I can’t imagine it. I didn’t see the light flash.
You know, ice hockey is a 60-minute game. We have to play a full game! I commend
the Russians for playing to their full potential
to the very last second. One can always say,
you could’ve done this or that, but really I’m proud of my team. We’ve gone
through a lot together. We worked hard.
We gave it our all! The game of
ice hockey is about lucky bounces, and today, the Russians scored on a lucky bounce. We can’t do anything about it now.
Tomorrow, we are up against Kazakhstan for which
we have to be mentally prepared and after
the game, see what happens next! Going into
the game, we had the expectation that the
Russian team would have the advantage but the
Americans showed us otherwise. I commend them. The
Americans got stronger towards the end of the
game. I don’t know what happened, but when
we scored a goal at the buzzer, it
was uncertain whether or not it counted. So,
we were happy and relieved when the referees
ruled in our favor! Our team needed the
points so we had to win this one! Oh, my heart was racing… Our match against Kazakhstan was an easy win, and we
had two days off, and only trained a
little so when the Americans proved to be
tough competitors to the very end. The coach had to adjust our game strategy and switch players. We play Finland next. Our number one goal is to win the gold medal! No matter how things
turn out, we must win the gold! Good question, I’m not sure what happened.
We are not used to having such a short amount of time for training According to our coach, we were thrown
off guard mentally when we saw the Americans
playing with a different strategy during the game.
At first, we weren’t used to the Americans’
style of passing as it was different, but by the second and
third quarters, we figured out their game strategy to win the game! Thank you!

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