Dangerous Floods in Vadodara

In Vadodara, Gujarat there have been extremely heavy rains. It was raining for more than 24 hours. Five people died and more than 5,700 stuck in the floods were evacuated to a safer place. It rained a lot but on Thursday morning, the rains finally subsided. However Vadodara was still flooded. Due to the rains the Vishwamitri River reached 34 feet and starter overflowing. There were many crocodiles in the river as well. Many crocodiles entered the city. There were crocodiles next to people’s houses. When they saw this, they were shocked. They took videos and pictures and shared on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The military’s NDRF, the SDRF, Vadodara’s local police, and the fire brigade would take boats to search and rescue people stuck in the floods. They would look for people and rescue them by swimming through waist high water Vadodara has even called for five more NDRF teams from Pune. Two helicopters of the Indian Air Force are at Vadodara airport to help rescue people. Many shops are shut. Only milk shops are open. There were long queues of people buying milk. Most of the shops were shut except a few. People were in long queues to buy food, vegetables, fruits, etc. In Gujarat in the next three days there will be heavy rains.

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