Cricket Cup on regional tour

As part of the build-up to the Cricket World Cup
that will be held here next year, the coveted trophy is being taken
throughout the country. Today it was in Rotorua so Hinerangi Goodman went along
to see whether the sport gained any traction among Maori. As if it’s Jesse Ryder himself
hitting the ball, but no, it’s Demonte Karere
who’s doing his best against former cricket star,
Chris Harris. The aim in taking
this World Cup trophy to the regions is to encourage more people
to learn about cricket. It’s a great chance for those,
not just in the big towns, but also from the smaller regions
like Rotorua. World Cup Cricket
started in the 70’s. In 1992, there was a heroic challenge
by the Black Caps for a World Cup in NZ, but it was not to be. Cricket is not a popular game
for many Maori people, only a handful, if that,
turned up while we were here, but the aim was to attract people
to come down and try it out. The Cricket World Cup will be held
over the upcoming summer months. Hinerangi Goodman, Te Karere.

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