Cricket crazy fan

We would have won this! So what’s your problem? *whining* Has he gone crazy? Daddy gonna come now.
All are insane people there in the game. Is this kid crazy for real?
Kid: We would have won this. These people are crazy. Mom:Hey is he going crazy again or what? These people are stupid! They were about to win. But they lost. He can’t do anything.
Mom: Shut up! You go. *whispering* He sometimes watch cartoons then sometimes watch the game. And was hoping them to win. These people are of no use. They could have won easily. These people don’t have any interest to play on this match. *whines* *Cursing Jadeja* You going crazy for this? I ask you dad to use most lethal weapon to beat you. You crying like crazy and am gonna complain to your dad on this. Why did you watch the game. They had a chance to win. Turn off that TV. Or change to some cartoon channels. You don’t watch they will win. He tried to run and score but he couldn’t. Let the father come home I will complain.
That’s why am recoding this. look at this crazy.
Overreacting piece of shit Someone has to lose. Why you acting so insane? They could have won easily. How this can happen? Last 3 overs had great runs. So? Would you win millions from that? From now on you should stop watch the game. This video will be shown to father. What will dad do?
He will teach him a lesson. He will beat him and whatever he could to make this right.
After that this will be shown to his teachers. These people are crazy. Ok now shut up!

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