Cricket – 44/1, Sai Chaitanya Nilayam || Telugu Mini Series || Directed by Naveen Muthavarapu

I was still a kid, when I first wanted to be a cricketer. I think it was in my 5th grade, when I went and told my mother, “I want to play cricket, like professionally.” “I will go join a good, sports school rather” “I don’t find this studying very interesting” She gave me one good glance, and asked: “So you don’t want to study?” “In that case, no cricket too. Either way, cricketers can’t be wearing glasses.” I never wanted to believe that, but there was no google back then. Cricket is a team sport and it means there’s a bigger team than you. It was a pretty big team in college. That includes my seniors, super seniors, their seniors, and theirs and theirs. “Catches breath” You get it right? In the same long way, My Juniors. Juniors right below them And all of them later, “One Exclusive Batch!” I feel everyone has their ‘One Exclusive Batch’. ‘Are you, Dreamer?’ ‘Do you dream a lot?’ Prabhu (PharmD 2012-18): Hello! “Bro where are you?” Mama Vikas, where are you? “Bava, where are you?” Anna, Battu Anna where are you? “Me, Madhav, You!” Battu Anna, Sathi Anna… Don’t fuck around eating breakfast and all. Come here right on time. Fuckers, you better not delay. Coz I told everyone the time they gotta be here. How much longer? (D*ckhead)
15 minutes my a**! “Bro, who’s in the room now? Yeah, so, there’s a match between us and the Engineering boys. (This was the scene back then!)
“Anna, so bring Naddi anna along. We need bowlers” (And those scenes were amazing!) Koushik Pharm D (2012-18)
Chuck it Dude! You go play from next time. Dude who the fu*k gets hit so bad man? “He practices all the time, he bowls all the time, what’s the whole point if he can’t defend 20 runs” I warned you to not let him bowl that over. If he is of our age, we could tell him. But he’s a senior and you can’t do shit. “Fuc*er! people get hit, if people hit” Fu*k this sh*t man! Don’t call me for cricket ever again. Fu*k you. Every bowler gets hit, but in the long-known history of PES College of Pharmacy, No bowler got hit for 40 runs in an over! Bakki! Are you judging me? Do you know Sumukh Venkatesh? I was the strike-bowler under his captaincy. This… “Clears throat” “Cellphone Vibrating” “Bakki! This call is for you” Yes man! She wouldn’t be talking today. She’s on a silent wreath. If it’s nothing important, would you mind calling her tomorrow? Alright! Tomorrow then. Bye! So, where were we? We played in PESIT cricket ground for about 6 years. It took just a touch for Koushik to clear the boundary, he was a left-handed batsman! It wasn’t anything like what it is here. It was big, it was green, a pitch right in the middle… Two sight screens on either side, a scoreboard. It was everything like an International Ground. Imagine it yourself! Fu*ker! Rules first! It’s always cat-fights here. No new rules, listen. Hit that fence there and you get 2 runs. It goes the other side, that’s a four! Hit that fence directly, or wait let’s keep a stone there… Stone my di*k! You move that at your will! Fu*kers! If it goes beyond the wall? If it goes beyond the wall, Let’s keep the footpath in that case? Eh! Fu*k this shit! I will tell you the rules, listen! Seetha circle has many interesting rules! Since 2012, it was out if the ball fell in this house. In 2015, runs were between one coconut tree and the other. In 2017, if the ball fell inside the temple, it was a 2-declared! In 2019, It’s a small box and runs are on offside only. Just like a never-ageing movie star… The rules have gracefully aged here! That was really not relevant, right? In the three years, we stayed at the PESIT boys hostel… Yeah same thing, pesit boys hostel What you see is the usual parking lot. What we saw is 6 combined pitches. We bat here… We bowl here… This is Graffiti! This is our college and our batch never figured out a way to read this… You can give it a shot too! What are you still looking at? That’s it! The grounds are done. How many more did you expect to see?! What’s important is, you understand the intention right? If I had to tell you about the boys. Prabhu was the by-runner for many. If Sathi ever hit you, it was really hard! Battu usually ate a lot. On the pitch, he ate balls. Madhav broke bats! Parthu anna was our go-to-man for toss! Sumukh and Amit got everyone run-out! Vikas usually bowled well! But Koushik usually belted him! We all got into a lot of comfort zone today, Nothing in life beats the wonderful feeling of playing cricket the entire day. Bakki! Let’s have food, shall we? Referring to post-match presentations of India vs Pakistan! With a whole lot of love… Fine, I will take Babai! Let’s keep Vikas on both-side! He’s gonna cry man!

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