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South africa have beaten Australia by eight-wickets in one of the most
remarkable test matches the world has ever seen in Cape Town On the second day twenty three wickets fell
something that has only happened once before in the
history of test cricket South Africa cruised to two hundred
and thirty six for two they’ve had some great sensors on the final days of
crashing on the really accelerated to good effect of a conference we try to
get away from australia unprecedented come back from him benefited appointed
present to the world cup he’s got a hundred and one not abbas australia
distaste for forty seven we saw south africa dismissed the ninety-six resolve
them before and that uh… eight which is something cute and deservedly carrying them out of the
matter with michael clark a hundred and fifty one of the first
things and an easy thing to say hello forgets isn’t helping women get into this time
not because the board wall street plenty on their opening day
it’s been almost exactly twenty is africa who really sticking to the
international cricket what a fantastic wait in line anniversary exceed the one
hundred eighty eight month essence they they won the game oneself and gary
custom as in the u_s_ trafficking pension of
each option seems to tend to go all the locality india taking its number one of
the rankings now a fantastic wind uh… australia and the second just gets under
way on the seventeenth of november in japan has been could be better off the
trauma if we get that will be very lucky

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