Cricket Batting Stance

Cricket Coach Well Scott take up what would be your normal stance. Steve, having a look at this stance is that an ideal stance? —The key with first stance with most guys and I talk about the basically the working class man if you like
because there is guys that certainly have different
stances and who who am I to say there are bad because the guy like Graeme Pollock for example was very wide with his stance, now he was an outstanding player and if he tried to change that it might not
have been a successful for him but he still did have the ability to swing from front to back without any
major movement in and that’s that’s the key. For us poor working-class men the ideal distance is possibly the length of your
shoulders and if you look at that as being the
starting point to you getting set at the crease that will be the ideal, the ideal distance as I said about the shoulder length so, in Scott’s position here, he’s fine. —The ideal stance has the feet
approximately shoulder width apart. Cricket coach (Music sounds) So with the stance the key is you trying to achieve mobility forward and back thats what you are after? — It is that’s that to me is the key
with the with with batting with any part of the game is
the feet doing doing the work for it now in the case of the feet being to far apart is Graham Pollock and for an example Steve Small, who had a very successful state career and he was very much
a wide wide legged person as far as the stance
went They really never really went forward or
back, they swung and moved in that direction what we can do
here is go there readjust our position and bounce back
into a position where we can play the ball and that is to do with being not having those too far apart and
that’s key if you can get to there, and be able to adjust to that through
a readjustment of length or an assessment of your length, I think is the ideal situation. — Your stance is the starting point of
all your shots. it sets you up for both front and back foot shots.

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