CTE Month – Scott Stump

CTE Month is my favorite month of the year
because it’s our chance to highlight the wonderful work of our teachers and our students and our
instructors across the nation that deliver career and technical education to over a million
students annually at both the high school and the college level. Today’s career and technical education, or
CTE, is a sequence of courses or learning experiences that combine rigorous academics and cutting-edge
technical skills and professional skills so that students of all ages emerge, college
and career ready. We must dispel the myth that CTE is not for
college bound students, it absolutely is for college bound students.
Whether it be in advanced manufacturing or cybersecurity, or information technology,
or in the areas of bioscience. Students that are preparing in high school
CTE have opportunities to move on to post-secondary credentials that include industry apprenticeships,
industry certifications, but then also into associates and baccalaureate degrees. CTE is critical to the American economy and
especially today as we look across the nation and find just over 7 million jobs that are
currently unfilled because employers can’t find employees with the right skills to fill
them. If we’re going to close that skills gap, career
and technical education needs to expand and grow. CTE is the place where education connects
with the economy and where students connect with their future.

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