Cricket Bat Re-Invented

D’Art of Science ThinkTank: to share thought, ideas & innovation DRS in F1 F1 introduced the DRS, Drag Reduction System in which the rear wing flap can change angle to effectively increase or decrease the downforce and when its closer to horizontal, the car can go faster for an overtaking manoevre When the angle is steep then the downforce is more and the car sticks to the road during turns so it gives both options, speed or stability, as required Similarly, engineering a different approach in cricket Today, cricket has changed quite a bit the way it is played has completely changed and thats mainly due to 20-20 format of cricket all that spectators want is big sixes and even bigger sixes and you need a heavy bat for big hits So if the bat is heavy, six goes further with a heavier bat, it will go even further So how come the bat isn’t so heavy that every shot is a six? because there’s a problem, with a heavy bat you cannot make quick, precise movements So you need a light bat to make quick movements and you need a heavy bat to make huge sixes We thought, why not make a bat that can change its weight to suit both requirements for huge hits, big sixes, it becomes heavy for precision shots, it becomes light Is that possible? W.O.D (weight on demand) This is the world’s first WOD Bat this offers weight, on demand This mechanism here is very big and ugly but it doesnt have to be so it can be sleek and fit into the bat itself but we made it big and outside, so that we can show how it works There is a weight here in this position and because the weight is close to the handle it feels lighter and can move fast its easy to move around for quick adjustments but when you swing the bat, the weight moves down and by moving down, it also moves the centre of gravity lower down which increases the effective impact and makes big hits Testing the WOD Bat so here i’ve rigged up the bat to this frame which its part of this mechanical arm if i was testing it with my hands i could have been partial thats why we made this rig and here there is a camera too to show you the weight position during the swing First we will test with the weight locked in position so that its cannot move. WOD=off here, im locking it in position Lets see when the bat hits the ball tied here, how far it goes WOD=off simple gravitational swing impact takes it to about 16ft now we remove the lock WOD=ON the enhanced impact takes it 4ft more (25% increase) see the weight getting activated in the peak of the swing in fact, on the reverse part of the swing it doesnt move showing that any other movement will not trigger the weight change So this is our WOD Bat (Weight on Demand Bat) there are no patents filed and its open source do subscribe to us and share with friends thats all we need to keep us going

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