Cricket Protein Powder | Aesthetic Blend | Gymsect

Aesthetic Blend is more than sports nutrition. It represents a fundamental shift in consciousness and consumer demand. By unifying both personal and environmental benefits weʼve created a moral
way to aid athletic performance and enhance recovery. The revolutionary entovegan formula provides a comprehensive nutritional
profile, designed to give you optimal support to train harder and smarter. The modern, clean design and precisive attention to detail combine to define a
very new and truly singular product. Perfectly balanced and expertly finessed,
the superior taste and unparalleled mouthfeel work together to present the ultimate
sensory experience. Never before has a protein powder been so
thoughtfully manufactured and with such attention to detail given to every element. Crafted from a desire for change and a better tomorrow, weʼve devised a way to
help make a real difference, today.

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