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Hi Guys Jemile of The Cricket School on Youtube i wanted to go over Shot grooving – just from the last position, I do a lot of this especially with young kids and just teaching them how to play straight through the line of the ball and what i do to make it easy is rather than have them step into the ball at the beginning i actually just get them so their actually already in position and their hands are up already and they’re just ready to hit the ball nice and easy this, it’s a good way to groove the shot – It’s actually called chaining where you go from the back first and you work your way backwards through all the steps of the shot all you have to do if they are struggling from here if they are struggling from there what you do is that you just go from a position half way down through the back swing and do that and then get them to hold the shot for five secounds it creates muscle memory that allows their bodies to get into that position to get into a position and also for them
to know what it is to be in that position and their body to have a chance to remember
what it is that there body has to do in order to be in that position again

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  2. Thanks for the tips. I notice that your backfoot is roughly parallel with the crease. I've seen other coaching videos where the backfoot is more perpendicular but more importantly only the balls of the back foot are in contact with the ground.

  3. That is important, but as the title states this is basic shot grooving and whilst those points you have made are somewhat valid the top half control and discipline is more on what this clip is coaching clip is about. J

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  8. sorry mate dont understand what cricket tips you are after here

  9. if your struggling in this way, play vertical bat shots…. pull's and hooks are risky because you are potentially playing with less bat.. so play drives etc where your bat is vertical and as such give yourself more chance to hit the ball!

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  12. it is not pointless, it is a very good way to chain and develop a shot…. the drill is a starting step to coaching a player, once they are able to do this then they move up to throw downs and moving balls from different angles etc…. i coach over 70 players playing first and minor counties cricket at various age groups accross the uk. i think i am pretty safe in saying i now what i am doing…..would u agree?

  13. i play for the sussex u12 and im trying out this week in order to wualify for tournament against saudia arabia any tips my average for batting is: 33 and bowling:21

  14. sir, u ve posted a nice video. sir i think … your front foot is at right place but i think one should hit the ball at least 3/4 foot then the front leg. so that the ball will not swing alot and ball will hit at the middle or near of the bat.

  15. @7154M

    u are most probably looking for the short ball because it favours what you know as your best shot, try to clear your mind and play each and every ball on it's merits or faults …..this should allow your score more runs in more areas around the wicket

  16. u are an awesome sir.plzz,plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! make more videos becuz i get mentally trained by dat and scored 145*.

  17. Very good videos keep them comin, please.
    u r a very good coach 🙂 .
    thank you sir ,please post more of them.i am very pleased i get mentally trained by your vids i i got my highest score with it 145* so plz keep it cummin

  18. @scorpioblack06

    i coach england players !! you???

  19. can u make a batting video for noobs. i always get into my school and local team because im an awesome bowler but im a last man for batting. any tips

  20. can u make a batting video for noobs. i always get into my school and local team because im an awesome bowler but im a last man for batting. any tips

  21. wow. no wonder the english are good in cricket. if they have good guys like you :'(.
    Here in sri lanka although there are good talented players they're not willing to teach everybody.

  22. if u open cricket academy in USA near DC area u gonna be busy all the time lots of cricket lover students

  23. Thanks! i found this tip very usefull.. I'm a 14 year old and trying to get better and better each day in batting !

  24. Before watching this video , I was unable to play ball which comes straight to me . But now, i am able to hit the ball. Thanks

  25. Before watching this video , I was unable to play ball which comes straight to me . But now, i am able to hit the ball. Thanks

  26. nice video….really really liked it,,,the shot you just showed is an easy shot for batsmen who can judge the ball perfectly..overall 10/10!

  27. I wish I had watched that video before because I have to leave for a game in less than twenty minutes and it is the indoor ladies cricket finals…PRESSURE lol do you have any tips about indoor cricket? Thanks everyone!

  28. My name is jack and I am a young cricketer who plays for Middlesex CCC. I would appriecate it If you could watch my videos and give me feedback, thanks.

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  30. Cricket Coaching Batting Tip ….coaching tips for coaches on how to coach cricket shots and teach players properly how to move through the various parts of the chaining process to improve their game.

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