Cricket Bowling Tips How to Bowl to Stop The Best Batsmen

cricket bowling tips
hi guys Jemile of the cricket school here. cricket bowling tips – how to stop a batsman’s
best shots. as a bowler you will be faced with situations in games when the batsman
will be getting the better of you and your team
and what you’ll have to do in those situations is a certain amount of damage limitation.
where your still attacking but your being patient in bowling disciplined lines and lengths,
and bowling to one side of the wickets – so the batsman can only score on one side of
the wicket. well in addition to that you as a bowler need
to know what the batsman’s strengths are, the particular batsman that your bowling to
and i can tell you as a batsman myself that when you dry up the four balls or the opportunitie
to get the four balls for the batsman – they can start to get irritated and they look for
the big shot and there forcing things, and that is when you as a bowler are brought back
into the game because then you have a better chance to get wickets.
But Before you get to that stage you have to find out,what that batsman’s best shots
are, you have to find out how to block those best shots off – or damage limit on those
shots for example he likes playing a cover drive …
so then you bring another fielder over to protect the covers so you’ve got a cover and
a extra cover maybe you can put a sweeper out on the offside.
once you do that kind of thing then the batsman will get additated will feel will then have
to force things and maybe then you’ll get a chance.
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18 thoughts on “Cricket Bowling Tips How to Bowl to Stop The Best Batsmen

  1. Can you post some videos of ab devilliers t20 footwoorks,weight transfer and shots.
    Its so important now a days.THANK YOU.

  2. im a left arm that swings it in to  right handers. i get quite a bit of swing, and when i bowl to right handers they tend to clip me away to cow corner. i really dont know what to do about and need some advise!- Jacob

  3. Like in a pressure situation like 10 runs off 3 balls…… we have to bat aggressively…. any tips for that ??? THANKS !!!!¬†

  4. I want a video for footwork because when ever try playing shots I can't get my footwork right and I always get out

  5. sir but can u please suggest what length and pace a leg spinner should use in order to deceive the batsman.

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