Cricket World Cup 2019- Top 5 Facts You Should know |Mani|

Hi Everyone!!! This is Mani Hope everyone watching our Worldcup Cricket and enjoying and this time it is heading in England the last match South Africa lost with England and hope we all enjoyed it and in today’s match WestIndies screwing Pakistan am watching it and hope you all too In this video, you all gonna learn 5 interesting things about the World Cup No.1 The full form of ICC was Imperial Cricket Conference between 1909-1963 and it was changed in 1964 to International Cricket Conference and it remains until 1988 and again changed in 1989 to International Cricket Council and remains unchanged till now. and the headquarters of ICC is in Dubai No.2 Sor far Bermuda, Namibia and East Africa are the countries which qualified only once and played in ICC World Cup No.3 so far Australia won maximum World Cup they appear 7 times to final Won 5 times and runner up for 2 times This list helps you to know which countries appear maximum in finals and India appears 3 times and won 2 times and 1-time runner up 4th Interesting thing is apart from Afganistan, Bangladesh, and South Africa other qualified countries for the 2019 world cup played from the 1975-2015 world cup and final interesting things is England holds the highest world cup hosting country so far they hosted four times this is their fifth time but the interesting thing in it is England never won single times So, the 2019 world cup will be interesting and cricket fans are expecting so many things whether England will come to final or not or will they win at least this time but what we need to do here we need to pray for India to be in final and winning the match like 2011 Dhoni’s Six Hope you all like this video will meet you in the next interesting video until then bye from Mani One more thing, please subscribe by clicking the subscribe button see you all and bye

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