Crimson Bat- Watch Out 1969 Remastered

A SHOCHIKU PRODUCTION Are you hurt? This…Take this to Instructor Murobuse in Nasuno-ga-Hara! Hand over the scroll! Hand it over? It’s that simple? What? It was entrusted to me. I don’t like your highhanded ways. Be still! A drifter, I never work unless there’s money in it but you’re rude! Watch Out, Crimson Bat! Produced by Akira Inomata Original Story by Teruo Tanaka Screenplay by Kinya Naoi and Kei Hattori Photographed by Masao Kosugi Art Direction by Koji Uno Music by Takeo Watanabe Cast Yoko Matsuyama Goro Ibuki Kiyoko Inoue Mayumi Arai Maya Maki Rokko Toura Jun Hamamura Gajiro Sato Katsumi Munakata Asahi Kurizuka Directed by Hirokazu Ichimura Hanji! You want it too? Not hurt? You’re children? Who said to steal the scroll? Scroll? It’s not lunch? Lunch? I see. That’s what you were after? You seem very hungry. No food since last night. Your home and family? Got none! Dead? Blown up by dynamite. Dynamite makers took them. Blew up 20 men. No trace of mine, but his father— he lived a few days. Stop it! How old are you? I’m 15, Hanji’s 17. We left our village last year. Have one. Can I? Be yourself. Thanks! Hanji! It’s good. You’re good friends? Have another. Thanks! I’ll bring water. Gentle, isn’t he? His father’s cruel death made his mother crazy. She drowned herself. He was bad after that, but he’s really a hard worker. It’s good and cold! Thanks. You can have it. Thanks! Your home? Nasuno-ga-Hara. You know? Taking something there. It seems to be important. Let’s take her part way. No work until festival. That’s so! We’re going to a village near there. Thanks. In return for rice. It was good! No suckers here, so I almost starved! I almost became one. I’m sorry. He called you a lovely sucker. You! Omiyo, wait! Sharp but can’t cross it alone. I’m glad I’m with you. I feel dizzy. I don’t. Right. What is it? Someone’s coming? A priest. One more. You stay away from me! What’s up? Stay far away! Hang on, don’t fall! But you…! What’ll we do? Move away! Hurry! It’s becoming a dangerous trip. Big Sister! Hurry! Omiyo, hurry! Watch out! Can’t tell mountain weather. Even you’re scared of thunder? To the blind, ears take the place of eyes. I see. Better than your eyes. Fool! Let’s ask the shrine guardian to let us stay. Wait! Someone’s here. You’re right! A poisonous spider. It smelled the priests’ blood? You watched us? Only one suspension bridge. Brilliant reverse swordplay. No ordinary man. One of the priests? Have to protect her— strong but blind. Omiyo! Wake up! Sister Oichi’s gone. The samurai too. Sister! Sister Oichi! The blind can’t walk fast. Please go on ahead. Or is it…? A match with you. Please don’t joke. Where’d you study swordplay? Someone taught me, saying a blind woman must learn to protect herself. How many men have you killed? Ten? More? The art of self defense becomes a desire to kill, a vicious desire. Aren’t you talking about yourself? Perhaps. But I felt death in the air all night. I wondered when you’d draw. I felt the same. Your name? I’m Oichi. I’m Gennosuke Sakaki, a masterless samurai. Here I go! Someone. A match later. Gone! He was after it? A table of sulphur and nitrate with this… Where’d she go? Hanji, don’t snivel. Be still! Thank you. You were very kind to let me join you. No. Even ordinary folks get lost on that road. If you like, stay and enjoy the festival. Making much of a blind woman. The oddball. Yes. Say, dagger thrower! Drinking in the daytime? Forced to, no luck at all. If you can drink, return the gambling debt. Be still! When I win tonight! Stop, or you’ll miss your mark. Pardon. Masa. Something? She’s pretty. I hand it to you, Troupe Leader. No, her eyes bother her, so we came together. What? She’s blind? Your seats are ready. It’s work. You haven’t paid yet? Paid yesterday. Not enough. 10% increase from this year. That’s… It’s always 20% of the take. The Akamatsu Group’s ways don’t suit you? I must pay my troupe. Let me make some money. Be quiet! This is our territory. Get out if you don’t like it! You’re unreasonable! Think of me. Be still! Paying or not? Speak up! Hot-tempered men! Be sorry if you don’t answer right! Go out that way. You bitch! Remember it! Aside! It’s no show! Thank you for saving us. Very strong, aren’t you? Master! Trouble! Otoyo’s gone! Can’t open the dagger show! Hurt yesterday. Scared? Anybody to take her place? Otama’s drinking, so if she misses, it’d be this. They’re scared. Otama, the nuisance! What’ll we do? Her dagger throwing’s the big attraction. The audience will fuss. Please use me as the target. You? But your eyes… You might get hurt. It’s easier blind. But if she misses… Please don’t worry. You’ve been kind to me, so I want to be of help. The show’s beginning! A foreign dagger thrower’s show is beginning! Stopping my daggers with a fan? Yes. More exciting than just standing? Blind and stopping my daggers? Making light of Otama? May I? Interesting. Try if you can. But I won’t make any allowances. And now, everybody! The foreign dagger thrower you’ve all been waiting for! Oichi, who will stop the daggers, is blind as you can see. Otama vs Blind Oichi! Watch and enjoy how it will all end! It’s Big Sister! Yes, what’s going on? Bravo, Sister! Do your stuff, Otama. Write off my debt then. Again? If it succeeds, I said I’d pay you well. I’ll show you, blind woman! It belongs to Hanji. An emergency since he sent a letter with it? What does it say, Otama? I’m no good in reading and arithmetic. Troupe Leader… Wait I can read easy words. Thank you. Let’s see… We have Hanji and Omiyo. Come to the shrine at midnight. We’ll exchange them for the scroll. If you don’t come, they’ll die. She’s here! Lured out. Don’t fail! It’s Sister Oichi! Sister! Your Boss? Bring it? Samurai, you’ll really release them if I give you the scroll? We never lie. The blind are very suspicious. Hand them over first. Untie them! Your voice. Akamatsu’s foreman? We met today? Sister! Thanks! Never mind. Go straight back to your village. But…! Go home and work hard! If you want to be happy. Understand? No! Won’t get anywhere farming! Be still! Hurry, go! It’s a shame to be killed by bad men. Sister! Go, I said! Now, the scroll. Here. Takebayashi, Akagaki… Names of the 47 Loyal men! Trieked us! I lost the real one, so I took what the show people had. Get her! Make her confess! Get her alive, not dead. Her feet! Blind, so they’re weak! Guest! A shame to kill you but I won’t show any mercy! Knock down her sword! Get her! Conscious? I’m Sakaki. In pain? The right arm’s not so bad. Cracked it when you fell? This spa’s good for broken bones. You’ll mend fast. A companion’s nice and it must be fate to meet again. I’m hungry. I’ll find something to eat. Oichi, your stick’s here. You saved me. I hate to ask but… What is it? When we fought at the pass, I lost a scroll in a leather bag. I don’t know. Important? It must be. Many samurai are after it. A burden on you… It’s a matter of pride now. I’ll recover it and take it over. Cost more than a broken arm. Threatening me? Even a blind woman has courage. Who are you? I’m called Blind Oichi. A backroad walker but I hate wrong. Will you return that scroll? You saved me. I hate to kill you, but… How much money will you demand for it? Demand? What do you mean? Doing it for money? What’s funny? Too stupid for words. Sincerity’s a stranger to you? Or are only samurai human beings to you? I’m sorry. My mistake. Just so you know. I don’t have it. I think I dropped it in the river saving you. I meant to take it to Instructor Murobuse myself. It’s my turn to ask. You…? I studied Dutch gunnery. So did Kazuma, the man who died on the road. Two years ago, I killed a man for certain reasons. Instructor Murobuse expelled me. Without purpose in life, I drowned myself in drinks. And killed man after man. No telling how far one can fall without purpose or hope. One day, I met Kazuma again. I felt compelled to follow him. Pardoned or not, I thought I’d go to Nasuno-ga-Hara to see my instructor. It was the only way I could rise again. I had people I wanted to meet again too. I might be able to throw away my sword-cane and be happy then. So I travelled, seeking this one and that. No one could save you? It was too late. They’d changed. And I’d become so that I could only believe in my sword-cane. I’m sorry. A blind woman complaing. But my mind’s lighter. You seemed like a suspicious samurai. I thought I’d met a dreadful woman too. Three roads to Kurobane Highway. We’ll take the secret path. You split up too. Search high and low for Oichi. Yes, we know. Thank you. Tell your men not to mention the scroll. I understand. We’ll get Oichi and make confess! In return, please make our Boss a petty officer too. I know. It burns me up! We’re in a fix. Lost the others. What now? Farther in the mountain now. Be quiet! You said there was a road! You said we’d get less reward money, with the other men! No use getting all worked up! What, you big fat man! Say, a hut for hotspring cures! Somebody… A couple taking a cure. Is the wife pretty? Taking a bath. Say, say, it’s Oichi! Calm…calm down! You’re trembling! Fool! Shaking with excitement! Lucky! She’s alone! Attack her? Get her alive! All naked? Let’s split the 20 ryo reward. I know. Get the sword-cane first. Her clothes too. We’re no match for her. No good! What’s this? Where’d Sister go? Trying to get the scroll? It’s been 3 days but she hasn’t appeared yet. Maybe that night. Fool! She wouldn’t get killed! Don’t shout! You said let’s go back. Sure! Can’t take it easy back home! It belongs to a samurai? Boy, did you find it in the river? Yes, floated by. It’s a treasure that belongs to somebody I know I’ll take it. A lie! It’s true. Please. No! A treasure? The Headman will give us a reward! Return it! Come back, you brat! Hanji! Isn’t that a scroll? Return it, I said! Give it here! Shut up! Omiyo! Run! Not hurt? Know what that scroll is? No. I can’t read. Can I, Omiyo? Why risk your life then? It’s Sister Oichi’s. Isn’t it? Let’s go. Make her happy. What? Then she’s…? She’s safe? Otawara Clan in Yasyu It’s superior to others in priming and explosive powers. No, it’s much inferior to foreign gunpowder yet. More tests. But our lord in Edo doesn’t approve of it. Nonsense. What would a 13-year-old lord know? I, Mondonosho, controls this Otawara Clan. Gosaku’s a good son! Poor soul! Genbei’s son’s arm was blown off! After making them work so hard! Taxes are higher— we’ll become cripples or starve! No way to stop dynamite tests? Please! If I become cripple, my mother… Father, please rest and have tea. Today’s the 12th? Time Kazuma returned? Yes, he said he’d return by the 10th at the latest. He went to see an artillerist? Yes, I sent him with sulphur and nitrate. And asked Tarozaemon to analyze them. The rifle I’m on isn’t like a harquebus. It needs strong powder. I am worried about you. I hear our Chamberlain sacrifices the farmers to make gunpowder. It’s bad. The method and equipment’s crude, so accidents occur. I worry every time the Chamberlain comes. I retired here to study leisurely. I won’t become a vassal no matter how much he pays me. But he seems very determined and frightens me. I’m sorry about you. Spending your girihood here because of a scholar father. No, Edo and Yashu are the same if I am with you. But… Thinking of Gennosuke? No, I was only thinking we would feel easier if he were here. Don’t mention a man I expelled! But he killed to save me! Whatever the reason, I can’t teach a killerhow to make gunpowder! It’s our rule. What do you think of him? Rather gloomy but frank— I like that. He’s strong and blunt but rather gentle. Becoming his wife… Omiyo, when’d you and he? When’d you fall for him? You’re jealous. Fool! Scatterbrain. I meant Sister. I’m hungry. We just ate at that teahouse. She seems happy. Look like a loving couple. You’re both fast walkers. We didn’t want to be in the way. Hanji said you two were like a loving couple. Otawara Castle Town from here, but Jonenji’s 12 miles to the left. Your village? Beyond that forest. We’ll part here. Thank you. Be good friends. Don’t lose heart no matter what. Big Sister! l never forget about you all our lives. Now, now, you’re not small children. Cheer up and be off with you. We wish you luck. Goodbye. Goodbye. We searched every road but couldn’t find her. I’m a very sorry. She still has the scroll? Yes. Using a sword-cane, she killed our men. Fool! Losing to one blind woman! Call yourself a samurai? Never mind, Tatewaki. When Murobuse’s pupil went to Edo, I let him go to get the scroll. As I look at it, it holds the key to our studies. We must get it. Search! Find the blind woman and get the scroll! Yes, without fail this time! It’s no use how many times you come. To make powerful gunpowder we need your cooperation. Why do you need it so much that you must sacrifice innocent people? We need it in future wars. Is that all? You’re trying to sell it to other Clans? What will you do with all your money? Counting the gold gained with the farmers’ blood and tears? Please leave. I’m an artillerist! I cannot spare a moment, let alone a day! I must make a rifle to be of use in time of our country’s need! We’ll help you if you cooperate with us. You still refuse? Enough! Kotoe. Gennosuke! Kotoe. I am so glad you are safe! Kazuma was killed. Someone was after the scroll. Then it was…? Please do not worry. He entrusted it to Oichi. She brought it. She can’t see. Oh, then it must have… I return this to you. I can’t express how grateful I am. Thank you very much! I am glad to have been of use. Then I’ll… Please let Father thank you too. I just brought what I was asked to. Excuse me. Please be happy, both of you. Oichi! Please hand this to Father yourself. Kotoe. He will be pleased. Father! It’s Gennosuke! Father! Father! What’s the matter? Father’s gone! Perhaps during my absense, Mondonosho… Who’s he? Kotoe! Who is it? I found you. I haven’t anything. Don’t say that now! Not a samurai? For bed and board. Let’s not kill for other people. But I have to. It’s done. What is it? Haven’t you seen blind women before? Not a pretty one like you. They say blind women are irresistible. Be still! I want to drink alone! A spirited woman! Use force! Stop it. She can’t see. Be quiet. It makes my sake taste bad. What, you punk! Butt in and you’ll get hurt! A lot of spirit. Who’s the strongest one among you? Me! I see. Pretty strong. I’m the strongest! Any complaints? Want to come and join me, woman? Come yourself, why don’t you? I’m blind. That’s so. Who are you? As you can see…but you’re blind. I’m Sakon Shishido, a down-and-out masterless samurai. Have a drink. Where’d you study? You mean massaging? None of that. Swordplay. You’re joking. Swordplay when I’m blind. The way you touched your cane and the way you poured— I’m not blind. Not just a blind masseuse? If I’m not? Just a woman now. I like making strong women cry. I hate conceited men! In a bad humor. Turned down by a man? Don’t mope. I’ll make you forget everything tonight. Stop it! What if I say I’ll knock that down and love you? Interesting. Want to? Oichi, I looked everywhere. Samurai Sakaki! I’ll take you in her place. I’m lucky to meet interesting people. I came to see my Instructor. It’s all right. To see him or his daughter just so you become happy. You needn’t have looked for me. What now? I wonder I’ll think when the sun rises again. I’ll go where my feet and I want to go— I’m used to going along. I’m going to save Instructor Murobuse. What? The men after the scroll took him! He expelled you? Even if you love his daughter…! Trying to find a place to die, perhaps. I don’t regret dying for him. Samurai are fools, aren’t they? Leave town tomorrow. It’s dangerous. They know you. You came to tell me that? I’m glad we met again. Be happy. Samurai Sakaki! Hanji, don’t die! Don’t work! Run away! Be still, girl! Murderers! Omiyo, don’t come! Hurry up! Keep walking! Go back, farmer! Hanji too? Should we let her stay? Don’t worry. I’m sorry to bother you. It’s all right. Officials killed my fathar and took your father away. We’re in the same fix. Did Gennosuke steal in safely? Officials came! Take this and run away. Wait! Raise your face! Your scar? Cut it with a sickle when I was a child. A sickle? All right! Go! Hurry up! Where’s the Instructor? Tell me! Inside the powder house! No use. We meet often. Why are you here? Hired by Mondonosho. During depression, it’s not bad to be a bodyguard. I don’t want for food, sake, and women. Calm down. Look at that. Gennosuke! Throw it down! Cowards! Please stop! Don’t flug him! The scroll and we won’t! Kotoe! Don’t tell them! Don’t tell them! Not enough yet? Wait! Get him! My work’s over. But… Tell her I refuse to become involved any more. Thank you for taking me in. The shop’s closed. Stay another day. Thank you, but I’ll be going. I see. Take care on the way. Sister! Omiyo, there are things I can and can’t do. Hanji! Sister! Sister! Samurai Sakaki’s life is in danger! Hanji, get a hold of yourself! Hanji! We meant to farm quietly but they killed him like a worm! I’ll get revenge for Hanji. The powder site? Hang on to the horse. You won’t cooperate yet? God gives us wisdom. We can’t sell it to the devil! Not even if your daughter dies? She and my pupil would prefer death to shame! Light it! Kotoe! Gennosuke! It can be put out yet! Kill the woman! Samurai Sakaki! Where are you? Don’t come! The fuse is lit! Betraying us? Changed my mind. I like that woman. I like monay, too, but I can’t condone your cowardly ways. Father! Thank you! Just a whim. Never mind. Watch out! Oichi! Watch out! Gennnosuke! Kotoe. Fine. All safe. Oichi, we owe it to you. Thank you. Thank you! You needn’t thank me. Just so someone’s happy is enough for me. The farmers sound happy. But it won’t bring back Hanji or his father. Sister! Want to get on? The road’s bad. No, thank you. Screwballs both. There’s no money or fun in being a blind woman’s bodyguard. It’s fun for me. Don’t hold back. I beg off. I feel more comfortable travelling alone. Headstrong as ever. We’ll meet again if fate says so. If we’re both alive. THE END
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