Cricket Batting Warm ups to get You Ready For Matches

Hi Guys Jemile here of The Cricket School A lot of times when i play cricket – i see people when i’m on the sidelines just before they go into bat not really doing anything That’s just silly, it’s just a waste before you go into bat you want to gain some kind of edge – you want to get your eyes used to watching the ball, this is a good routine good drill for that you can go to stand next you can go into the nets you can have someone do some throw downs with you that’s also good – you could do this just watching the ball make sure your watching it and the balls coming towards you that kind of thing Dumb as it may seem anything that gets your eyes used to watching the ball so your in a better position to see the ball quicker out there has to be good – tap ups are good for that – controlling the ball like this, well unnecessary you don’t need to do that – just tap the ball up watch the ball onto your bat tap it up a bit higher -watch it on to your bat – tap it up a bit higher watch it on to your bat, by and that kind of thing and that kind of thing it’s all going to be good for you – it’s going to allow you to see the ball better and your going to get more runs

24 thoughts on “Cricket Batting Warm ups to get You Ready For Matches

  1. your welcome, feel free to visit my website for more batting tips

  2. i remember it, come and see me if you ever need any help with your cricket buddy !

  3. yes i do keeping as well, feel free to call me on 07788662882

  4. fitness is a bigger issue than alot of cricketers understand, if fitness is poor you can't concentrate properly and as such will miss balls or miss execute batting shots.

  5. Good point thanks. I got 1 today for my 3rd's looking what I did wrong to last week when i came in at 11 and looked solid and posotive. I need help with my batting bad. my highest score is 17 and i have been playing for a while in kids cricket. (second season in mens)

  6. See the logic in this one….it's an alternative to having throw downs to get the eye in

    Used it for indoor and it helped a little

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