DAILY TO DO | 2 Hour Checklist!! – GT, Library and Cleaning

hey guys good morning happy Wednesday as
you can probably gather from my surroundings I’m already on the go this
morning I don’t have the van currently running but it’s about 8:30 and I’m
actually parked outside if you can see there I know it’s kind of bright and the
industrial vacuum cleaner at the gas station because we were away this past
weekend and our van took a major beating might just be my family but it seems
like if we go on any length of time our van becomes like a garbage can on wheels
between packaging and the things that the kids take into the van to eat
themselves entertain that never leave the van it’s just a mess so I gotta take
care of that otherwise I do have a list let’s just talk about it let’s just jump
right in so that’s my list I made this before I dropped Mairi off at school this
morning so the first thing that I actually have on the list is Giant Tiger
and I have some specific things that I’m going in for and vegetables because
we’re gonna do a Stir-fry for supper Trail Mix cereal sneakers they have
really great sneakers that I’m on the hunt for my hairstylist told me about
these actually and drapes for my mother-in-law if you caught one of my
daily to dos about a week and a half ago I meant to go into Giant Tiger and I
ran out of time that day so I’m going to take care of that now so the other thing
that I want to test while am in Giant Tiger is the new GT VIP program I did a
whole blog post on this which I will link down below but basically it’s free
to sign up and if you shop at Giant Tiger which I know a lot of fellow
Canadians do you can save even more on like I’ve been following this for a few
weeks it’s things that you would buy they’re popular items mainly food but I
did read that they will be offering some home stuff as well as fashion
items so I haven’t seen either of those two items yet but hopefully in the weeks
to come they will those two but yeah so I want to test it out and I’ll report
back on how it worked out it’s really simple to use but I just want to give it
a test run and then I want to go into the library I
want a few new books for Loic specifically to kind of help along with
this reading normally I would go in with him but we’re just short on time this
week so I’m just gonna take care of it I have walk Morley George he’s
desperate to get outside this morning he was like barricading the door we gotta
go I do have some laundry that I need to fold it dodge clearly sitting on the
couch in the living room waiting for me and then I’m starting something new for
spring cleaning I’m going to be doing 30-minute tasks a day and I’ll talk more
about this in a separate video and I’m not actually going to include that in
today’s daily to-do I’m gonna save that for a separate video and just kind of
make a series of that so I didn’t tell you the time already it’s about 8:30 I
have to run in and change my five-dollar bills so I can get some loonies to
vacuum out the van and then I’ll go into Giant Tiger and I’ll actually take you
guys into giant I because I’ve never shown this store before I don’t think in
a vlog so I’ll do that too and then we’ll just kind of keep going and I’m
giving myself about a window of two hours to get all of this done because
the rest of the day I need to be on my computer so figures cross for me let’s
get going when I told you my van was a mess I was not lying it’s so gross see
ya so that wasn’t exactly the best 10 minutes I’ve ever put in but man do I
feel better for it my hands are like numb it’s so cold but I went through I
gathered all of the garbage first cleared that out and I put together oh I
don’t know if you can see it it’s really bright in here today but all this stuff
that I need to take into the house I just put in the passenger seat so I’ll
do that when I get home and then I vacuumed everything and it feels it
honestly feels like brand new van yeah so well worth the pain and
suffering of ten minutes to get that done so now what I’m doing is basically
looping my way back home so next stop is Giant Tiger followed by the library I
think that was it for errands and then when I get home I get morally I’ll do my
laundry and then I’ll do my 30-minute cleaning that’ll be another video so I
just am taking one last look here at the GT VIP app I’m just making sure that I
don’t miss out on any of the deals so this is what it looks like it’s totally
free to get totally free to sign up and and so you can check out the flyer and
stuff but basically I’m just looking in the deals and then there are bonus deal
so it was a great one last week on Cavendish fries but there’s nothing up
this week so as you can see it’s all stuff that
you may buy anyway and so for me definitely carrots and celery for
tonight’s stir-fry I didn’t mean to do that okay and then there’s onions I
think we need onions too actually and then yeah so that’s that’s what it
looks like so all you have to do when you go into the store is show your curd
and then they’ll scan that for you and then you get your deals right away I’m
on the hunt for the sneakers that my hairdresser has these aren’t known but
I’m liking a lot of these styles I thought these were really cute earlier
like a leopard print and these jackets I already scoped out the price on it $39
really cute these are the sneakers that my hairdresser has but she has also had
them in this very black leather style and she wears them for eight hours a day
that they are the most comfortable you maybe not print – and look at these ones
these are my pick super cute and they are $17 aren’t they adorable
with the zipper to which Stockmann size is probably attend well it’s hard to know
without her here but they’re so cute so cute you spotted these that is any other
section I could see them up with Bob I think beautiful there’s 30 and they have
like a candle inside want them for sorrow front door so I’ll just do a
quick like in the van haul for you more to point out what I did save on and so I
find going on the app is way easier because you can just see the full list
on what you’ll get deals for but they do have signs in front of the items so this
had a dollar off the serial so that was a good deals on the two dollars less
than two dollars I’m I did get bagels for Loic those were only two dollars the
trail mix with the dollar and I did get onions carrots and strawberries actually
and then mister clean floor cleaner that was only two dollars good deal on that
and then I did buy this t-shirt just because it’s so pretty and it’s a really
really soft and for ten dollars I thought it would be nice for spring so
yeah that’s basically a my strawberries you might be able to see them down there
heading into the library realizing that I have never gone to pick up kids books
before without children but we are there’s a siren
going off I don’t know where Oh Ida just stopped just back from the library who’s
there a little bit longer then I sort of plan time wise because I’m and ndu my
friend Carla so he stood and chatted but what a bother I have realized that I
don’t like going into the library to get books for my kids without my kids it was
really a lonesome feeling I don’t know if that’ll make sense to anybody else
but oh I just didn’t like it at all I’m used to just being there with the kids
and it being like our special little thing that we do was just felt really
weird but I did get some books um might as well do a little bull call that’s
kind of random but I’ll share with you what I picked out so Maria loves the
pink delicious series I didn’t even realize that this was part of the the
series I hadn’t heard of it before but emerald it licious I think that’s really
cute and then hard to kind of do one hand it princess patty meets her match I
don’t know it just looked kind of cute another Pinkalicious book this is the
crazy hair day mari owns a lot of the series to be
honest but those are ones that she doesn’t have so that’s kind of fun for
Loic I wanted to get some reading books and also wants to start with Mary as
well so a green green garden well look just really because he is in French
immersion his English reading is sort of compromised a bit not concerning Lee so
but it’s definitely something that I work with him on so this is a very same
bears piggy bank blessings and I’m not even
sure honestly because these are these are the same series the I can rebut oh I
guess this is – it’s just an older one I thought it was different anyway I did
two level ones and then my first reading and there’s not a huge difference but
this is the horse and Harry’s room just kind of look cute and then last this one
seek and find cities this is by Lonely Planet kids and while it loves look and
find books and this is a really really and the illustrations are actually quite
beautiful and then I take it a comic for Hudson bear with me while I dig Ram it’s
hard to pick up books for him but I hadn’t seen anything like this from
Archie and it looks kind of cool so this is Archie as the man from Riverdale I
don’t know if he’ll like that or not but I wanted something to bring home for him
so that’s what I chose and now I’m gonna go get more than go for a walk
morally or these dad gave him a haircut a few days ago yeah we need to do some
trimming don’t we morally we need to do some just cleaning up a little bit but
you want to go for a walk I’m gonna go for a walk
you’re getting awfully close I came to focus on yes I want to go it’s cold but
we’ll make the most of it just a short little jaunt here I think this is what
you’re looking for dude all right morning that messy time of year where
everything is just dirty it’s a little bit more mild today so everything is
just slightly starting to melt which is good but it’s messy as fishing for a
white dog I don’t know if you follow me on instant stories but the other day
Marley got loose look we’re going to tie him on any brand any way I realize it’s
windy you probably can’t hear me all right so back home now we were gone for
about a 15-minute maybe you know what maybe closer to 20 minute walk at a
really good pace I felt like I got a little better cardio in but I’m still
getting over a cold and I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this but it’s
it’s the worst it’s like when I’m outside and it’s cold I get cold in my
lungs I don’t know how else to describe it and then once I hit the warm air like
coming back home I get a wicket wicket coffee it’s awful I don’t know how much
longer I’m gonna have to keep dealing with this but I’m over it anyway so I
just checked the time it’s about 10:00 20 which is kind of I don’t know it’s
kind of neat I managed to get all of my tossed and I wanted to give myself two
hours and 10:30 we’ll put it at basically two hours and the only thing
left to do to completely check off everything it’s addressed what I
procrastinated on last night it’s just just our kitchen linens and that will
take me no more than 10 minutes to fold and put away so that’s what I’m gonna do
and it just feels kind of satisfying to get all of that done in two hours and I
am glad that I shared it with you because for me sometimes knowing I only
have a small window of time to be productive with like this morning only
having the two hours it can just sometimes feel like it’s not even worth
it yet when I make a list and I just power through nine times out of ten if
not ten times out of ten I actually surprised myself with how much I can get
done which is hell I’m feeling right now so like I said I do have computer work
that’ll probably take me another two three hours to complete and then I’d
like to spend 30 minutes what I wrote down was to start with Marie’s room and
that definitely needs my attention but I still have stuff in my office as well so
I’ll pick one of those two things and put 30 minutes towards it and hopefully
I film it sometimes they jump into these projects and I forget to pick up the
camera but hopefully today I’ll remember and be able to share that with you and
that’ll be proud of like my spring cleaning series for this year so I’d
love to know I’d love to hear from you if you started spring cleaning what your
plan is if you have a plan when you actually start your spring cleaning
maybe you haven’t started just yet maybe you wait until closer to me love love
love to hear from you on that and as always thank you so much for checking
out this video if you are interested in the GT VIP program
it’s honestly so simple to use you guys but I will have it linked down below and
otherwise have a great day take care for now bye

6 thoughts on “DAILY TO DO | 2 Hour Checklist!! – GT, Library and Cleaning

  1. I just LOVED that you missed your little crew at the library!!! You're such a fabulous Mommy!!! They're only little for a season, you sure enjoy yours!! <3 I was productive today: I ran to the grocery today to buy a quart of peroxide, a 1/4 of baking soda (and already have a tsp of liquid dish soap) which is the ingredients/recipe to make "skunk" spray in the event Carly is ever sprayed by a skunk at night when she runs in the back yard to potty! Apparently its skunk breeding season in Virginia, so this is all new to us….you know i must always be preparedl, to put it all in a spray bottle, shake it, and spray her down, let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse her well! Thats what the "experts" say to do if a dog/human get sprayed! *you cant make it ahead as its not "stable" long after mixing it, so you do it as it happens! Of course if anyone gets sprayed, I'll be gagging away spraying them down! (they say the tomato juice and other remedies dont work!) wow, that was so much unneeded/unwanted information!!! you're welcome!! <laugh> Thanks for inspiring me today, and with every video!!! I'm going to clean my car now!!!

  2. Madeline still loves pinkalicious! Has Mairi read Goldalicious, purplelicious, or silveralicious?

  3. Having a list and a time frame of what you what to accomplish in a day is definately motivating. Even if I don't accomplish it all, I accomplish more than if I didn't have list.
    Hope you remember to vlog the 30 minute Spring clean today. – maybe write down a reminder LOL!

    of what you want to accomplish

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