Cryptozoology Episode 5 Giant Bat Monkey of Indonesia(Ahool)

Hello viewers. Welcome to another Cryptozoology episode, and, what’s this? Mystery cryptid? (Theme song) Nice, a new edition to the series. I have to guess the cryptid, or else get attacked by bigfoot. Let’s start with the first one. It can fly, so it’s probably mothman or something. But it has a primate face. Is it bigfoot? Maybe a hybrid between mothman and bigfoot? No that’s not right. So it can fly, it’s covered in fur, has giant claws. That’s a key clue. A cryptid with giant claws. I’ve got it. Is it Ahool? Yes! I got it right! No Bigfoot today. By the way, I can honestly say I did’nt read the title of this episode. That is for you, the viewers. Ahool, as you may have guessed, is named for its so called, call, that goes like, AHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! It’s described as a bat like creature with bat wings. Large, grey, furry body, giant claws, about the size of a human, and a primate face. It lives in Indonesia and has a 10 ft wingspan. That’s larger than the largest bat. Females are social while males are solitary. It’s said that they hunt prey, especially humans, by hanging upside down from trees. Then dropping down on the victim, killing them with a painful bite. Okay, now let’s open the Box of Evidence. Let’s start with this document. Let’s start with this description of a proposal of Ahool’s existence. This creature was first described by Dr. Ernest Bartels, who claims to have spotted this creature in the Salak Mountains in 1975, flying right over his head, and make its distinctive call. 2 years later in the same place, he heard and saw it again, and began to write and publish accounts. Aside from these sightings, there is no other evidence of Ahool’s existence. The locals at the time did’nt have proper cameras. When certain people question the locals, the locals claim to know it, and try to avoid it. There’s very little evidence of this creature’s existence. It’s a known fact that there are larger prehistoric relatives of animals today. For example, the giant centepede genus Arthropleura, the giant snake Titanoboa, the giant bird Argentavis, and let’s not forget the giant shark Megalodon. There happens to be a giant prehistoric bat that lived 16 million years ago Mystacina miocelensis(hope that’s pronounced right) This animal is around the same size as Ahool. Bats are known to have faces resembling other animals, like lemurs, dogs, and horses. This brings me to explanations. New Zealand is close to Indonesia, at least in comparision to the rest of the world. Could Ahool be the relative of a giant bat that survived to this day and traveled to Indonesia? It’s a possiblility. Mexican free tailed bats can fly up to 30-50 miles. Imagine the distance a 100 ft bat would fly at. Might be for days straight It makes sense except bats don’t prey on humans. Maybe it would attack them for blood but not eat them. This could lead to exageration.

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