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Gymsect! Make the best protein powders,
period. Yes this is a bold statement but it’s true. There isn’t anybody doing what
we are doing. For those of us that care about what supplements we use and how they affect the world. Gymsect is the perfect choice. Our protein powders are ethical and 100% natural. So if you are an eco
conscientious and health-conscious person then YOU are who they are made for. Our protein shakes contain a superfood, that is second to none.
This superfood is cricket protein. Made from yep,
you guessed it crickets. This amazing food, already consumed by 2 billion people worldwide. Contains 3 times more protein than steak. 9 times more Omega
essential fatty acids than wild salmon more calcium than milk, more iron than
spinach, more B12 than beef and to add to this it’s completely sustainable.
Livestock and animal protein derivatives just do not compare! You see our products
are insect and plant derived. Not bovine derived. Which is what the mass majority
of powders in the supplement industry are made from. What am I talking about
when I say that, well it’s simple, Whey. Don’t settle for this waste product of
cheese. It is still used as a cheap filler to this day in baked goods and
confectionery, it’s nasty so get rid of it! Gymsect blends cricket protein
powder with the very best vegan protein sources to create a range of supplements
that no other company can compete with. Alternative proteins are in high demand
and we are listening to everybody who wants them. We have three products to
choose from no matter what your goal, we have you covered. Gymsect strength, our muscle and weight gain blend. Gymsect sculpt our, diet and
weight loss blend and Gymsect primal, our paleo and health boost blend. All of which contain nothing artificial whatsoever. We don’t use rubbish and we definitely, definitely never settle for anything
other than perfect. Delicious mixed with water or added to smoothies Gymsect powders are incredibly nutritious and of the highest quality you can get. Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten free, egg free and GMO free. If you want the best. Then we are it. Join us now. thank you.

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