Creative Carving Cement Pot Like a Tree Stump | Tree Pot Ideas | Cement Planter Ideas//GREEN PLANTS

welcome back to my channel in this video i’m going to show you how make tree stump pot now i’m going to make a normal pot using white cement so first i just prepare the pot molds take two size plastic pots first applying the cooking oil inner surface of the big pot and then applying the cooking oil outer surface of the small pot next just place a piece of pvc pipe for making a drainage hole to the pot and then placing the small pot into the big pot next mixing the water and white cement next pour the white cement mixture into the big pot leave it to set for at least 24 hours after 24 hours remove the plastic pots to reveal the cement pot remove the pvc pipe piece now pot is ready here the another small size white cement pot next 48 hours later, cement pot is completely dried next i’m going to carve this pot using carving tools these are the carving tools carving the outer surface of this pot like a tree stump after carving , remove the cement dust with a brush cleaning the cement dust with water after cleaning leave it to dry 2 hours later pot is ready to paint painting the pot i just use two colors poster paint now tree stump pot is ready to use next i’m going to plant a palm tree in this pot it’s big drainage hole so i just use a piece of sponge then put the potting soil into the pot and then place the tree and add the potting soil watering here the another carved pot i’m going to plant a dwarf arrowhead plant in this pot

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  6. Porque pones q mescla con cemento si se claro q eso es yeso bonito trabajo pero en yeso no creo q sea duradero lindo trabajo.

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