deep [so] I’m standing up Here, it looks like maybe 60 not a cheat. I don’t know but for today’s video. I think we decided on new House I didn’t see because the new house has a ton of hiding places, and we haven’t even played it like off-camera yet Haven’t played hide and [seek] for years and we are thinking hide and seek tag, but we’d be running with cameras And [it’d] just be a bunch of this, so we’re probably just going to do normal Hide-And-seek but we gotta wait for coin to get here, so the normal So Dylan can’t talk and quinton sick just a little We should still kiss we have to think of rules okay? What where can we go anywhere anywhere except the garage, okay? Anywhere except for the garage, and you can’t go outside. [I] was eating these now you want you over there [we’re] going to eat our chips, and then we’ll start. Okay dylan you can use this one. Hi, wait wait Let me zoom in hey Tristan. Thanks for letting me use your camera that used to be mine. [there] you go Okay, so we’ll do three rounds It’ll be each of us get a turn to be it and we’ll have round cameras you have your camera Clinton Yay, this is [a] Youtube party. Haha. You’re it. Okay. I’m at first in account in the stone-pits [we] don’t hide the princess okay? No telling your basement. So you don’t hear where we go? Yeah? Go cut in your room your rooms where we have to count way up to count [it] was like I’m checking the phone pit first recliner man. He’s questioning somehow, okay? I’m Gonna go count I’ll give you guys what two minutes minute one minute One minute you guys got a record yourself going where you are and then like record yourself. No, really yes Now I was going to tape it to Rose Thank you. Can we [let] them effective. They’re going to give we’re hiring sports. Don’t really look like yeah Did they get inside the [gatorade] bottle? Yes? They did that wasn’t pu stuffing. I was gatorade I’m going to account in my room I’m actually excited Let’s do this K 60 seconds 1 2 3 4 5 I just remember to Crisco You’re not hiding [or] [anything]. I’m hiding over here in the best spot, and I hide in the curtains yield curtain items luxury Get to make sure you can’t see me. I don’t [know] I don’t like the hiding spot. [I’m] hiding where I slept last night Last night I slept in the guest room [ok] so now comes the decision of hiding in that or like going Back in there like in the closet or the bathroom. Yeah, how to make it look like no one’s ever been 13 14 15 Nineteen Twenty Twenty one times two by three Twenty one twenty four Twenty five [twenty] six Twenty a nine 56 57 58 59 60 61 oh Wait, we’re going to 60 okay time to go find them first place. I’m [check-in] to the movie room Justin I feel like they’d run in here no. No nobody’s in the [movie] room Okay, maybe they didn’t run downstairs Nope, I’ll take anybody down here nirmal. I’m being quiet. Everyone’s hiding I Don’t know where to go Okay, I feel I guess you checked the film pit. What if they’re under the mattress. I jumped on [our] spare bedroom Dang it Taylor clean your room. I thought that was somebody dissing here ah Winston [I] Was like his bed is extremely messy, and that’s conveniently over the cuckoo’s. That’s right last night Yeah, quitting’s left in here last night. Okay now. I gotta go find [India]. I was like is [it] [fun], though I’m surprised. I found that if you hadn’t us up there last night I probably wouldn’t have even check melon did y’all you got up there would be so good [too]? They’d never find you she’s like nowhere. [oh] my God what you just came with your spot. What happens look at this It won’t work. [oh] you got it. You’re out of memory. You didn’t have to record I get it they’ll find you Doing it well still I didn’t I go. I guess you still want it. I found him first. Oh right there by dad at checkers good getting better you just utility 14 times I was talking to this [Kara] like you call me. I think [you] just [want] Clinton Clinton Hill Frickin Marianas Yeah, I walked in here first into you wow okay. Yeah Yeah, I was in the quor’toth person like probably I can’t stand [you] forever. So [just] about okay interesting We’re gonna have to delete some footage Justin. I’ve never formatted this sd Card once this is the first clip I ever put [on] this camera. I still [had] braces right here you go that should be good story [K] clinton you trying to count my room – Yeah, the person counting can have mine [here]. I’ll trade you haha. I got the chair McGann. I think we’re doing every 60 seconds We go look for them, but I’ll just do once I get tired of eating the food in this room They’re probably going to be really bored hiding dude. I’m not use the camera like this forever well, hi all right Clinton, sit right now Okay, come on. Just focus, please Lighting’s [Kuantan] Hi, Dan. What if I get up there like I can okay? Let’s just get up here So dark and scary [connect] [it] up [to] installed within 30 seconds. I’m hiding in the closet Upstairs, okay, I got up here like I said I was going Let’s go seek the hiders Oh that step in tea or Gatorade you I Found Dylan Daniel Yep, you found Dylan. Oh, Kanan is this house better he has an unfair advantage? [I] haven’t checked there was our the house it parkour This room is empty and it also has a closet. Which is cracked. Oh You found Dylan first ready? Yeah, okay? This is no [harder] if your closet wasn’t cracked. I would have looked in here Oh yeah, I know I couldn’t shut it all the way from up top Don’t go out I call. Thank you relationship goes la gurgles all right guys just go to the mall, okay your turn Yeah, my turn go go count my room. I have never used this camera before Already learn a little bit have fun honestly the foam pit would be pretty good spot because you can dig yourself [blank] in the crevices All right, I don’t want to I think I’m gonna go down in my mom’s room [and] get like a phone in her bathroom Okay, what are we gonna? Do for 60 seconds, but obviously [up] there forever? It’s gonna be boring. I’ll be with you, okay Let’s go Okay, we’re in my mom’s room. This is the other cool spot. I found whenever I was in here. It’s like up there Quinton I Can hear them upstairs actually so easy to hear them I can hear them talking and moving around? We help me up there [all] right wait like 20 seconds, please help me. I think my lips are still like Really? We’re gonna break it fall out. Let’s get my white bands 30 All he’s Gonna do it Mmm, this minute minute – man ready or not here. I come they could be in manic everyone’s if I hit. There’s honey upstairs Anybody home anybody in here? It’s a lot of change tell you to clean up in here. What is this get it have to be downstairs [I]? heard a whistle anybody in here You guys are [really] good at hiding. What the heck I swear They’re probably downstairs [like] I [said] that wouldn’t be actually no our landing room nope All right, give me another whistle [oh] I heard that whistle where the hey I checked every room [with] cocaine. [oh] he hung up Melons at y’all he sucks at this [game] Quentin there could be an actual secret room in this house oh Cue stations. Can you find us already dude? [I] iqs you whistling and I don’t know where you’re I was in every single room in this house damn, I See you’re not here on tape point your camera so I can see where you’re walking [so] forward yeah, what? [questioner]. [I] he is very close. No not in here. [hey] you want to move this basket. I don’t you know I got it. [they’re] working you’ll have an easier [time] finding him because you’re tall let’s talk if you Log it. I think [generally] [me]. Yeah, I know you took all picked up the second point. Which is the source not on who won Your point. I think is Clinton winner winner I get the chicken dinner. Ha ha all right? I’m coming down. I could get up there. You don’t know [none] jump good. Why is the ladder no? Hawk here you go. Just gonna snap you that is just bad idea come on your show online Well guys there you have a new house hide and seek that was intense and took forever in horse. All right. You’re the loser, right? But I hope you guys enjoyed this video And thank you guys so much for watching don’t usually like to share with friends if you enjoyed subscribe to new and I’ll see you guys the next one My thought you came in looking [like] that. You just maybe


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