Cricket Fast Bowling | How To Bowl Fast in Cricket | Fast Bowling Tips (English Subtitles) #cricket

Hello Wassup, Parveen here. Welcome to my youtube channel. This is the first video of my channel. And our first topic today is How to bowl fast in cricket Speed is an important factor in fast bowling. All fast bowlers want to increase their pace If we want to increase our speed,we should first know what are the mechanics and energy transfer sequence in fast bowling If we know about that then we can easily increase our speed and make our bowling action efficient. Be it any sport, be it baseball, swimming, javelin throw, cricket, etc. First and foremost our big and powerful muscles of legs and hips are used The energy transfer is ground up. so it is very necessary to use our lower body efficiently In fast bowling, 50-60% of power comes from our lower body, 20-30% from our torso arm generates only 10-12% of the power. This is our fast bowling sequence. Our lower body will determine our position and provide stability. If i were to stand fast bowling on a tripod then its 3 legs would be Speed (run-up speed), technique and raw strength. Everybody has a different action, some bowl with side on action,some with front on and mixed actions. But there are some elements in fast bowling which if present in an action can drastically increase bowling speed Those essential elements are braced front leg (block) Quick back foot contact hip shoulder separation and delay in bowling arm i will discuss all these elements with you and also show you drills to incorporate these in your bowling action and increase your bowling speed, Today we will talk about braced front or block which can increase your speed, Imagine you are driving a car at 60-70 kmph and suddenly apply brakes. Then the car will stop but inertia will throw you forward. The same concept applies to fast bowling. You gain momentum from your run-up then you will suddenly apply a brake. That braking action will happen when your front leg (left for right-handed fast bowler) will land. Suppose I am running in a rhythmical approach and the moment when i will land on my front leg the ground won’t move but a ground reaction force will shock through your body via ankle, knee, hip, core, chest, shoulder and ultimately arm. This will be the energy transfer sequence. So it”s very important that when you land on your front leg you shouldn’t bend your knee so that there is no slack in energy transfer. If you bend your knee, energy will be dissipated and muscle will absorb energy. Your ball release velocity will reduce. If you keep a braced front leg then all the energy from your run-up will channel in your ball release velocity and you will bowl fast. Also left arm timing (for right-handed fast bowlers) is crucial Your left arm should come down at the exact moment of front foot contact. You must have seen this when you watch fast bowler’s action from the side view If your timing is off and your left arm comes down before front foot contact then your upper body will open early and you will fall away Your speed and accuracy will be compromised. Another important point is to heel strike first. Some fast bowlers land on the forefoot first which is not efficient for energy transfer. When you land on the front foot a sudden jolt will rotate your upper body around your hip. and you will bowl fast I forgot to mention one point that when you land on front foot your ankle, knee, hip and left shoulder should all be in line with each other Shoot a video of your bowling action and check for this. This will act as a brace or left side block around which your body will rotate. This is your block. So thats all about braced front leg (Block). In the next video, I will talk about Back foot contact and how it helps in a strong braced front leg (Block). Thanks for watching if you like this video, Please like share and subscribe Don’t forget to press the bell icon.

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