Cricket Wicket Keeping Drills Tips Coaching Video

Hi Guys Jemile of The Cricket School Here What we are doing in this video is – we’ve
got a young lad how contacted us on twitter and has asked us to give him some free online coaching this service is also available to yourself for a limited time &
if you want to know how you can submit your videos please click this link OK Guys – so what i am looking for from my wicket-keepers and
i am keeping an eye on are 3 key things Head in that i am looking to see my keepers are moving their heads to
the line and then adjusting their heads to the length of the ball and then adjusting their heads to the length of the ball Hands in that i am looking to see that my Keepers
are maintaining a nice wide catching area with their hands And Feet – in that there Feet are moving together as a unit and the keeper is staying on the balls of
his feet as much as he can in order to make Sharp Quick Small Adjustments to the ball Ok Firstly in this clip – what we are seeing here –
is that our keeper has got a slightly lazy right foot In that his left foot is pointing in the right
direction towards the bowler & down the wicket but his right foot is off at a different angle so the 1st thing we need to do is to get
both of those feet aligned up in the same way the left foot is correct – we just need to
get the right foot pointing in the same direction and have the same angle of bend in our legs through both legs the way in which we do this is pretty simple – just take your time – & make sure before
you take a take – that the feeder – or the feeder throws the potential take that In addition to this i’d like to see our keeper bring his 2 feet closer together –
i think they are a touch too far apart – 8 inches closer would be good Some Keeper have a preference to keep their feet wider – that’s ok – there’s no set rule for
me – as longer as they are catching the ball well there’s nothing more important than that but in this Keepers instance he needs to bring
his feet at least 8 inches closer together last thing i want to say is that in
the footage we’ve seen of our keeper in the footage we’ve seen of our keeper he is taking a lot of balls quickly ..however if you
want to improve ….you need to slow down the repetition rate to concentrate on getting your alignment right for wicket keepers for this kind of thing slower is better and check your alignment very carefully
– go through ball repetition quite slowly in order to check that you’ve done everything properly Thank you for watching please feel free to subscribe and remember if you’d like to submit your
videos find the link earlier in the video & well be able to help you

14 thoughts on “Cricket Wicket Keeping Drills Tips Coaching Video

  1. i have the kind of problem as this this guy ….now i know how to sort it thanks coach …..can i submit my video of me batting please

  2. Sir,I dont know how i can thank u.I am a Wicketkeeper and U helped me become the best kepper in my club

  3. My first game keeping wicket today I let one by go and I got a stumping I retired with my batting aswell thank you

  4. I have spent months researching into improving their cricket and found a fantastic resource at Mackynzie cricket system (google it if you're interested)

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