Let’s make this fast food a really fast food. Let’s go. Usually we take off from there… but now the wind is completely wrong we will drop off this huge north face. Time to eat some McDonald’s while sped flying. Okay, let’s do this I am hungry. Let’s see what’s behind that edge. Speed flying and McDonald’s Not sure whats more deadly. Okay, let’s see. We have a BigMac. BigMac time! That’s interesting taste. I like it. I have some fries too. No McDonald’s without coke right? Now if that’s not fast food… The best Mcdonald’s I’ve ever had!

18 thoughts on “CRAZY SPEEDFLYING MCDONALDS Challange I Really Fast Food

  1. Če nebi rekel, da ne veš kaj je bolj smrtno letenje ali to, da ješ v McDonaldsu bi te verjetno še sponzorirali. Sicer pa si čisto prav povedal.

  2. Pretty awesome eating in the air, only did it paragliding, one day maybe i'll progress and get a speed wing 🙂

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  4. That was awesome! I'm actually planning on doing one of my future food reviews while skydiving and now you've shown me it's possible! (Now I just gotta show my wife to help convince her).

  5. At first I was like, why is there no coke spewing from his cup? Then you pulled out the bottle with the coke and tried pouring it into the cup. Made me laugh seeing it go everywhere!

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