Cricket at Ryerson

[ HONEY BY BAD SNACKS ] I love cricket a lot just because of the teamwork and the team dynamic of the game It doesn’t challenge you as an individual, it challenges the whole team You really need to have good energy, good chemistry among the team and you need to have different roles and different responsibilities among the team So in Cricket, there’s multiple roles Typically, there’s batsmen, there’s bowlers and there’s one wicket keeper on each team. And then there’s fielders So let’s say there’s two teams that come in, team one will try to score as many runs as they can and then team b is gonna try and chase that. so the two teams are fighting between an opportunity to put up runs on the board and restrict the other team from chasing down that total We’d love to have everyone come be a part of our team to follow us, know more about us, check out our facebook and that’s how you can stay up to date with where we’re going to be at all times it’s just Ryerson cricket club

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