CUNY Championship Game: Men’s Baseball: Queensborough vs. Bronx CC (2011)

– [David] This is QCC
student David Russell here at the CUNY Athletic Conference Community College Baseball
Championship at MCU Park. Today, the Queensborough
Community College Tigers take on the Bronx Broncos in a rematch of last year’s championship game, and like last year, Frank
Milito is on the mound again. Last year, he won the MVP of this game as Queensborough took it 6-2. The starting lineup for the Bronx Broncos: number 13, the second
baseman, Russbert Eugenio; number 10, the shortstop, Berny Polanco; number 30, the first
baseman, Santos Sierra; number 23, the right
fielder, Michael Santana; number 21, the third
baseman, Robert Batista; number 25, the catcher, Johnny Celedonio; number 20, the designated
hitter, Christian Bueno; number 27, the left
fielder, Rogelio Suriel; and number 17, the center
fielder, Alan Mejia. The pitcher, but not hitting,
number 15, William Agosto. Frank Milito is on the
mound for Queensborough. The defense behind him, left to right: number seven, Bobby McDowell; In center field, number 10, Destin Ortiz, and in right, number
three, Mostafa Ghonim; the infield from third to first: number 24, Alberto Liz, number two, the shortstop, Anthony Valera, the second baseman,
number 16, Jason Vargas; and at first is number 23, Adam Alcamo. (“” by Eminem) The catcher is Jesse Friedman,
and pitching, Frank Milito. – [Stadium Announcer] Second
baseman, Russbert Eugenio. (crowd cheers) – [David] The Bronx Broncos wearing the green-and-gold jersey, Queensborough wearing the stripes. (muffled rock music) Infield getting together to give a few last words to Frank Milito. This 2011 CUNY Athletic Conference Community College Baseball Championship being played at MCU Park,
home of the Brooklyn Cyclones, the single-A affiliate
of the New York Mets. Russbert Eugenio getting
ready to lead things off here. (players yelling) And the first pitch by Frank Milito. (players cheer) It’s a ball, low, 1-0 the count. Milito gets the signs from Jesse Friedman. The wind up and the pitch. In there, strike 1. Evens up the count at 1-1. Milito. Hit on the ground to short. (crowd cheers) Leads up Ortiz, throw, overthrown. An error on the first play of
the game by Anthony Valera. It’s gotta be an error, not a hit. – [Stadium Announcer] Batting
second, the shortstop, number 10, Berny Polanco. – [David] Berny Polanco is
up now, shortstop, number 10. That ball ate up Valera and
now Eugenio is on first base. (“Return of The Mack”) ♪ Whoa ♪ ♪ Come on ♪ ♪ Ooh yeah ♪ ♪ Return of the Mack ♪ ♪ There it is ♪ Milito gonna try to shake off the error made by Valera to start off the game. Coach came out to see Russbert
Eugenio fast, limping a bit. Really busted it out of the plate and hustled on his way to first. The Bronx coach is Adolfo De Jesus. He sticks on Valera to start the game. Berny Polanco is up now,
the shortstop; Milito, tried to get the bunt
down, fouled it back, 0-1. Starting off playing small ball, trying to bunt with the
second hitter of the game. Milito working from the stretch, Alcamo holding Eugenio on it first. Milito’s pitch, low, ball one; evens up the
count at one ball, one strike. Let’s see if the Broncos
put a play on here, maybe hit and run or something. Try to push the action, be aggressive. Milito looks the runner back. From the stretch, the pitch,
(bat cracks) hit to left field, McDowell; it falls in. McDowell trying to play it, trying to go to third,
Eugenio; he’s in headfirst, and that will probably be
a double for Berny Polanco. I imagine that would be a double. McDowell never touched it, although he did get a
very bad break on it. – [Stadium Announcer]
First baseman, number 30– – [David] Right now, it’s
second and third, nobody out. Santos Sierra is up. Milito in early trouble here, two runners in scoring
position with nobody out. Being done in by some
shoddy defense so far. Sierra at the plate. Milito’s pitch, hit to
right field, base hit. One runner’ll score. Waving him around, oh, he falls down! Can he get it? He’s safe, both runs score. It’s 2-0. (supporters cheering) 2-0 on the two-RBI
single by Santos Sierra. – [Stadium Announcer] Batting fourth and playing right field,
number 23, Michael Santana. – [David] And Jesse Friedman
is out to talk to Frank Milito. It’s 2-0, still nobody
out in the first inning, and the cleanup hitter, number 23, Michael Santana, is at the plate. Early 2-0 lead for the Bronx. (fans yelling) Runner on first. Have to hold him there for Queensborough, have to hold Bronx to two runs. First pitch of the at bat: low, ball one; count is 1-0, to Santana. 2-0 lead, still nobody out. Foul, down the right-field
line, out of play. The count is 1-1. Milito is already given up as many runs in the first inning this year
as he did all of last year when he was the MVP and beat Bronx 6-2. Milito from the stretch,
(player yells) ball in the dirt, nice block by Friedman. Count is 2-1. (fans clapping) Falling behind to the cleanup
hitter, Michael Santana. Milito looks the runner
back, the 2-1 pitch, popped in foul territory,
Alcamo gives it a look but it goes out of play. The count is 2-2. 2-2. Sierra is on first after
his two-run single. Still nobody out in the inning. So far, an error on the shortstop, a double to left field,
and a single to right. 2-2 pitch, high, ball three. Full count, 3-2 here. (players yelling in foreign language) Payoff pitch coming
from Milito to Santana. (bat cracks)
(player cheers) Foul back here. Count stays at 3-2. The runner was not going on that play. 3-2 pitch by Milito. He struck him out.
(crowd cheers) (crowd cheering) First out in the game, recorded by Milito, which is strike out. (“U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer) And now Robert Batista is up. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 21, Robert Batista. (trippy rap music) – [David] Robert Batista is gonna try to keep this rally going. Two runs in so far for the Bronx, one out, one man on first. (singing in foreign language) Milito gets the signs from Friedman. (player yells in foreign language) Milito’s pitch, little high, ball one. Count is 1-0. (players yelling in foreign language) Alcamo holding on Sierra at first base. Fouled first-base side, count is 1-1. (woman speaks away from mic) – [Man] Yeah yeah, I’ll
come back in a minute. – [David] 1-1 count. (crowd cheers and claps) Milito’s pitch. Fouled out of play, 1-2. (buzzer squelches) (crowd laughs) (crowd yelling) One ball, two strikes. Milito from the stretch;
the pitch: low, ball two. Another nice save by Friedman. Robert Batista up now with
Johnny Celedonio on deck. Foggy day here at MCU park in Brooklyn. The field itself has
cleared up, foggy around it. 2-2 pitch, fouled third-base side. (fans yelling in foreign language) This was the site of the
CUNY AC title game last year when Queensborough beat the Bronx 6-2. 2-2 pitch from Milito upcoming, trying to avoid a full count. Looks back the runner. 2-2 pitch; he struck him out. Another strikeout
recorded by Frank Milito. That’s two so far, and that’ll
bring up Johnny Celedonio, with two outs. – [Stadium Announcer] The catcher, number 25, Johnny Celedonio. – [David] Celedonio up now. Two runs are in and two are out. One runner on. (fans yelling in foreign language) Milito’s first pitch, the runner goes. Hit and run done beautifully to shallow right field, that’ll
put runners on the corners. Ghonim almost stunned him out at third but couldn’t quite do it. That’ll bring up Christian Bueno, with two on and two out. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 20, Christian Bueno. – [David] That was the third
hit of the inning off Milito. There was one error thrown in, he’s also struck out two so far. – [Man] Ask and you shall receive. Multiple times. (group laughs) – [David] Runner’s on the
corners, Milito’s first pitch. High, ball one. The designated hitter is
up now, Christian Bueno. Milito’s second pitch,
outside again; ball two, 2-0. Santos Sierra on third,
Johnny Celedonio on first. Two outs here. Milito’s 2-0 pitch, fouled away. Strike one. Broncos lead the Tigers
2-0, top of the first. (fans clapping rhythmically) Runner goes from first. Fouled off. Foul tip, 2-2. (fans yelling in foreign language) Had to play on maybe if he took second and Friedman threw to second,
the runner would come home. Two balls, two strikes,
two outs, two runners on, and two runs in. Deuces wild, the pitch from Milito, faked to third, faked to first. (players yelling in foreign language) Deuces are wild, the 2-2 pitch; foul tip. Fouled it off his lower ankle. Limping around at home. (fans yelling in foreign language) Three hits so far, and he
limps around some more. Has an ankle pad on now. Coach De Jesus gives some advice to his designated hitter, Christian Bueno. Awaiting this 2-2 pitch, trying
to keep the inning going. – [Man] Come on, let’s play ball! – [David] Rogelio Suriel is on
deck in case he gets to that, Jesse Friedman talking to
Frank Milito at the mound, giving him some advice for this 2-2 pitch. Outfield is basically straightaway. Shortstop is shifted a
little towards second base. 2-2 pitch. (players yell)
– Out! – [David] Struck him out looking, Milito strikes out the side, (crowd cheers and applauds) but not before giving up
two runs on three hits. After half an inning, the
Bronx Broncos lead 2-0, and the top of the order, Jesse Friedman, Destin Ortiz, and Amoni
Harris, is coming up. (fans yelling) (“Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen) (man speaks away from mic) – [Man] Or else I’m gonna walk around. ♪ Okay, let’s give it to ’em right now ♪ – [Stadium Announcer]
Leading off, the catcher, number 36, Jesse Friedman. – [David] Jesse Friedman
leading off for the– (crowd cheers) Jesse Friedman leading off for the Tigers, number 56, the catcher. William Agosto doing
the pitching for Bronx. (“Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins) His outfield, left to
right: Rogelio Suriel, Alan Mejia, and Michael Santana. The infield from third to first: Robert Batista, Berny Polanco, Russbert Eugenio, and Santos Sierra; the catcher is Johnny Celedonio. And again, doing the pitching,
number 15, William Agosto. Agosto staked to a first-inning
lead, a two-run lead, two runs on three hits. (crowd cheering) Friedman leading off. Tigers came back from a deficit
against the Bronx last year, they were down 1-0. Strike one to Friedman, count is 0-1. (bat pings) Friedman rounds it to second,
(player yelling) throw onto first, one away. Mark that 4 3 on the scorecard, Russbert Eugenio to Santos Sierra. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 10, Destin Ortiz. – [David] Destin Ortiz, the
center fielder, is up now. Last year in the CUNY
title game, Destin Ortiz had a big triple in the fifth inning. (uptempo Latin music) (players clapping) Leadoff hitter retired by Agosto. Pitch… Misses, ball one to Ortiz. (bat cracks)
Ortiz, in the hole, base hit to left field. Ortiz is on. Throw back into second,
Ortiz with the single. That’ll bring up the designated
hitter, Amoni Harris. – [Stadium Announcer] Amoni Harris. (“Boom Boom Boom” by The Outhere Brothers) – [David] Wearing 00,
the designated hitter. (players cheering) Ortiz is on first. See if coach Roger Mischel
puts on a play here. Runner not going, Harris to center field, almost lost it. Catch is made though. Agosto makes that out easy. The center fielder, Alan Mejia,
caught it, one pitch out. – [Stadium Announcer] Bobby McDowell. – [David] The cleanup hitter
is up now Bobby McDowell, the left fielder. (brash pop music) (crowd cheering) Swinging early in the
count are the Tigers. Ortiz misread Agosto’s stance and nearly took off for second base, and Agosto noticed in time. Ortiz looking not to be picked off. Now Ortiz goes, McDowell
hits it up the middle, second onto first. That’s the end of one inning. At the end of one, Bronx
leads Queensborough 2-0. Queensborough retired; a Destin Ortiz single
leaves him stranded back. (“Hold Me Now” by Thompson Twins) – [Stadium Announcer]
Leading off for the Bronx, the left fielder, Rogelio Suriel. – [David] Frank Milito ready
to start the second inning. Gave up two runs on three
hits in the first inning. Now up is Rogelio
Suriel, the left fielder, number 27, to lead things
off in the second inning. (fans yelling) Milito’s first pitch of the second. Ball one. (players yelling in foreign language) Third baseman is a bit in. Fouled back, 1-1. 1-1 delivery by Milito. Eight on the ground, Valera to his… Alcamo makes the catch. – [Stadium Announcer] Now batting, the center fielder, Alan Mejia. (intriguing orchestral music) – [David] One away. Now up is Alan Mejia. One up, one down in the second inning. Valera to Alcamo, on the putout, 6-3. Milito’s pitch. High and inside, ball one. Swing and a miss, strike one,
evens out the count at 1-1. Milito trying to bear down
after struggling in the first. (fans cheer)
Swing and a miss, strike two. Milito struck out the
side in the first inning. Suriel just ground it out though. Can’t strike out everybody. 1-2 pitch from Milito. He struck him out looking.
(crowd cheers) That’s 4 strikeouts from
the first 8 batters. 2 up 2 down in the second,
the that’ll bring up the center fielder Alan Mejia, number 17. – [Stadium Announcer] The second
baseman, Russbert Eugenio! (upbeat Latin music) (bat cracks) Hit on the ground to
third, foul ball; it’s 0-1. Milito’s pitch.
(bat cracks) Down on the ground to third, throw to first, got him. Three up, three down in the inning. After 1 1/2, Bronx still leads 2-0, but Milito holds Bronx where they were. – [Stadium Announcer] No
hits, no bunts, no errors, nobody left on base for the Bronx. At the end of 1 1/2, Bronx leads 2-0. (“Under The Bridge” by
Red Hot Chili Peppers) (man speaking away from mic) – [David] I’m doing horribly. – [Stadium Announcer] Leading
off for Queensborough, the outfielder, Mostafa Ghonim. (crowd cheers) – [David] Mostafa Ghonim leading off the second for Queensborough. First pitch by Agosto. In there, called strike one. 0-1 the count to Ghonim. 0-1 pitch, inside, 1-1. Adam Alcamo, the first baseman
on deck, the 1-1 pitch. Foul ball, they say it hit Ghonim. That makes count the one
ball and two strikes. Agosto worked a fast first, even though he didn’t go one-two-three. There were number of shorted backs. (players chanting in foreign language) Always helping the pitcher; the 1-2 pitch, in there for a called strike three, Ghonim is set down looking. That’ll bring up Adam
Alcamo, the first baseman, number 23, trying to get
something started here. – [Stadium Announcer] Now batting, the first baseman, Hector Leon. (fans yelling) – [David] Strike one to Alcamo. (bat pings) Alcamo fouls it off,
that’ll make it no balls and two strikes. 0-2 to Alcamo. (bat pings) Grounded to first. Sierra steps on the
bag and retires Alcamo; that’s two up, two down in the inning. That’ll bring up Alberto
Liz, the third baseman. – [Stadium Announcer] Now batting, the third baseman, Alberto Liz. – [David] Liz trying to keep
the second inning going. (fans yelling in foreign language) (bat cracks)
First pitch to Liz. Fouled away. No balls, one strike. Agosto been very efficient
with his pitches. Not a lot of long at bats. Only one runner so far, a Destin
Ortiz single to left field. (crowd cheers)
Strike two to Liz. Liz looking at an 0-2 count.
(bat pings) Flicked to second base, but
Russbert Eugenio is there to make the catch, and after
two innings, it’s 2-0 Bronx. Queens is retired, one, two, three. – [Stadium Announcer] No hits, no errors, no men left on base. At the end of two
innings, Bronx leads, 2-0. (players talking in foreign language) I wanna see if there’s some food. You can just edit this
out, so I don’t care. We have to remember to edit this out. What’s that, Facebook? So what do you like more,
baseball or basketball? Hm? (man speaks away from mic) We’re gonna edit it out. (man speaks away from mic) I don’t know. I’m gonna ask them. I was gonna ask you if you want it. You do? (man speaking away from mic) Third inning set to begin,
Frank Milito back on the mound. Berny Polanco is up. (fans yelling) Strike one. Top of the third, Bronx leads 2-0, they got both of their runs in the first. Milito gets the signs. And the pitch, in the dirt, ball one. (fans yelling) 1-1. Just missed, another ball. (“Charge”) – [Crowd] Charge! (“Charge”) Charge! – [David] Third baseman wusses in. (bat pings) The pitch is fouled off. Way out of play. Outfield is straightaway. 2-2 pitch by Milito. Grounded to first, Alcamo makes the play, and that’s one retired
in the third inning. That’ll bring up Santos Sierra who had a two-run single
in the first inning. – [Stadium Announcer] The first baseman, number eight, Santos Sierra. (muffled rock music) (players yelling in foreign language) Pitch by Milito. In there, the third called strike. (“Let’s Go”) (crowd claps rhythmically) – [Crowd] Let’s go Tigers! (bat cracks) – [David] Pop-up. Out of play, that’s a strike. 0-2 the count. (lively organ music) (bat cracks)
Pitch by Milito, grounded to short. Valera throws to first;
Alcamo, the throw is high. Another error on Valera. (players yelling in foreign language) Runner on first now. – [Stadium Announcer] The right fielder, number 23, Michael Santana. (uptempo dance music) – [David] Two errors on Anthony Valera. Milito’s pitch. Low, ball one. 1-0. (“Let’s Go”) ♪ Let’s go Tigers ♪ ♪ Let’s go Tigers ♪ (fans clapping rhythmically) Milito looks the runner back. The pitch,
(bat cracks) ripped, right through the hole. That’ll put two runners on with one out. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 21, Robert Batista. – [David] After the
single by Michael Santana puts two runners on,
Robert Batista is up now. (“Charge”) Two on, one out. Batista the batter, Celedonio is on deck. Pitch by Milito,
(bat cracks) ripped to center field, got a bad break, makes the catch, Ortiz. Went in, then back, and then caught it. Nasty wind, actually just
knocked off Anthony Valera’s hat. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 25, Johnny Celedonio. – [David] Two on, two out. (“Hollywood Swinging”
by Kool and the Gang) Queensborough trying to
hold them here again, like in the second inning. (players yelling in foreign language) Milito’s first pitch, just missed. Milito looks the runner back to second. That’s a strike. – [DJ] Say, “Ho!” – [Crowd] Ho! – [DJ] Say, “Ho!” – [Crowd] Ho! – [DJ] Somebody scream! (fans scream) – [David] The catcher,
Johnny Celedonio, is up now. He had a single to right
field in the first inning, although he was stranded at first. (players yelling in foreign language) Milito’s pitch; low for a ball. Getting a bit foggy
again here at MCU Park. (fans clap rhythmically) (players yelling) Milito’s pitch is low, another ball. Full count with two outs, Alcamo playing behind the runner at first. The runners will be off with the pitch. (bat cracks) Alcamo makes a nice play, steps on first, and that’s the end of the inning; after 2 1/2, Bronx still
leads Queensborough 2-0. (muffled world music) (fans talking in foreign language) (players yelling) – [Stadium Announcer] For
the Queensborough Tigers, number 16, Jason Vargas. – [David] The second baseman,
number 16, Jason Vargas, will lead things off in the third inning. William Agosto has pitched
only one over the minimum. 8-9 due one up in this third
inning for Queensborough. Trying to start up their offense, which has only gotten one single so far. First pitch to Vargas,
looks at a ball, 1-0. 1-0 pitch. (bat pings) Smashed to third but a
nice play, throw to first. (crowd cheers)
That’s one away. Vargas is retired. Very nice play by Robert
Batista at third base. The shortstop Anthony Valera is up, nine spot in the order. Getting the signs from Coach Mischel. (fans yelling) Inside, ball one, 1-0. The catcher, Jesse Friedman, on deck. Ball two, high. Count is now 2-0 to Valera. 2-0 pitch. Low, ball three, in the dirt. 3-0 count. (“Let’s Go”) 3-0 pitch. Valera takes it for a called strike, 3-1. Still in the driver’s seat. (players yelling in foreign language) 3-1 pitch. Taken inside, ball four. Queensborough gets another
runner on for Jesse Friedman, the catcher and leadoff hitter. Grounded out to second
in his first at bat. Graduated Forest Hills High School. (fire-engine siren wails) (fans chanting) 1-0 pitch,
(bat cracks) I mean, the first pitch of the at bat; Friedman, base hit to right. Valera will stay at second. It’s 2-1 with one out. Two on with one out for Destin Ortiz. Catcher Johnny Celedonio
goes out to talk to Agosto. In a bit of a jam here: 2-1, one out. Destin Ortiz singled in his first at bat, singled between the third
baseman and the shortstop. The third baseman Batista was a bit in. (crowd clapping rhythmically) Third baseman Batista, even
with the bag right now. First pitch to Ortiz. Hit to third, Batista, it eats him up. That’ll be an E5 and the bases are loaded. Tigers catch a bit of a break
as the ball ate up Batista. That will load the bases for Amoni Harris, the designated hitter. Amoni has a word with coach Roger Mischel. – [Stadium Announcer]
The 00, Amoni Harris. – [David] Vargas made
an out, but since then, Valera walked, Friedman singled, and Ortiz reaches on an error. Bases loaded, one out. Coach Roger also has a
word with Anthony Valera, who’s on third base. See if they try to cause
a balk or something. (fans applauding) Outside ball, 1-0 to Amoni Harris. (“Let’s Go”) (fire-engine siren wails) Harris grounds it to third. Batista throws home and gets the out. No throw made to first, bases
stay loaded with two outs. Valera retired, Friedman moved
to third, Batista second, and Amoni Harris is on first. And now the cleanup hitter,
Bobby McDowell is up, with the bases loaded and
two outs, down by two runs. Critical at bat, even though
it’s only the third inning. First pitch to McDowell. Ball one, low. 1-0 to McDowell. – [DJ] “Say Ho!” – [Crowd] Ho! (crowd chanting) – [David] 1-0 pitch. McDowell lines it to
left field, goes back! That’ll score Friedman, that’ll score two, here comes the go-ahead run, Amoni Harris coming home; he scores. The Tigers lead 3-2 in
the bottom of the third. A three-run double by Bobby McDowell. (crowd cheers) What a huge at bat. And in one pitch, Queensborough
goes from being down 2-0 to being up 3-2, and now
a meeting on the mound, as Mostafa Ghonim comes up. Huge. The left fielder, Rogelio
Suriel, went in just a little bit and it went over his head, and with the speed of
Amoni Harris on first base, there was no doubt the
first two runs would score and then Amoni Harris’s speed, he was the go-ahead run and
now Queensborough leads 3-2 in the bottom of the third. They don’t want this
inning to end just yet. Mostafa Ghonim up,
Queensborough looking for more, McDowell in scoring position, two outs. Friedman, Ortiz, and Harris all score. (fire-engine siren wails) Agosto, first pitch is a strike. First two innings, he was near unhittable. Only one over the minimum, and
now he’s given up three runs in the third. Ball one, 1-1. (crowd cheering) McDowell leads off second. Agosto gets the sign from Celedonio. The 1-1 pitch, in there
for a called strike two. 1-2, bottom of the third
inning, Queensborough leads 3-2. (grand organ music) (fans chanting) 1-2 pitch, McDowell takes off for third, and he’s gone down. McDowell caught stealing third. (fans yelling) But at the end of three innings,
Queensborough leads 3-2. Frank Milito will take the
mound in the fourth inning for the first time with a lead. (players talking in foreign language) (police siren wails) – [Stadium Announcer]
Leading off for the Bronx, the designated hitter,
number 20, Christian Bueno. – [David] Designated hitter
Christian Bueno leading off for the Bronx in the fourth inning. He struck out in his first at bat. First pitch swinging, into the gap. He’s going for an extra base. He’s in with a double. Great effort by Mostafa
Ghonim, but not enough. And now Bueno is in scoring
position, but nobody out. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 27, Rogelio Suriel. – [David] Rogelio Suriel is up. Milito is pitching, for the
first time today, with a lead. Gave up two runs in the first but Queensborough just
scored three runs for him in the third. Right away, the Broncos
trying to fight back. Have a man in scoring position. Milito, looking at the runner. The pitch, tries to bunt, fouls it off. Gonna try to play small ball
and work for the tie right now, one run at a time. (players yelling in foreign language) 0-1; see if they’ll have him bunt again or if they’d have him hack away. (fans yelling) Milito’s 0-1 pitch,
(bat cracks) grounded to third. Liz comes in, bobbles it; it’s an E5. That puts runners on the
corners and still nobody out. (crowd cheers) – [Stadium Announcer] Now
batting, the center fielder, number 17, Alan Mejia. – [David] Alan Mejia is
up, runners on the corner. First and third, nobody out. (grungy techno music) Meeting at the mound. Error on Alberto Liz. The nine-hitter is up right now. See if Bronx tries to put some play on. First pitch of the at bat upcoming. (players cheer) And second base is taken. Smart play by the Bronx. Either he goes in just
standing up like he did or if they did try to throw,
maybe the run comes home and you steal a run and you tie the game, so that’s worth the risk, and now it’s second and
third with nobody out. Milito trying to work out of a jam. (players yelling in foreign language) Milito’s pitch, grounded to third, Liz. Holds the runner, throws to Alcamo, and that’s one away. Big out. Usually with nobody out, you don’t send the runner from third. Wouldn’t want to run
yourself out of an inning. Now with one out, back
to the top of the order. With one out, you might
send the runner on contact, but not with nobody out. But if that same play happens right now, expect him to dash home. Russbert Eugenio is up now, trying to give his team the lead. Infield halfway. Milito’s pitch, in there, strike one. (players yelling in foreign language) Milito’s pitch,
(bat cracks) line down the third baseline, barely foul. If that was six inches different, Bronx would be winning 4-3 right now. Two strikes on the leadoff
hitter, Russbert Eugenio. Second and third, one out. Milito trying to work out of a jam. (fans chanting) Milito’s pitch, low and away. Coach De Jesus talking
to the runner on third. (fans clapping rhythmically) Milito’s pitch, low and away again, another ball. Don’t wanna load the bases, that’ll give them nowhere to work. (players yelling) Big pitch upcoming, Milito
getting the signs from Friedman; time is called by Eugenio. Milito looks in for the
signs from Friedman. Eugenio ready. Milito still looking, and Friedman will just go out. Instead of getting mixed up
and crossed up with the signs, might as well just go out and discuss it. That way, there could
be no miscommunication. (fans yelling in foreign language) Milito’s pitch, low and away again. That’s three straight
pitches low and away, and after going from an
0-2 count, it’s now 3-2. Payoff pitch upcoming from Milito. Stares in for the signs. The 3-2 pitch,
(bat cracks) hit to center field, line drive, Destin Ortiz with the sliding
catch, throw back to third! And he throws it away. That’s gonna tie the game. (crowd cheers) Destin Ortiz’s decision to
throw it back to third base, not a wise choice. If he just held it, it’d still be 3-2. Instead he tries to throw to third; there’s no error, but it’s a mental error, and the game is now tied at three. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 10, Berny Polanco. – [David] Berny Polanco is up now and the runner moves up to third. (“In Da Club” by 50 Cent) And we basically start from scratch. We’re tied again, 3-3. First tie since we started the game 0-0. Milito’s pitch, high, ball one. (fans talking in foreign language) Milito from the stretch, the 1-0 pitch, inside, 2-0. With a runner on third and two outs, Milito still going from the stretch. Just something to think about. 2-0 pitch from frank Milito. Hit to center field, Destin on his horse, and makes the diving catch! Does he? No. No, he dropped it. Bronx now leads 4-3. From my angle in the press box, it looked like he made
the catch, but he did not. Bronx has taken back the lead, 4-3. (crowd cheers) (muffled pop music) Destin, so close to
duplicating a superb catch from the batter before, but he could not. (fans yelling) (bat cracks) Hit to deep center
field, Ortiz going back, stops and makes the
catch to end the inning. But not before Bronx scores two runs, and they take back the lead, 4-3. – [Stadium Announcer] Two hits,
one error, one man left on. – [David] Queensborough
was down 4-3, and again, they’ll try to fight from behind. – [Stadium Announcer] Bronx leads 4-3. (“Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger) Leading off for Queensborough,
the right fielder, number three, Mostafa Ghonim. – [David] Mostafa Ghonim leading off in the fourth inning for Queensborough. He was up at the plate when
Bobby McDowell was thrown out trying to steal third. Agosto blew a 2-1 lead,
but now he’s staked back to a 1-1 lead. Bottom of the fourth,
first pitch to Ghonim. (bat cracks)
Ripped! Foul. Vicious, Fred. But the count is 0-1. (players yelling) Just a little out in front of that one, but not by much. High, ball one, 1-1. Agosto, shaking off his catcher. 1-1 pitch, foul bat. 1-2. (fan yells) 1-2, the count to Ghonim;
the pitch, just misses. Count is 2-2. Good call by the ump, though. Nothing too controversial. The 2-2 pitch, hot smash. Off the third baseman’s glove and Ghonim will be safe at first. Batista; that shouldn’t be an error, that was hit hard enough and that would have been a tough play. He had to jump up for it. Yeah, the official score
gives him a single. Good decision. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 20, Hector Leon. – [David] Adam Alcamo is up now. (muffled pop music) Adam Alcamo is now hitting, not Hector Leon as
announced on the scoreboard. They said Hector Leon is
hitting on the scoreboard and the PA announcement said Adam Alcamo. He’s been hitting. (man speaks away from mic) – [Stadium Announcer] Please
welcome number 23, Adam Alcamo. (muffled reggaeton music) – [David] Adam Alcamo is hitting. First baseman. Squares around him, swings away. Barely foul. So close. (fans applauding) (bat pings) Alcamo reaches out and
hits it to right field. Ghonim being held at second, but now, the Tigers have something started. It’s first and second with nobody out and Alberto Liz is up, and this is turning into
the batting practice that many thought it might be, especially Queensborough,
involved in so many high-scoring games. – [Stadium Announcer] Alberto Liz. – [David] Alberto Liz in a good situation, first and second with nobody out. (bat pings)
Liz bunts, dropped it down, nice bunt. Agosto goes to third and gets the out. (teammates applaud) Alcamo at second, Liz at first. Ghonim retired on the force out, the pitcher to the third baseman. – [Stadium Announcer] Now
batting, the second baseman, number 16, Jason Vargas. – [David] Jason Vargas up now, the second baseman, number 16. First and second, one out. Outside, ball one. (fans clapping rhythmically) The fog coming over
MCU Park again, mildly. Vargas, checks swing, fouls it back, 1-1. (fans chanting) Pitch to Vargas, low, 2-1. Possible hit-and-run situation; two balls, one strike, one out. Alcamo on second,
(bat pings) Vargas base hit to right field. They have to hold Alcamo. Went a little too far;
bases are loaded now. Bases are loaded, one out,
and Anthony Valera is up. – [Stadium Announcer] Now
batting, the shortstop, number two, Anthony Valera. – [David] Huge situation, Coach
Roger trying to pump him up. Bottom of the fourth inning, Bronx leading Queensborough 4-3, but the bases are loaded with only one out for Anthony Valera. (fans clapping and yelling) (bat cracks) Pops it up, second base. Alcamo makes believe he’s tagging up but there’s no way he will. That’ll bring up Jesse
Friedman with the bases loaded and two outs, such a big at bat. – [Stadium Announcer]
Now batting, the catcher, number 56, Jesse Friedman. (fans applaud) – [David] Jesse Friedman at the plate, bases loaded, two outs. (players yelling) First pitch to Friedman upcoming. (bat cracks) Friedman fouls it back, 0-1. (players yelling) 0-1 pitch to Jesse Friedman, fouled away. Strike two, that’s way out. (fans yelling) Bases loaded, two outs,
no balls, two strikes. (bat cracks) 0-2 pitch hit to center field, and the catch is made,
three runners are stranded. At the end of four innings,
Bronx leads Queensborough 4-3. – [Stadium Announcer] No bunts,
three hits, no errors, no– – [David] Queensborough has
three hits in the fourth inning but they can’t push across the tying run. Still 4-3. (“Under The Boardwalk” by The Drifters) – [Stadium Announcer] Leading off, the right fielder, number
23, Michael Santana. – [David] Frank Milito getting ready to start the fifth inning. The Bronx Broncos leading
the Queensborough Tigers 4-3. (bat cracks) First pitch, hot smash,
gets under the glove of Liz. Runner will be safe at first, the leadoff, I guess
single, they’ll call it, it was hit so hard. – [Stadium Announcer] The third baseman, number 21, Robert Batista. – [David] Robert Batista is up now, third baseman, number 21. Leadoff runner on in the fifth. Bronx trying to push an extra run across, they already lead 4-3. Fifth inning, Milito, from the stretch, (bat cracks)
Batista squares around. Milito will take the sure out at first. Nice bunt. Runner on second with one out. That’ll bring up Johnny
Celedonio, the catcher, number 25, with their runner in scoring position. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 25, Johnny Celedonio. (man speaking away from mic) – [David] Strike one is called. Milito looks in for the
signs; 0-1, pitch upcoming. (players yelling in foreign language) (umpire yells) Time is called. Alberto Liz goes to talk to
Frank Milito at the mound. (man speaking away from mic) Ball two, 2-1. (supporters clapping) Two balls, one strike,
a runner on second base. (bat cracks) Milito’s pitch, fouled away. Bronx squandered a two-run lead earlier, but they now lead by one. (fans chanting in foreign language) Milito looks in for the signs. Milito likes what he sees. And the pitch is low and away. (players yelling in foreign language) Milito’s pitch, swing and a miss. (fans applaud) Struck out not swinging. – [Stadium Announcer]
Designated hitter, number 20– – [David] Johnny Celedonio
goes down swinging, but now Christian Bueno is up. Two away. Top of the fifth inning, Bronx
leading Queensborough 4-3. Milito, his pitch, it’s hit to center field,
Destin Ortiz coming in, and he makes the catch to end the inning. We’re halfway done; after
the top of the fifth inning, Bronx leads Queensborough 4-3. – [Stadium Announcer] For the Bronx, no runs, one hit, no errors,
and one left on base. – [David] In the bottom
of the fifth inning for Queensborough, it’s
gonna be Destin Ortiz, Amoni Harris, and Bobby McDowell. (“You Spin Me Round [Like A
Record]” by Dead or Alive) How are we getting back? We’ve reached the halfway
point in the bottom of the fifth inning,
with Bronx leading 4-3. Queensborough will send up Destin Ortiz, Amoni Harris, and Bobby McDowell. (woman speaking away from mic) First pitch, outside, ball one. Swing and a miss, strike
one, evens up the count. The 1-1 pitch, it hit him. Ortiz reaches first on the hit by pitch, and that’ll bring up Amoni Harris. Leadoff hitter on for the Tigers. – [Stadium Announcer] Designated hitter, the double zero, Amoni Harris. (fans yelling) – [David] Harris, squares around, takes it back and swings and misses. First big strike to Amoni Harris. Looks in for the signs
from Coach Roger Mischel. Destin Ortiz leading off
first, being held on. Amoni Harris, not squaring
around to bunt, and Ortiz nearly picked off; that’s the second time that’s happened today. Happened a few innings earlier. Ortiz having trouble reading him. It took Agosto a while to notice, or else he would have
picked off Destin Ortiz. (crowd cheering) He fakes, and Harris fouls it back. Ortiz bluffed going to second. See what they do now with two strikes. If he bunts foul now,
that’ll be a strikeout. Harris tips it, staying alive. No balls, two strikes to Harris. (fans yelling and clapping) Ortiz, short lead off first. Now bluffs for second. Harris swings and misses.
(crowd cheering) Strikeout, and Bobby McDowell
heads up to the plate now, the cleanup hitter. – [Stadium Announcer] Number
seven, Bobby McDowell. – [David] The cleanup
hitter in RBI position, Bobby McDowell has all
three RBI in this game, a three-run double, bases-clearing double in the third inning to give
Queensborough a 3-2 lead. (coughs) Such a big advantage,
especially with two outs. Not sure if that’s a ball or a strike. Looks like the ump is halfway. Think he called it a ball. 1-0. (siren wails) (crowd cheering and yelling) McDowell, they had a hit and run
on, he fouled it off, but Ortiz had a pretty good break. 0-2 now, and McDowell
meets with Coach Rogers as the umpire said
something to the pitcher. Not sure what it was. Actually got a little nicked up. Celedonio, Coach De Jesus talking to him. Coach heads back. Bobby with a few words of
advice from Coach Roger Mischel. The fog sets in over MCU Park again. (bat cracks)
Pitch to McDowell, fouled, third-base side. 0-2 pitch to McDowell, inside, ball one. (fans yelling) 1-2 the count on McDowell. Ball two, Ortiz steals second. He’s in there, close play. Oh, they call McDowell out on strikes. It looked like a ball from here, I don’t know what the ump saw. Coach Roger doesn’t know either. Could have sworn that was a ball. Coach Roger talking about it
now with the home-plate umpire. Tough to see from here. It just looked like Bobby
ducked out of the way and then Destin stole second. Bobby sat down, that’s
two outs in the inning. Ortiz on second. Mostafa Ghonim at the plate. High, ball one, 1-0. 1-0 pitch, outside; 2-0. The 2-0 pitch to Ghonim, swing and a miss. Nice pitch by Agosto. (fans yelling) (bat cracks)
Pitch, Ghonim pops it up. The Broncos give it a look
as it goes out of play. Few fans run for a souvenir. Deuces are wild to Ghonim: two
balls, two strikes, two outs. (players yelling in foreign language) Ortiz leads off second. Outside and low, 3-2. Almost looked like he quick-pitched him. Didn’t see a full motion. Adam Alcamo on deck in case he gets there. Payoff pitch to Ghonim.
(bat cracks) Up the middle, base hit! Ortiz being waved around third! And he’ll score!
(crowd cheering) This game is tied at four! Big hit by Mostafa Ghonim. We’re all tied up in the
bottom of the fifth inning. Big RBI single. (bombastic orchestral music) We’re tied 4-4 in the
fifth, Ghonim on first, Adam Alcamo at the plate. Queensborough looking to take the lead. They had it momentarily
in the bottom of the third leading 3-2, gave it up
in the top of the fourth. Game tied at four. Pitch to Alcamo outside, 1-0. New life for the Tigers. (fans yelling) Excellent game here today. 4-4, bottom of the fifth. Tried to catch Ghonim off of first. Couldn’t do so. (fans clapping and cheering) This is the second time
Queensborough has come back in this game. Swing and a miss by Alcamo. Nasty stuff on that pitch. Alcamo, looks in for the signs from Roger. There are two outs here in
the bottom of the fifth. Oh, look at that lead by Ghonim, and a balk is called. Wow. That was some lead, he
was halfway up the line and Agosto got thrown off, and he balked. Now, Ghonim is on second base. He’s in scoring position for Adam Alcamo. Very aggressive Tiger ball. Pitch to Alcamo, he looks it. It’s inside for another ball. Alberto Liz is on deck. What a lead and nobody noticed him; when he did, he balked. It’s distracting for a
pitcher to see somebody halfway up the line and not balk. Pitch to Alcamo. Hit back to the pitcher
Agosto, flips to first, and that’s the end of the inning, but not before Queensborough
ties up the game, and after five innings,
we’re tied at four. – [Stadium Announcer]
Queensborough Tigers, one run on one hit, one
runner on base, no errors. At the end of five, we are tied at 4-4. (“Hold You” by Gyptian) ♪ Gal I waan fi hold yu ♪ ♪ Put mi arms all around you ♪ ♪ Girl, you give me the tightest
hold me ever get in my life ♪ ♪ Gal mi waan fi just squeeze yu ♪ ♪ Put me ting all around ya ♪ ♪ Gyal you give me tightest
hold me ever get inna mi life ♪ – [Stadium Announcer]
Leading off for the Bronx, the left fielder, number
27, Rogelio Suriel. (crowd cheers) – [David] Top of the sixth
inning getting ready to begin, game tied at four, Milito on the mound. Swing and a miss by Rogelio Suriel. Count is 0-1. (players yelling in foreign language) Milito’s 0-1. Tapped to third, I don’t
think they’re gonna get him. Liz decides to eat it, smart play instead of compounding the problem and throwing it into right field. Leadoff single. – [Stadium Announcer] Now
batting, the center fielder, number 17, Alan Mejia. – [David] The nine spot is up, Alan Mejia, the center fielder. See if Bronx decides to play
for one run here and bunt. Runner going second,
pops up the bunt, foul. Runner was going and he bunted,
which is a little dangerous in case he pops it up and it stays fair and somebody catches it. You double the runner off
first for a double play. Of course, if he drops it
in just the right place, you could get a single, and you
have two on with nobody out. (players yelling) Milito from the stretch,
looks the runner back. The pitch, pitch out,
Friedman throws to second. Oh, the ball goes away from Valera. They called a good play,
Jesse throws it to second base and it just got away. Throw was a tiny bit off. A bit tough to handle, and
now there’s a runner on second with nobody out. And now, if they bunt,
you have a runner on third with one out, which just
opened so many possibilities. See if they decide to bunt here. Man on second, nobody out. Squares around and fouls it off. (supporters chatter) Bronx trying to push the
go-ahead run across here in the top of the sixth,
game tied at four. Milito’s pitch,
(bat thwacks) hits it right field. Ghonim is there, makes the catch. Runner tags but doesn’t go to third. Not worth the risk. – [Man] It’s the first two. – [David] Runner stays
on second with one out. Back to the top of the order. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 30, Russbert Eugenio. – [David] Russbert Eugenio is up now. One spot in the order, back to the top. Sixth inning, 4-4 game. Milito’s pitch, laced
into left field, base hit. Falls in front of McDowell.
(crowd cheering) He cuts it off. Throw to Liz, throw home, he’s safe. Bronx takes a 5-4 lead. Just beat the throw and Bronx
has taken back the lead. Eugenio takes second on the throw. Such a back-and-forth game,
and Bronx is back on top. 5-4. (“Pump It Up” by Elvis Costello) (fans yelling) Berny Polanco up now. Man on second. Milito’s pitch, high
and outside, ball one. Broncos leading the Tigers 5-4, it’s top of the sixth inning. Inside, ball two. (players yelling in foreign language) (crowd cheers and applauds) 3-0. There’s gonna be some action up in the bullpen now for Queensborough. James Scagnelli is gonna start throwing. Milito. He walked him. That’s ball four, and now
there are two runners on. Top of the sixth inning,
Bronx leading 5-4, and now meeting at the mound. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 30, Santos Sierra. – [David] Coach Tom Leonick
gonna give a talking-to to Frank Milito. (fans chanting) We’re in the sixth inning, Milito giving up five runs so far. (“Rescue Me” by Fontella Bass) Two runner son for the Bronx. Milito stares in for the signs. And the pitch,
(bat cracks) laced into left field, foul ball. (man speaking away from mic) They’re starting to pull him, and Milito might start… I don’t know, might be tired. Santos Sierra is up now. When guys start to pull
a pitcher like that, might be showing signs of slowing down. 0-1 pitch from Milito to Sierra. (bat cracks) Hit on the ground to short,
Valera flips to Vargas, Vargas on the first, Alcamo, double play! Huge, and Queensborough
is out of the inning. They hold the Bronx to one run, but Bronx does score that one
run, and after 5 1/2 innings, Bronx leads this back-and-forth game 5-4. – [Stadium Announcer] Bronx leads 4-3. – [David] Nicely-turned double play. (“Alejandro” by Lady Gaga) – [Stadium Announcer] Leading
off for Queensborough, the third baseman, number 24, Alberto Liz. – [David] Alberto Liz
leading off the sixth inning for Queensborough, home half of the sixth. Bronx leading 5-4. The scoring in this game:
Bronx had two in the first, Queensborough came back
with three in the third, Bronx took a 4-3 lead on the strength of two fourth-inning runs, Queensborough tied it
at four in the fifth, and Bronx just went ahead
5-4 in the top of the sixth. (crowd cheering) Alberto Liz at the plate,
(bat pings) pops it up, left field, and the running catch is
made by Rogelio Suriel. Nice catch, one pitch out,
and now Jason Vargas is up, the second baseman, who was
part of that 6 4 3 double play to end the top half of this inning. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 16, Jason Vargas. – [David] Next two hitters
are the second baseman and the shortstop. You make a nice defensive play
and then you get an at bat the next half-inning, seems
how it plays out sometimes. Pitch to Vargas, squares around. Strike one. (players yelling in foreign language) Pitch to Vargas, inside, ball one. – Let’s go, Jay!
– Let’s go, Jay! – [Supporter] Let’s go, Jay! – [David] Good eye by Vargas, 2-1. Anthony Valera on deck,
Jesse Friedman in the hole. 2-1 to Vargas; in the
dirt, ball three, 3-1. (fans yelling) 3-1 pitch to Vargas. He was already heading to first base before the pitch was even
in the catcher’s glove. That’s ball four, and Vargas works a walk. Now there’s one out with a man on first and Anthony Valera is at the plate. – [Stadium Announcer] Now
batting, the shortstop, number two, Anthony Valera. – [David] And that’s it. That’s the day for William Agosto. Pitched 5 1/3 innings, good
enough to leave the game with the lead. See if the bullpen can hold it. Agosto can only get a win or
a no decision, not a loss. Double switch being made. – [Stadium Announcer] Now
on the mound for the Bronx, number 26, Anthony Perdomo. – [Fan] Come on, Ant! – [David] The new
pitcher the Bronx Broncos is number 26, Anthony Perdomo. – [Stadium Announcer]
Moving over to left field for the Bronx, Alan Mejia. – [David] The center fielder– – [Stadium Announcer] William
Agosto moves to center field. – [David] How about this? The center fielder moves to left field and the pitcher moves to center field. Anthony Valera up with
Jason Vargas on first. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number two, Anthony Valera. (crowd cheers and applauds) (fans yelling) – [David] Vargas takes
off for second, ball one; Vargas has second stolen. Big stolen base and now a
runner in scoring position for Anthony Valera. Queensborough looking to tie the game here in the bottom of the sixth inning. Great game. 5-4 Bronx lead. Vargas now in scoring position. Pitch to Valera, low. As James Scagnelli continues to warm up in the Queensborough bullpen,
down the left-field line. (crowd cheers and applauds) Pitch to Valera. Hit the outside corner, that’s a strike. (fans chanting) Perdomo looks in for the
signs, Vargas going for third. Or he bluffed, he bluffed. Coach Roger Mischel telling
Anthony Valera, “You got this.” (crowd cheering and clapping) Perdomo, looking back and forth between
the runner and the batter. Pitch to Valera, skied to
right field, Vargas tagging up. Ball is caught, no way
he’s going to third. Now Jesse Friedman is up, with two outs and a runner on second. – [Stadium Announcer]
Now batting, the catcher, number 56, Jesse Friedman. (fans yelling and clapping) Perdomo versus Friedman right now. Ball one outside. 1-0 the count to Friedman. The tying run in scoring position on second base, Jason Vargas. Jesse Friedman hoping to bring him in. Vargas goes for third! Or he bluffs, and they
almost got him off of second. Several times, he bluffs,
but he doesn’t just give a little head fake or anything, he goes a quarter down the
line and then gets back. Pitch to Friedman, out? They say it hit the outside
corner, that’s a strike. Pitch to Friedman: outside,
couldn’t paint the corner on that one. Jesse Friedman looking
to tie the game here, Anthony Perdomo trying
to keep Bronx ahead. The pitch inside and
Friedman takes his base. Now it’s up to Destin Ortiz. Down 5-4 in the sixth inning. – [Stadium Announcer] Now
batting, the center fielder, number 10, Destin Ortiz. – [David] Last year
during the middle innings in the CUNY title game, Destin Ortiz had the go-ahead triple. That gave Queensborough a lead
they would never relinquish. Destin Ortiz, I’m sure, wouldn’t
mind a triple right now. Another go-ahead triple. Bronx leading 5-4, sixth inning. Two runners on, two men out. Pitch to Ortiz. (bat cracks) Base hit to right field,
(crowd cheers) let’s see if he bring Vargas around. He does. Throw home? It gets away! Vargas scores the tying run
and Friedman goes to third! Ortiz goes to second on the throw, and this game is tied at five. Gutsy play by Coach Roger
to send the tying run home, but we’re tied at five right now and Amoni Harris comes up as the go… Trying to bring the Tigers the lead. 5-5. And I believe the crucial
thing on that play, the crucial part, a
base hit to left field, and the left fielder, the
new left fielder, Alan Mejia, wasn’t sure if Jason Vargas
was gonna come home or not, and he double-clutched,
which threw off the timing of the throw. Amoni Harris trying to give
the Tigers a late lead. Bottom of the sixth
inning, we’re tied at five. Exciting, back-and-forth baseball. Amoni, fouled hard down
the right-field line. The Queensborough student section is up behind the third-base dugout. (crowd cheers) Amoni Harris being yelled
words of encouragement. Perdomo’s pitch, grounded back to Perdomo. Flipped to first, and that’s it. At the end of six innings, Queensborough has tied it at five, which means William Agosto
will end up with a no decision. – [Stadium Announcer]
After six innings of play, we are tied at five. – [Man] You guys from Queensborough? QTV? – [David] Yeah. – [Man] Is that the starter
on the hill for you guys? (crowd cheering) (crowd chanting) – [Stadium Announcer]
Leading off for the Broncos, the right fielder, number
23, Michael Santana. – [David] Michael Santana
leading off the seventh inning for the Bronx. 5-5 game, each team
scored one in the sixth; Frank Milito still on the mound. Swing and a miss by Santana, 0-1. Milito’s given up five
runs over six innings. 0-1 pitch, grounded to third. Liz, throw to first, Alcamo, nice scoop, that’s one retired. Leadoff man is gone. Very nice play on the
short hop by Adam Alcamo. – [Stadium Announcer] The third baseman, number 21, Robert Batista. – [David] Robert Batista
is up now, third baseman. Trying to get something started for Bronx in the top of the seventh. (fans cheering) Pitch, it hit him. Batista is hit and he’ll take his base. (crowd cheers and applauds) – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 25, Johnny Celedonio. – [David] Celedonio is up,
the catcher for the Broncos. Man on first, one out. We’ll see if they try a
hit and run or something. Try to push the action. First pitch of the at bat,
gloves for second, pitch out. Nothing doing. (fan yells) The count is 1-0. Going for second… Foul ball. High and inside and he fouled it off. (David hums) Milito stares in at
Friedman for the signs. The 1-1 pitch, tapped back, it’s Liz. Throw on to first; he
double-clutched, it’s an error. (crowd cheering) It’s a run down now. Let’s see if the run comes home. (crowd cheers) Oh, Queensborough really
blew the run-down opportunity and the Bronx now lead, 6-5,
in the top of the seventh, and that’s been the
Queensborough problem so far. When they score in the
bottom of an inning, they give up runs in the
top half of the next one, and that error, combined
with the botched run down, it’s now given Bronx the lead. And not only do they score
a run, they get a runner in scoring position. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 26, Anthony Perdomo. (crowd cheering and applauding) – [David] Queensborough
trailing 6-5 in the seventh. Strike. Searching back and forth, this
game isn’t over by any means. It takes a bit of energy
out of a team, though, when you come back to tie a game, you give up a run in the next inning. Of course, that happened
in the last inning when Queensborough came
back to tie the game. Milito’s pitch, swing and a miss. (players yelling) Milito gets the sign. Pitching from the stretch. Pitch was high for a ball. (crowd applauds) Milito’s pitch, outside;
runner going for third and he’ll get it. (crowd cheers and applauds) Now a runner on third with one out. Now, a meeting at the mound, trying to settle the starting
pitcher, Frank Milito, down here in the top of the seventh. Bronx Broncos leading the
Queensborough Tigers 6-5, with another runner on third. Let’s see if they play
the infield in here. It’s about halfway. If there’s a ground ball, I
believe they’re gonna come home, to try to stop the run from scoring. (fans clapping) Time called by the batter. Swing and a miss. He struck him out. Big strikeout, keeping
the runner on third, as the fog comes over MCU Park. – [Stadium Announcer] Now batting, number 15, William Agosto. – [David] William Agosto,
who’s starting pitcher and moved to the outfield,
is now at the plate. Milito’s pitch is outside, ball one. (fans chanting and yelling) The pitch, grounded to second. Vargas throws to Alcamo,
and they get the third out of the inning. They’re able to hold Bronx at one run, but Bronx takes back the
lead, 6-5, after 6 1/2. (“Take Me Out To The Ball Game”) (fans yell) (woman laughs) ♪ Wipe out ♪ (“Wipe Out” by The Surfaris) (“Lazy Mary” by Lou Monte) (singing in foreign language) – [Stadium Announcer] For
the Tigers, outfielder, number seven, Bobby McDowell. – [David] Bobby McDowell up now, as the umpires have a
conversation about something. The thickest fog of the
game so far has set in, but not bad enough that
you can’t see the ball. It’s possible that’s what
they were talking about, I’m not sure. Bobby McDowell, the cleanup hitter, leading off the seventh inning. (fans yelling and clapping) Perdomo, the pitch to McDowell.
(bat cracks) Roped, but foul. – [Man] Third-rate. – [David] Tigers have come
back from two deficits already. Three, actually. – [Man] What happens if it starts raining? You gotta get the equipment, right? – [David] They had the lead
momentarily in the bottom of the third, as McDowell
swings and misses, due to the fact that Bobby
McDowell had a three-run double. Tigers trying to fight back
after falling behind again. The run-down snafu costing them. Towards center field, the
second baseman makes the play. A nice play by Russbert Eugenio,
and McDowell is set down to begin the bottom of the seventh. – [Stadium Announcer] The right fielder, number three, Mostafa Ghonim. – [David] Mostafa Ghonim is up now, trying to get something started here in the bottom of the seventh. (fans chanting and clapping) Pitch to Ghonim is a ball. 1-0. Adam Alcamo is on deck and
Alberto Liz is in the hole. The pitch, swung on and missed by Ghonim. Evens out the count at 1-1. Perdomo, not wasting
any time, gets the signs in his delivery, and the
pitch, fouled off by Ghonim. The count is one ball and two strikes. (players yelling) 1-2 the count to Ghonim; the pitch… Pop-up in the infield,
see if they can get it through the fog, (crowd cheers)
and it falls in. It falls in, what a break for the Tigers. It’s gotta be an error, I would think. I don’t know if that was the
fog or just miscommunication. You never like to have your
pitcher catch a pop-up, and that’s what they tried to have happen. Anthony Perdomo, I believe, dropped it. That’s an E1 in the scorecard
if you’re keeping score. – [Stadium Announcer] First
baseman, number 23, Adam Alcamo. – [David] Adam Alcamo is up, the first baseman. Looking for a big hit here, try to take advantage of that error. Perdomo just holding the ball. When you have a feeling
somebody may steal, you just hold it, and
they go back to first. A lot of teams, if they reach on an error, they may try to steal just to say, “We’re basically playing with house money, “we shouldn’t even be on base, “so we might as well try for more.” And again, Perdomo holds the
ball and looks, going back. (fans yelling and clapping) Perdomo. Pitch to Alcamo is in there
for a called strike, 0-1. Perdomo looks in for the sign, looking at Ghonim at first base. The pitch to Alcamo, hit
on the ground to short. Throw to second, he dropped it, he’s out at second. They give him the force
out, they say he dropped it on the transfer to first base, but they still got the
out at second first. (gong blares) That’ll bring up Alberto Liz. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 24, Alberto Liz. – [David] Queensborough
trailing 6-5 in the seventh. (crowd cheers and applauds) Perdomo, looking in for
the signs from Celedonio. (players yelling in foreign language) Looking in, pitch to Liz;
ball one in the dirt, Ghonim not going anywhere though. (crowd yelling and applauding) (bat pings) Liz, fouls it off, first-base
side, in the stands. (people speaking away from mic) Liz looking for a big hit here. Ghonim takes off first,
Liz swings and misses. Perdomo dueling Liz here. Bottom of the seventh, Bronx leading 6-5. Ghonim on first, the
pitch, Liz fouls it off. Spoiled, that pitch. (players yelling) Perdomo’s pitch to Liz,
low and outside for a ball. Perdomo, looking in at the sign. Liz looking to make something happen. (bat cracks) Grounded foul. Two outs in the inning. It would have been one-two-three inning, but Mostafa Ghonim reached on an error. Oh, do they have him stealing? (fans yelling) And they have Alcamo. Oh, do they call interference? Interference is called. Interference, and a
break for Queensborough. Adam Alcamo in a run down,
and they end up interfering with the runner. (chuckles) Coach De Jesus has
something to say about this. (men speaking in foreign language) – Obstruction. – [David] That’s the ump
saying Alcamo had no chance and he just ran into my infielder who’s trying to make a play in a run down. He’s saying Adam Alcamo
ran out of the baseline, the ump says no. He was just going back and forth and the fielder interfered with him. All of the Broncos thought
he was out of the baseline and were walking off the field until the ump pointed them back. See if Liz can take advantage of this. Perdomo, the pitch to Liz. Almost got away from Celedonio, but Alcamo stays at second. (crowd cheering and yelling) Liz, looking for the tying hit. Pops it up, (crowd cheers)
and he’s retired. Santos Sierra catches
the pop-up and at the end of seven innings, Bronx
leads Queensborough 6-5 as the Tigers couldn’t tie it up in the bottom of the seventh. (“” by Gloria Estefan) He’s given up six runs over
the first seven innings. Milito’s first pitch,
ground into third; Liz, throw to first. A little high but Alcamo
gets back on the bag. One away. – [Stadium Announcer] Now
batting, the second baseman, number 13, Russbert Eugenio. – [David] Russbert Eugenio is up now. (fans chanting) (bat cracks) Pitch fouled off, third-base side. (players yelling) Pitch is high for a ball. Milito’s pitch, in there for a strike. Milito’s pitch, low for a ball. Russbert Eugenio up right now. Milito’s pitch, high for a ball. I don’t know how much time. (men speaking away from mic) Milito’s pitch,
(bat cracks) hit on the ground to short. Valera, smooth. Throws to first to Alcamo
and that’s two away in the top of the eighth. (coughs) – [Stadium Announcer] Now
batting, the shortstop, number 10, Berny Polanco. (crowd cheers) (man speaks away from mic) – [David] Two outs in the
top of the eighth here. Frank Milito still pitching,
and there’s a strike. Milito’s pitch, base
hit to the right side. Berny Polanco with another hit. – [Stadium Announcer] Now
batting, the first baseman, number 30, Santos Sierra. – [David] Santos Sierra is
up, that’s the three-hitter. (fans yelling) Runner going for second,
Friedman’s throw down there, runner got in the way of it,
that’s one way to beat it. (crowd cheers) Runner now in scoring
position with two outs. (fans chanting in foreign language) Milito, getting the signs from Friedman. (bat pings)
The pitch, line to second, nice play by Jason Vargas. Queensborough holds Bronx like they had to in the eighth inning, and after 7 1/2, it’s the Bronx six and Queensborough five. – [Stadium Announcer] After 7 1/2 innings, the Bronx lead 6-5. (“Gimme Some Lovin'” by
The Spencer Davis Group) (fans chattering) – [David] Bottom of
the eighth inning here, Queensborough looking to
tie and take the lead. – [Stadium Announcer] Jason Vargas. (crowd cheers) – [David] It’s eight,
nine, one; Jason Vargas, Anthony Valera, and Jesse Friedman go up in the eighth inning. Anthony Perdomo still
on the mound in relief. (fans cheering and clapping) Pitch, swung on and missed. In there for a called strike two. The count is 0-2 on Vargas,
Perdomo is dueling now. He’s dealing now. (man speaks away from mic) (bat pings) Pop-up, see if it falls in,
you never know with the fog. Nice play made, one retired. Vargas is sat down and
Anthony Valera is up now with one out. – [Stadium Announcer] Now
batting, the shortstop, number two, Anthony Valera. (crowd applauds) (fans yelling and clapping) (bat cracks) Grounded to second, throw to first; got him, Valera’s retired. – [Stadium Announcer]
Now batting, the catcher, number 56, Jesse Friedman. – [David] Jesse Friedman up now. Bottom of the eighth inning, two outs. Queensborough down 6-5. (bat cracks) Hit to pretty deep center
field and it falls in. That’s a single for Jesse Friedman. Queensborough trying to
start a two-out rally, and now Destin Ortiz is up. (pulsating electronic dance music) Queensborough down to
their final four outs. – [Stadium Announcer] The center fielder, number 10, Destin Ortiz. (crowd cheers) Perdomo versus Ortiz right now. The pitch, in there for
a called strike, 0-1. Jesse Friedman on first,
Destin Ortiz at the plate. (fans clapping rhythmically) Perdomo looks in for the
signs, gets them; the pitch, Ortiz hits it to right. Will it fall in? It goes into the stands for a foul ball. It’s 0-2 on Ortiz. Amoni Harris on deck
in case he gets there. (players yelling in foreign language) (fans clapping rhythmically) Enjoying your first baseball game? 0-2 pitch to Ortiz. Foul back. (fans yelling) Destin Ortiz looking to
get a big two-out hit here. The pitch,
(bat cracks) popped up. It’s caught, that’s the
end of the eighth inning for the Tigers, and heading
into the ninth inning, the Bronx Broncos lead the
Queensborough Tigers 6-5. Queensborough will have to get three outs and then take their final hacks. To start the ninth inning,
a gutsy performance. I’m not sure how many
pitches he’s thrown by now. Michael Santana leading off
the ninth inning for the Bronx. (fans chanting) Milito’s first pitch, fouled back. As a fan runs to get it. Pick himself up a souvenir. 0-1 pitch from Frank Milito,
(bat cracks) into shallow left-center. Bobby McDowell with the diving
catch, and that’s one away. – [Stadium Announcer]
Number 21, Robert Batista. – [David] One out in the ninth inning, Queensborough just trying
to get out of this inning without giving up any more runs, trying to keep the Broncos
at six; fouled back. Don’t wanna make the
bottom of the ninth inning any more difficult. Plus, with the added bonus,
if you’re only down by one, that you’re able to play for
one run when you’re at home. (bat thwacks) Base hit down the third-base line! He’s gonna… No, McDowell’s cannon; he
doesn’t even try to take second. Queensborough down 6-5. – [Stadium Announcer] Now up,
number 25, Johnny Celedonio. – [David] Johnny Celedonio
is up, the catcher. Jesse Friedman out to
talk to Frank Milito. (crowd cheers) (fans chanting) (“Knock On My Door” by C Nova) And the meeting at the
mound between the coach and some of his players, mainly
Frank talking how to get out of this inning without giving up any runs. (fans chanting) (players yelling) Milito’s pitch, base hit to right center field. See if he tries to go first to third, Ghonim bobbles it, and that’ll
put runners on the corner with one out. That’s gonna be it for Frank
Milito after 8 1/3 innings. – [Electronic Voice]
Houston, we have a problem. (crowd applauds) (muffled rock music) James Scagnelli is doing the
pitching now for Queensborough in relief for Frank Milito. Frank Milito cannot get
the win in this game. He can only get a loss,
or, hopefully for his sake, a no decision. (muffled rock music) Scagnelli trying to keep
the Bronx to a one-run lead. The pitcher’s spot is
hitting third in the lineup. That’s gonna be the leadoff
spot in the ninth inning, so it’ll probably be a pinch hitter. – [Stadium Announcer] Now
pitching for the Tigers, number four, James Scagnelli. Coming in to replace number
12, Francisco Milito. (“Rosanna” by Toto) Now bhtting for the Broncos, number 15, William Agosto. – [David] William Agosto’s
now up for the Broncos. Jim Scagnelli, the new Tiger pitcher. See if they try to push an
insurance fund across here, perhaps with a squeeze play
or something of the like. Third baseman is in,
middle infielders are back. Ball one. (fans yelling) Scagnelli’s 1-0 pitch,
(bat cracks) high, ball two, 2-0. 2-0 pitch is fouled back, it’s now 2-1. (man speaking away from mic) One out in the ninth inning. Scagnelli, still one offering. Put back in front of the plate,
Friedman throws to first. That’s two outs. – [Man] Muddler! A little muddler in front of the mound. (door closes) – [David] Two outs in the ninth inning, two runners in the scoring position. Bronx, trying to break the game open. Not that a single would
end the game at 8-5, but would give them a
much more comfortable lead in the bottom half of this inning. – [Stadium Announcer] Anthony Perdomo. – [David] Anthony Perdomo
doing the hitting. (fans yelling in foreign language) Pitch is high for a ball, 1-0. Infield playing back,
especially the second baseman. Jason Vargas is on the outfield grass. Scagnelli’s pitch, misses again for a ball, 2-0. Anthony Valera’s on the edge
of the dirt at shortstop. Expecting Perdomo to hit it hard. The 2-0 pitch, inside, ball three; 3-0. 3-0 pitch. It’s a strike, 3-1. It was taking all the way. (crowd cheering) 3-1 pitch by Scagnelli
is inside for a ball. It’s ball four and bases are loaded. Jesse Friedman will go out
to talk to James Scagnelli. (fans chanting) Alan Mejia’s up now; bases
loaded, two outs, ninth inning. Queensborough can’t really afford to give up any more runs here. Such a crucial at bat right now. Scagnelli’s pitch, inside for a ball; 1-0. Don’t wanna just walk in a run. At least make the hitter earn it. (fans yelling and chanting) 1-0 pitch. In there for a strike,
1-1, evens up the count. Scagnelli steps off. Scagnelli’s pitch, low for a ball; 2-1. Outfield basically straightaway. Center fielder shaded
slightly towards left. (fans chanting) Infielders straightaway, deep. Scagnelli’s 2-1 pitch, in
there for a strike; 2-2. (crowd cheering) Jason Vargas, again,
on the outfield grass, so if there’s a short
ground ball to second base, that might be able to score a run. Keep that in mind. Deuces wild, Scagnelli’s pitch misses; full count, 3-2,
and the merry-go-round will be in motion. Three balls, two strikes,
two outs, the bases loaded. Such a huge pitch. (crowd cheering and clapping rhythmically) Full count, the payoff pitch by Scagnelli, fouled away and we’ll do it again. As a fan runs for a souvenir. (crowd cheering and clapping rhythmically) Queensborough will have
their heart of their order up in the ninth inning. Scagnelli’s 3-2 pitch misses;
well, oh, he struck him out! He struck him out, I
thought that was ball four, and it looked like everybody
was gonna move up a base but the ump decides to
call it strike three. (crowd cheering) Such a close call, from my
angle it looked a little inside. Regardless, heading into
the bottom of the ninth, it’s 6-5; Queensborough
gonna take their last flicks. It’s James Scagnelli’s
spot, then Bobby McDowell, and Mostafa Ghonim. The final chance for Queensborough. (crowd cheering) Frank Milito at the plate. Strike one. Queensborough down to
their final three outs. I made a mistake saying
Scagnelli would be up, it’s actually Frank Milito. The 0-1 pitch, Milito
grounds it to second. Throw onto first, that’s one away. The Broncos are two outs away. – [Stadium Announcer] Now hitting, number 56, Bobby McDowell. – [David] Bobby McDowell is up, he had a three-run double in
the bottom of the third inning. At that time, it gave Queensborough their only lead of the game at 3-2. It didn’t last very long, but at the time, it was such a huge play. Still is; where would they
be without those three runs? (crowd cheers)
In there for a called strike. Queensborough down 6-5. Two outs to go before the
Broncos win the CUNY title. Outside for a ball. It’s 1-1. (crowd cheering and clapping) 1-1 offering, popped up sky-high. That’s gonna go out of play. Nearly hit some fans. It’s 1-2. Two strikes on Bobby McDowell. 1-2 pitch to McDowell. He struck him out!
(fans yelling) And the Tigers are down
to their final out. It’s up to Mostafa Ghonim
to keep the game going. Mostafa Ghonim at the plate
now, Adam Alcamo on deck. – [Stadium Announcer] Number
three, Mostafa Ghonim. – [David] Mostafa Ghonim. Wonder if he’ll try to
swing for the fences and tie the game, send
it to extra innings. The first pitch of the at bat just misses. Broncos still got one
on that call, it’s 1-0. 1-0 pitch; 2-0. Oh! That was a really delayed call
with the strike, it’s 1-1. As a heavy, heavy fog comes over MCU Park. Ball in the dirt gets
to the backstop; 2-1. High for a ball; 3-1. Ghonim trying to keep the game going. (crowd cheering and clapping) 3-1 offering. Deflected, base hit! It deflected off the pitcher’s glove and got through to the infield. Queensborough is still alive. (fans yelling) Right now, I’m being told
there’s one minute of tape left, so if this game is a minute longer, we’re gonna have to
tune out of the ending. (crowd cheering and clapping) Adam Alcamo at the plate. Ball one; 1-0. 1-0 offering to Alcamo. Fouled away; 1-1. The 1-1 pitch. Swing and a miss, strike two! (players yelling) (crowd cheers)

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