Cross Arm Shoulder Rotation – Baseball Rebellion

Hey everyone Dave Shinskie at Baseball
Rebellion. This is a drill in phase one called the cross arms shoulder rotation.
We’re going to start with our arms crossed, our back foot and our front foot
about shoulder-width and add two inches apart, one front foot facing your target
and all we’re gonna do is create a stretch back. So when I stretch back you
can see my shoulders kind of go on a tilt upward and then from there we’re
going to pretend that our shoulder our shoulders are on basically like a shelf
and we’re gonna posture change up and around. So you can see this move where I
posture change that means my chest is basically going to go up towards the
ceiling, posture change up and around the shelf and you’ll see that my shoulders
are on an angle as I come through. This is going to create our new and more
efficient arm angle all the way through to a good strong finish where you can
see my back and that is phase one upper body called the cross arm shoulder
rotation. Baseball Rebellion this is the cross arm shoulder rotation from the
side view. We’re going to cross our upper body, across our arms, across our
shoulders and we have our feet basically shoulder width apart plus about three
inches, front foot facing the target and/or the mirror that that you’re
facing and we want to create a stretch. We call this stretch the rubber band
effect where we’re creating a backward spying angle or basically a tilted
shoulder and as we come up and basically come over the rotation we want to start
to think that our shoulders are are coming up over a shelf. So I let my chest
kind of take my torso change and posture change up towards the ceiling.
This is going to create a better rotation and a better arm angle
through a finish and we want to stay strong through this finish. This is going
to promote very good core strength and again getting our shoulder, throwing
shoulder towards where we want to be at pitch delivery, or pitch release and
through the finish with our right shoulder about basically even with our
left hip. That is a cross arm shoulder rotation, thanks a lot.

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