Cricket Batting Practice Drills DIY Tutorial

hey guys today I’m gonna be showing you
a little instructional video on how to practice your cricket swings I’m
gonna show you a little thing that I use for practice just for practice though
all it is is ball on a rope pretty simple but I just use tennis
balls for practice they work very well they bounce
here’s my bat right here different types of swings sometimes you just want a defensive shot because you don’t want to be bowled out that’s a bad thing so that’s just to practice with timing course there
are other ways you could practice too you could take another ball you could
bounce it bounce it drop swing you could bounce on the ground swing throw it up
in the air hopefully this will help you max out your cricket game join the movement people cricket will be
revived in America and I need your help to accomplish that task remember what I said there practice your
timing you’ll get better you’ll get better at your batting eventually when
you start doing some real playing I’m watching you peace out it’s me the talking
head is back remember to hit that like button subscribe and comment for more
videos I’ll see you in the next one

3 thoughts on “Cricket Batting Practice Drills DIY Tutorial

  1. Thanks for making this video Chris! I've been trying to get my Cricket swing down and now I think I can "Max out my Cricket game"

  2. You are holding the bat wrong . When Baal will be in high speed your bat will deviate sideward and you'll edge your ball to the wicketkeeper.and your hand will even get injuries

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