Cricket on RCTV: AUs v PAK Test Series Preview

hello everyone welcome to our video
about the Pakistan vs. Australia Test series so we’re updating you here from
the tour matches and looking at the tour matches I think Australia selections
have been interesting so the plan I think is to have Warner and brands at
top of the order let’s get to it right so looking at it burns only made 0
and 11 now I think the idea for David Warner’s have a right hand left hand
combination so it sort of puts a bit of pressure on the Pakistan bowlers and
obviously Pakistan don’t have Amir so there’s one thing not be fearful of but
I think the Australian team will be worried full of the they don’t have
those in the khawaja I think he’s a key player and well Marcus Harris I think
I’d give him a chance but after all I’ve picked free openers on the side banger
Warner and birds I think Bancroft he he got his 49 but it enters in the middle
order so that mid Lord of player he might just cement his spot in as that
middle order old beginnings strong player now the interesting thing here is
what will Australia do so will they just stay tight or will they just be having a
problematic so looking at it Babar Azam is what will be concerning now he
did get a second-level attack obviously getting like stark Hazelwood he didn’t
get that in that game and he pulled played well in the T20s but he is timing at his
eye in I think he will be the player of the series after Stephen is the second
best I reckon it’ll be the huge Smith as I’m battle I think that’ll be the key
thing about this event of course and I think – Baba’s check Agni a good
selection for Australia and he surprised us all with his batting performance
which has been absolutely incredible to watch now before I let you guys go this
is a quick video I just want to show you this some more analysis which I’ve made
a bit earlier here is some interesting piece of
analysis here so they’re picking Bancroft at the top of the order 30 I’ll
get to Bancroft was picked for a top order batsman in the squad for Australia
and he made 49 but he was playing in the middle order now that seems to be the
trick so the issue here is Harrison Kawada getting dropped they’re better
than joy Birds so I reckon Australia and even if they want to play Joe burns
because he played very well against the Sri Lanka Test matches didn’t get a turn
the ashes um there are burns that’s quite well in Australia against Sri
Lanka’s but Sri Lanka are sort of us not the best team but still but hidden burns
took the power together I think Joe burns he will do quite well I think you
think a big Joe burns as an opener then I reckon he could open with let’s say
kawar draw quite up about it 3 Heretic about it – then you could own just
adding there – what I said I think Burns will be prominent with Travis head if
they pull on top of the order right if Byrne sticks in and then David Warner
comes out a bit later let’s say or not later but he Leslie he gets out early
like he did in the ashes then bubbles gave me and Smith’s out there for a
while but if burns plays really well that Burns had partnership could apply
and I think Travis hate could bat well with anyone and I think those free
between head Smith and double Skagen e they’re very good and burns I think even
though he struggled in two matches I think it’s the pressure of him being the
best opener which was on him and I think David Warner supports will be good
because he’s played well the t20 internationals David Warner and he
should be able to bring some energy now looking at the bowlers of Australia I
think that’ll be another difference I think it will intimidate Pakistan a bit
when you’re getting Mitchell stark and Josh Hazelwood which they don’t really
have the place to match that which will be probably what will be the difference
of the series and my prediction for this series is one to one
I reckon look Pakistan also playing in Australia 11 but I think in the
two tests I reckon one one the first test I reckon there’s a chance of the
gabbard drought might be broken so I reckon Pakistan might be had a win
because they’ve got could collective form against Cricket Australia 11 and a
stray array and I think they’ll do well there and then after that I think
Pakistan will perform quite well against Australia in the first test but though
they don’t have much day/night test experience which will be what happened
so the first test look we could go anyway maybe Australia might win it
I might it might be 2 nil and they don’t get draws at the Gabba but I would be 1
1 or 2 nil but I wouldn’t read Pakistan off though because they’re looking in
good form so I wouldn’t stay definitely to nil but maybe 1 1 and the day/night
test will be what Pakistan won’t do too well because they night Test cricket
they don’t have much experience in that so you have to get to the point where
you can’t really play day/night Test cricket well Australia gonna win that
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in the next video don’t forget
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