Cricket Bats: How are they made?

I’m here at the world famous Gunn and Moore factory To show you how this, turns into this So, how does it all start? Okay, so we take the tree in it’s raw form and the first thing we do is chainsaw it up into rounds From that round, we then slice it up into what we call clefts Wanna have a go? I’d love a go So how do you choose which line to go on? Your looking for the cracks in the wood and then you just follow those When you can saw in them you don’t want to see them in the middle So, how many bats will we get out of this piece of wood? 8 bats Ahh, so 2 per quarter After working up a sweat, i found out it takes over 6 months for the wood to dry out naturally Before being placed in the kiln to dry for a further 5 weeks But at this stage it’s still not something i could see myself taking to the field with me I was about to meet a man that would change that thought So this is where we do our grading of the bats So I hear you’ve picked me 3 nice bats that are guaranteed some runs So how did you select these bats? Again by the weight and by looking at the grading structure Yeah i find it really weird and amazing that this would be a bat i would use this season With Adrian selecting me the best bat for the job It’s time to start shaping my bat Hopefully for success This is the exciting part How long does it take for 1 bat? About 3 and a half minutes Seeing the shape of my bat coming together, i cant help but feel like a kid in a candy shop This is exciting isn’t it? That’s my bat So Kev, this has just come out of the machine, i’m happy with the weight What do we do next? Okay, i’ll shape the handle for you, see if you like it and we’ll go from there I’m a little bit in awe of the level of craftsmanship that goes into every stage of production I’m beginning to appreciate why they come with the tagline ‘Made by Britains best’ How many years? 43 years 43 years! I think maybe i should stick to cricket Every bat that passes through the factory follows the exact same process and they make it look so easy So this is the handling? It’s called binding I think it’s safe to say they won’t be offering me a job any time soon Finishing touches complete, and it’s game ready Job done! Thank you very much!

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