Cricket Club connects cultures for the Hokie World Games – Virginia Tech

The biggest difference between baseball and cricket would be that baseball has four bases but cricket
and we just have two bases. You know, normal format you have like 50
overs and every over has like six pitches or balls, so that’s around 300 pitches. We actually play a different format as
well, it’s called tape ball. Tape ball is just like a tennis ball
wrapped in tape. That is not as hard as our usual ballers
we don’t really need and equipment necessary for
like actual ball. The event on Friday is
just about learning about cricket. What we have done
is they’ve made different stations like for example if you’re doing bowling then there would be a person who is a
who’s actually teaching them how to bowl and
then if you feel like you can actually bowl the way he is doing then you can
actually go to another station and try to bat and
bat as long as you can until you know how to place the shots. If you like it then we would actually welcome you to our club events and give you more information about
what cricket is.

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