Dangerous Lies Vol.2 | Thriller Movie | Full Length | HD | English Film

– Help! Help! Help!
(light buzzes) (screams) (jazzy piano music) (light buzzes) – Good morning, Sherry! Need anything, Sherry? “Good morning, Mark!” I’m Mark, in case you forgot. – Fuck you. (light buzzes) – Your choice. How you feeling, Sherry? Maybe, some water! Take it easy, okay? Relax, just breathe and drink. Just relax, drink up, huh? Sit down, breathe. Okay, Sherry? Oh, I brought you
some food as well. In case you feel up for it. Good girl. (Sherry coughs) That’s all you’re getting
for the day, Sherry. – No, no, please don’t leave me. – Sherry, I know this is hard. It’s hard for me, too. But we have to establish
some boundaries. We’ve got to define our
relationship, alright? This doesn’t work. I’ll see tomorrow
and we get started. How’s the evil Sherry
doing these days? Hm? – What are you talking about? – You know, sometimes,
before I open that door, I can hear you talking
with the other Sherry, the evil Sherry. The way you do two voices scared the hell out
of me, at first. (distorted voice in
foreign language) – I don’t know what
you’re talking about. – Ah, don’t worry. I know more than you think. Is she here right now? (distorted voice in
foreign language) – No. – [Mark] She’s not real. – You don’t think I know that? – You’re starting to forget. You’re sick, Sherry, and
you’re feeding that sickness until all it does is eat. (distorted voice in
foreign language) – So you think you got
me all figured out now. Think you got me
all figured out. – Almost, just one thing
I still don’t understand. It’s here in the journal. I understand that you and
Eric are getting engaged, then you find out what you
find out, and blah, blah, blah, then here, here comes
your beast, evil Sherry, hopefully not the real Sherry. And Sherry can’t eat,
Sherry can’t sleep. Sherry wants to
go from that, but, Sherry’s too scared, isn’t she? – Fuck you. (distorted voice in
foreign language) – And here, (chuckles) here is when it gets
really interesting. Here, it gets really,
really interesting. (distorted voice in
foreign language) – Were you going to tell me? – Tell you what? – Come on, Sherry, you know. – Not really. – Eric. – How’d you find out? – His e-mails. He doesn’t know I
have the password. – Shit. (sighs) Sherry, what do
you want me to say? We were drunk, it
didn’t mean anything. – Oh! As long as it didn’t
mean anything! – Sherry, please calm down. – (sighs) You’re unbelievable. – Sherry, please,
don’t come any closer. Please. – Do you know that? – I’m sorry. You have no idea how shitty I
feel about this whole thing. Please leave me. (distorted voice in
foreign language) – You’re supposed to
be my best friend. – Sherry, please. Sherry, please don’t
come any closer! You’re gonna kill me. – And, boom! – And you think that’s,
what, a confession? Mark, I’m a writer! That’s kind of what I do! – That’s why I didn’t go
straight to the police. I had to be sure. I thought I’d follow
you for a few days, but you didn’t
make me wait long. It was a risky
move, even for you, what you did that night. There were so many
dead bodies around you. Do you know what I think? I think you wanted
to get caught. That’s why you kept a journal,
you wanted to get punished. – Oh, lucky you came along. – You don’t get it, do you? This isn’t punishment. I’m trying to save you. – Then do it, save me. – I will. I meant what I said. I’m gonna stop you
hurting other people, one way or the other. – So… I understand that if my life
ends, your life ends, too. You’re not gonna
get away with it. Not with all of your
fingerprints all over the place. You lost that. For your boundaries over
our fucking relationship. (steel clunks) Linda? Linda! Linda. Oh, shit. Shit. Shit, Linda. Linda. (sobs) Come on, Linda, wake up! Linda! It wasn’t the first
time, it was an accident. – It wasn’t an accident. This never was
about saving lives. You liked it. Deciding who lives, who dies. – Please, Sherry. (sighs) Please, Sherry, I can save you. I can save you, please, Sherry. It’s not too late,
I can save you. – This is not about
you saving me. Maybe I can save you. (distorted voice in
foreign language) – What? – I thought you loved me. – I, I do. I do love you. Sherry. Sherry. Come on, Sherry. Why don’t you answer me? Don’t do this to
me, please, Sherry. Talk to me. – It’s over, Mark. – I don’t understand. – If you can’t give me
what I want, what I need, then no one can. – Tell me, tell
me what you need. – You put me in a box, Mark. That’s not love,
that’s ownership. You didn’t give me nothing,
all you did was take. – You know I can’t let you out. – I didn’t ask you to. – Then what? What do you want? – Proof. – What proof? What proof? – Well… A finger. – A finger? What? Do you want my finger? My finger? No, no, no. This is fucked, can’t
you see that it’s fucked? I’m trying to save you here. – I’m trying to let you do that! – Well, you can’t
ask me for that, and I’m not gonna
do this, Sherry. – You know, when I was a little kid, I used to question myself. What if they found out? What if, my family, my friends,
what if they found out? They run the other way around. And so you learn how to
fake it, how to blend in. And then you’re so lonely, you don’t even
notice that any more. (chuckles) But then, then someone
like you comes around, and you tell
yourself, (chuckles) maybe it doesn’t
have to be like this. Maybe I don’t have to be alone. Because you know
that if you fall, that someone is gonna catch you, and you let go of the rope. Or at least, this is what
you keep telling yourself, all the way down. If I am just a beast, if this is what I am to
you, just don’t come back! – If I’m gonna do this, for
you, then you’ll believe me? – Yes. – This is wrong. This is wrong. (Sherry chuckles) – Mark. Do you love me? There is nothing
more right than this. – Oh, shit. I left my knife
in the other room. I’ll be back. – Don’t be late, my love. (eerie chime music) – [Mark] Come on, Mark,
your fucking knife! You forgot my knife? Oh shit, Mark, what
happened to you? My knife, my fuckin’ knife. I did, I forgot the knife! Alright, what has
happened to you, Mark? You’re a sick fuck,
Mark, you’re a sick fuck. (groans) (chokes) – Yes? – [Woman] Hi. – Where are you? – I’m at home. I’m sorry, I’ve never
done this before. It’s my first time. – Okay, but where are you? – Oh yeah, I’m 26 Parkour
Street, it is close to– – Close to the 7-11 supermarket? – Yeah. How do you know? – I just tried to guess. I’ll be there soon. Kiss. – Awesome. (chuckles) (doorbell rings) – [Linda] Sherry? – How did you know? – Nice house. Do you live alone? – Yeah, why? – I’m just asking. – Is that so obvious?
(Linda chuckles) – Why are there no pictures
of you in this house? – I’m kind of the black
sheep of the family, and I just don’t wanna put
my face all over the walls. So, it’s a long family story. – Yeah. – So, what do we do now? – Easy, lady. I’m just having some
little discussion. – Well, I have to wake up
early in the morning, so… – Okay, sweetie,
show me your room. – Yeah. – So, what about money before
we start some action, honey? – Sure, business first. I understand that. – So, are you sure this
is your first time? – Yeah, I told you. – So, what are we gonna do? – You know, I was thinking about
getting some action in bed, but you will have to
blind me and tie me first. Did I pay you enough for that? – Whatever you want, darling. How do you feel? Here. – Oh, perfect. Are you getting naked now? – Yeah, just a second. – [Woman] Hi, this is Diana. I can’t get to the phone right
now, please leave a message. – It’s Nathan. I’m on my way, there is traffic, but I’ll get there
as soon as possible. (sighs) Stay calm. I solved the problem, so
everything will be okay. (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) Hello, can I speak to Robert? – [Woman] Can I ask
what it’s regarding? – Yeah, tell him
that it’s urgent. I have to talk to
him about the tar. Please. Can you tell him
to call me back? – [Woman] Of course, can
you give me your number? – [Nathan] Well, he knows me. He has it already. – [Woman] Of course. Something about the tar, right? Will he know that? Will he know what? – [Nathan] He won’t! Something has come up. I need to tell people,
it’s urgent, very urgent. Please. (phone rings) (sighs) – [Diana] I just got admitted. I’m at the neurology ward. – Did they say how long?
– I don’t know. They just left me. I’m on my own. – [Nathan] Is there a bell
or something to get a nurse? – [Diana] Just put
their head around and they said it could be hours. – [Nathan] Are you okay? – [Diana] Yeah, I need the loo. There’s no one here. I don’t see any bell or alarm,
I don’t know what to do. – [Nathan] When you see them,
just say you need the toilet. – [Diana] It’s like a
pain I’ve never had, right inside my head. – [Nathan] Have you talked
to anyone about the pain? – [Diana] What do you mean? – [Nathan] I’m saying,
have you talked to anybody about stopping the pain, by taking pills,
or something else? – [Diana] Well, they
said “let’s see.” – [Nathan] Whatever it is, just
take something for the pain. Why suffer? – [Diana] It’s cold,
the windows are opened. – [Nathan] Close
them by yourself. Go to toilet. Don’t give up, there is a lot
of traffic, but I’ll be there. – [Diana] Have you even told
your mother that you had a son? – [Nathan] I’m about to do that. I have other things to
do while I’m driving. – [Diana] Do you love me? (moody electronic music) – [Nathan] You’re asking,
probably because of the pain. I don’t know if I love you. I can’t answer the question
right now, and you know why. (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) – [Woman] Hi, there. The dinner is safe, and
your favorite wine, too. Nathan? Nathan, hello? – [Nathan] As I told you
before, I’m not coming home. – [Woman] You can’t do that! It’s the anniversary,
you can’t miss! Nathan? Nathan, hello? – [Nathan] Will you just
sit for a moment, please? I have something to say. It’s very important. I need you to calm for a moment,
it’s really very important. – [Mother] Can it wait
until you get home? – [Nathan] I won’t be home. – What happened?
– Please, do as I say. Sit for a moment on a chair. – [Mother] What the hell
has happened, Nathan? (woman pants and whines) – [Nathan] Okay, go to your
room, take a chair and sit. I’ll tell you what’s happened. – [Mother] Okay, so go on
and tell me what it is. – [Nathan] Last year I was up
and down outside of the city. I stayed in the hotel, the
one with the cool water. Beside the highway. They gave an assistant,
she worked with me. She was younger than
me, she is now 19 and we spent a lot of
time together to work. She lives on heroin. She lost her parents
one year ago. – [Mother] And you’re
telling me about this woman? – [Nathan] As we work together, I don’t know how this
happened, really. After the job was completed, there was some
drinks to celebrate. Then we move into her
place for the last drink. She talked about being alone,
it was a wet and rainy night. I felt lonely, too, and
she’s an attractive woman. Alcohol made me a little drunk. Today she’s waiting
for brain surgery. She had an accident after
giving birth a few days ago, and it’s mine. He is my son. (phone rings) (moody electronic music) – [Diana] Nathan? – Yeah, are you okay? – [Diana] Someone
closed the windows. – Did you call a doctor? – [Diana] No, no one’s been in. – Is everything alright? – [Diana] No, my head bursts. – (sighs) I’m still driving. I should be there soon,
if the traffic stays okay. – [Diana] I hate you. – You can’t hate me, we
don’t know each other. It was an accident. – [Diana] An accident? – Yes, this thing just happened. It won’t be easy,
but I’ll be there. – [Diana] Please be quick. – Yeah, but I can’t
fly, I’m driving. – [Diana] And do you hate me? Okay, don’t leave me alone. – I will be there
very soon, I promise. – [Man] Okay, I just wanted to
make sure someone was coming. – Yeah, yeah, I’m… I’ll be there. She’s very emotional moment,
please take care of her. – [Man] She’s very afraid. – Yeah, I understand that. I’m driving. (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) – [Man] Nathan, I retired
everything three times. It’s alright. I recalled the people in charge and they will be here in time. The trucks are ready,
the tar is ready. – Okay, great job. Now, listen to me,
listen carefully. You’ve to take a
pen and my folder. You will find it, you
should find it on my desk. Right above the computer. – [Man] Okay, well, I
don’t see any folder. It’s not here, I’m
checking all the drawers. – Oh, fuck. I’ve got here, fuck! I’ve got the information that
you need right here in my car! Shit. Fuck, I’ve got the
file right here. – [Man] Oh, that’s great! You know, Nathan, in all
these years I know you, I never know you to
fuck up like this! You’re not the same anymore. – Dustin. Dustin! (phone rings)
Fuck you. (phone rings) (phone rings) Yeah. – [Dustin] I think
we got cut off. – Okay. Wait a moment. Okay. Okay, I’ve got the
file right here. Listen. I’ve got to give you all the
information that you need and you’ve got to
write it down, okay? – [Dustin] Okay? – Okay. You sound strange. Are you drinking something? Are you drunk? – [Dustin] No, are you kiddin’? I’m drinkin’ a glass of water. – Dustin, is a glass of water
what you’re drinking, yes? Because if you’re drinking
the alcohol, and I found out, I will bury you alive! Understood? – [Dustin] Will you? (laughs) I don’t fucking care. Your shirt and your fucking
car where you’re sitting my past because of
this fucking tar! You’re not my boss no more. You can’t threaten me, so
don’t fuckin’ threaten me. Am I clear?
– You’re drunk. – [Dustin] Yeah,
so fuckin’ what? – Eat something, don’t give up. – [Dustin] Okay,
okay, okay, okay. (moody electronic music)
(woman sobs) – [Man] Hello,
this is Dr. Patrick from St. John’s neurology ward. I’m with Diana Bell,
is that your partner? – I’m the child’s father. – [Patrick] She’s quite worried,
and we were wondering if someone was gonna be
here sooner or later. And she said that you’re
the only person she knows. – Yeah, I’m on my
way to the hospital. It’s not real far, but
there is still traffic. Is she alright? – [Patrick] Well,
there’s complication. – I got it. Is the child okay? – [Patrick] Yes, she’s
in the maternity unit. I’m worried about Diana and
the blood clot is located in a brain area that is very
hard to operate and it will help if someone close to Diana
was around before surgery. – Yeah. I’m still drivin’. I must reach her. Fuck! (phone rings) (phone rings) – [Diana] There’s a problem. They say the clot is
in the brain area, a very hard to operate on. – You’re in the best place,
don’t worry about it. – [Diana] They let me use
the phone for a minute. (groans) My head. When will you get here? – Half an hour. – [Diana] Hurry, I
can’t resist any more. Why did I fuck with you
when you don’t love me? – The important thing
now is the surgery. Let’s talk about the
rest later, okay? – [Diana] (groans) Oh, yeah. They will cut my head in two
pieces like a watermelon. – They aren’t giving
they gas, are they? Do what they say, okay,
you are in good hands. – [Diana] Yeah,
you’re my prince. Someone keeps
opening the window. – Tell them to close it. – [Diana] It doesn’t
work like that. I need someone here
to speak for me. – Diana? Diana? (sighs) Jesus. Hey, Dad. You’re laughing at me, eh? Like father, like son. Your shit. My shit. You thought it was
bound to happen, eh? I’m not like you. I’ll do the right thing. There’s no need to run away,
we wouldn’t change everything. There is no need to run away,
it wouldn’t change anything. I will dig your grave. I will take your body. And I will burn it. – Please. I’m not her. – [Diana] Hi, this is Diana. I can’t get to the phone right
now, please leave a message. – It’s me, Nathan. I know they are operating
on you right now. I just want to say good luck. Your baby is a good thing,
and you’re a good woman. And I’m happy for you. You deserve to be happy. Yeah. It’s true. I sentenced myself. So what? I don’t give a fuck. I will do what needs to be done. Even if they hate me or love me. I’m strong enough. I can stand in front of
the people judging me. I don’t give a
fuck about my work. This is life. I’m driving to life. That’s more important
than the tar. I couldn’t destroy everything. (phone rings) (phone rings) – [Dustin] (pants) It’s done. I found them. They have accepted the job. The highway is close
to the civilians. Guests are going
to be open on time, and the truck’s departed. Now, I get this gang to the
site that sold the last problem. It’s done.
– Very good. Now you’re sober. Good job. You made it.
– Yes, thank you, Nathan. It was a honor to work with you. Goodbye. – Goodbye, Dustin. What are you looking at? You can’t believe it, right? But I made it work. Now I’m driving to my
baby and her mother. The operation will be okay. Mom will understand
the situation. We will fix everything together. One day this will
a beautiful memory. I’m sure of it. I clean my family’s name up. I know why you ran away,
I know it very well. Now I understand that. (phone rings) (phone rings) – [Mother] Nathan,
where are you? – Listen, we can work this out. – [Mother] No, we can’t. I don’t want you to come back. You’re not my son anymore. I don’t recognize you anymore. You need help, Nathan. There’s no baby,
no woman, no job. You must stop it, now! – What are you talking about? You’re shocked, I
understand that. But don’t worry, we will fix it. – [Mother] No, no, no,
we can’t, it’s too late. Please, tell me,
where are you, Nathan? We’ll send someone
to pick you up. I don’t what to do,
please come back home. – I can’t. She’s in surgery right now. I must drive to her. Why don’t you understand me? – [Mother] Nathan,
they’re all gone. They’re all dead. – What? What are you talking about? Who is dead? What happened?
– You need cures, Nathan. They all died in a car
crash, over a year ago. You must let them go, this
is not gonna help you. Please let them go. – Oh, what are
you talking about? – [Mother] Diana, your son,
and your brother, Robert. They’re all dead,
in a car crash, while you were at
work, 14 months ago. – Shut up. – [Mother] I can’t do
this anymore, Nathan. You still have those
crises of identity. I’m old, I have not
enough strength for that. First your father, and now you. – Shut up. Shut the fuck up! (phone rings) (phone rings) – Nathan?
– Is everything okay? – [Diana] Yeah, we are. Will you come?
– Yes. – [Diana] You must
let us go, Nathan. You have to do it. – I can’t. – [Diana] They’re
okay, but you’re not. Our son and I, your brother–
– I can’t. – [Diana] We are all gone. It’s too late for us, Nathan.
– Shut up. – Please live your life.
– Shut up! – Stop suffering–
– Shut the fuck up! – [Diana] Please, let us go. – (groans) Shut up! Shut the fuck up! What the fuck are
you looking at? (chuckles) – Hey, Dad. (knocks) (loud knocks) (sighs) – Shh! (dark electronic music) (man groans) – [Woman] Oh no, Leon. – It’s alright, it’s fine. Protect you from me now. – Look at me, Leon. Look at me, Leon. You can write again. It’s written in the book
that you’re gonna come here and find your muse. You just have to look
inside of you, okay? – I will write again. Hey, you know what? It was a good idea coming up
here one day before opening. Forget everything
for a few days, spend a bit of
time together, huh? Just me and you,
peace and quiet. – [Woman] Yeah, we really
need it for our brains. – See, there’s me making a
mess of everything, as usual. Okay, sweetheart. Okay, oh, I’m
gonna go next door. I’m just gonna prepare some
stuff, I’ll be back, okay? – [Woman] I need two glasses. One here. Okay. Should be fine. – Did they leave everything
that was supposed to be in the fridge, ’cause
I don’t remember. – [Woman] Well, honey. I love you.
– I love you, too. (doorbell rings) Who the hell is that? We’re closed, right? – [Woman] Leon. – Maybe someone’s lost,
it’s a small town. – [Woman] Leon, wait. – Ava, hi.
– Hi! Close the door. This wind is giving
me the creeps. Hi, Claire, hi, honey!
– Hi! – This place is adorable. Has Jill arrived yet? – Um, so the Jill,
Jill that I know, Jill? – [Claire] Well, honey,
she called from the car. She said she will be
coming here every minute. – What’s going on here, huh? What’s going on now? Come on. – Alright, I’ll
let Claire explain. Where can I find a bathroom?
– It’s over there. – Okay, thanks. – “Nice weekend.” “Together,” you said. – [Claire] Well, maybe
I thought we could do, something together. (knocks) – Hey. – Hey. – Here’s some candy. Am I late?
– Hey! – Great place.
– Thanks. – Really. – So, come on.
– Thank you. Thank you. – Brilliant! So, I’m trapped here with my
editor and my agent, fantastic. You trapped me here. – Yeah, I did.
– You trapped me here. You, you went through
with this, fantastic. – [Jill] Come on,
it’s not that bad. – It doesn’t matter, just sit
down, it’s fine, sit down. (sighs) – It’s really beautiful place. – Thanks. Yeah, we open tomorrow. So we were gonna
come up here for, um, (coughs) peace and quiet. Anyway. – Has Ava arrived? – Yeah, she’s in the bathroom.
– Yeah, Ava’s here already. Isn’t she?
– Yeah. (Ava sighs) – Let’s do this. (moody electronic music) – [Claire] It works,
come on, write. (Leon groans) – Sorry. – Wait, wait, wait. Look here. (knocks) – Ava.
– Hi! Close the door. This wind is giving
me the creeps. Hi, Claire!
– Hey! – This place is adorable!
– Why, thank you. – [Ava] Has Jill arrived yet? – Well, she called from the
car, she said she’ll be here– – Ah, ah, the Jill
that I know Jill, Jill? – Yeah. She called from the car. She said she’ll be
here any minute. – Did she? Alright, okay, what’s going on? – [Ava] Uh, I’ll
let Claire explain. Honey, where is the restroom? – Right there.
– Oh, thank you. (dryer blows) (sighs) Alright. Let’s do this. (dark electronic music) – Look, it’s
written in the book. Something about the ink. “Because of their simple
belief, they didn’t recognize “the power that
lays in the pages “and in the ink of
the written stories.” What is the ink of
the written stories? – It’s blood.
– What? (knocks) – Hey, you.
– Hey. – [Jill] Here’s some candy. Am I late?
– No, hi! – [Jill] Oh, Claire. Great place. – [Claire] Thank you. Come on.
– Thank you. Thanks. – Brilliant. I’m trapped between my
agent and my editor. You trapped me again. – Yeah, I did. – [Jill] So, how are you guys? – Well, quite
good, I should say. (Ava sighs) – Alright. – Okay. – Alright. Let’s do this.
– Okay. (Leon laughs) – That’s how she cursed the
book, it’s written in blood. – She? Who is she, Leon? – [Ava] This book. Three million copies
sold in just 12 weeks. Number one bestseller in Europe. Translated in 11 languages. And a movie that is
based on the story. Now, your fans, your editor and, of
course, your lovely agent, are wondering, where is the next book? – Ava, I think he’s under
a lot of pressure already. – [Ava] We’re all
under pressure! Also, his boos is
under pressure. And that boss is wondering
when he’s going to see a return of that half a million
he advanced for the next Leon Kennedy book. – Well, I understand that,
but I also understand that creativity is not
something that you can just turn on and off
whenever you need it. – [Ava] Oh, spare me, please. – You speak like a
true agent, don’t you? – Okay, look, alright, I
know it’s been a while. – [Ava] Your deadline
was due six months ago! – Okay, maybe he needs
a little more time, to get himself back. You know he discovered
who he is, right, honey? – [Ava] You’re right, honey! But at some point he
needs to get off his ass. – Oh yeah, yeah, of course,
’cause uh, you need me to get off my ass to crank
up a cash machine, right? – That’s not what we mean.
– That’s exactly what I mean. Do you remember when you came
to me six years ago with this love manuscript you had? Didn’t I get it
published for you? And then I bought one of
the three copies we sold. I believed in you, I
didn’t give up on you, and you didn’t, either. So, then you came up with this
thing about the pseudonym, and, boom, all of sudden you
were the new king of horror. – Ava, you’re making
it sound like– – [Ava] Don’t get me wrong! I mean, he’s talented, that’s
why that’s so frustrating. – Yeah, well, I’m
frustrated now, too. I can’t sleep at night,
half the time I wake up in the middle of the
night in cold sweats. – So, Leon, what happened? How did this start? – It started, I–
(doorbell rings) Did you invite someone else? – Oh, come on. – It’s strange. I thought we were closed. – [Ava] I mean, come on, guys. We’re acting like kids
during a summer camp. – [Leon] Yeah, right, Ava, we
don’t need to know, thanks. (Ava sighs) – [Ava] There is
no one around here. Are you okay, Leon? – Yeah, I um, I just
feel a sort of deja vu. – [Ava] Don’t be silly. Look what I found. – [Jill] This is weird. – [Ava] Not at all! You’re a funny guy.
– What? – [Ava] Now it’s clear
why you brought us here. Congratulations, everybody. This is Start Again. By Leon Kennedy, also
known as, John Shepherd. – [Jill] That’s fantastic. – Baby, I knew you needed time. – We were so worried. Leon has been busy
after all, huh? – I don’t know where that
came from, I didn’t write it. – [Ava] Of course you didn’t! John Shepherd did. (moody electronic music) – Don’t open the door. Don’t open the door, Claire. – This book. Three million copies
sold in just 12 weeks. Translated in 11 languages. Number one bestseller in Europe. And a movie based on
the story of this book. Now, after two years,
your fans, your editor, just wondering, where
is the next book? – Ava, I think he’s
under a lot of pressure. – We’re all under pressure! And his boss is
also under pressure. The same boss who advanced
half a million dollars for a next book
and just wondering, when he’s going to see
a return out of the new Leon Kennedy book. – Well, I understand that, but I also understand that
creativity is not something that you can just turn on
and off whenever you need it. – Spare me, please. – You speak really
like a true agent. – [Leon] Hey look,
okay, alright, I know
it’s been a while. – Your deadline for the
manuscript was six months ago. – Okay, maybe he needs
a little more time to get himself back. You know he discovered
who he is, right, honey? – Yeah, right, right,
right, that’s all wonderful, but at some point, he
needs to get off his ass. – [Leon] Oh right, of course,
I’ve to get off my ass to crank up a cash
machine, right? – That’s not what we mean.
– That’s exactly what I mean. – Oh my god. – Do you remember when you
came to me six years ago with this manuscript about love? And didn’t I get it
published for you? I mean, three copies sold,
one of those, I bought it. Because I believed in you,
I didn’t give up on you, and you didn’t give
up on yourself. So, you set the
literary world on fire, and then overnight you became
the new king of horror. – Ava, you’re making
it sound like– – Look! I know he’s talented, that’s
why it’s so frustrating. – [Leon] Frustrating?
I’m frustrated now. I can’t sleep at night. I wake up in the middle of
the night in cold sweats. – So, Leon, what happened? How did it start? – [Leon] How did
it start? Well I… – Are you okay, Leon? – [Leon] Yeah, I just
have a feeling of deja vu. – Don’t be silly. Come on. Look what I found. – [Jill] This is weird. – No. That’s not weird at all! You’re a funny guy.
– What? – Oh, people, here it is! Start Again. A book by Leon Kennedy,
also know as, John Shepherd. – Fantastic! – Baby, I knew you
needed more time. – Leon has been busy after
all and we were so worried. – [Leon] I don’t know
where this came from. I didn’t write it. – Of course you didn’t! John Shepherd did. Oh, shit. (door slams) – [Woman] Nice to meet
you finally, Claire. My name is Alice,
Alice Shepherd. – [Leon] Let her go. – [Alice] She have no
idea who I am, do you? – [Leon] Let her go! – [Alice] I wrote the book. I wrote the book just for Leon. But now our deal’s
come to an end, and I’m here to
destroy your world. – [Claire] What is she
talking about, Leon? – [Alice] Dear Claire. Do you think your lovely
Leon is a gifted novelist? Do you have idea why he has
this writing block six years? Because he’s not
a gifted writer. He published some stories
and I offered him a chance to be the best in the world. – [Claire] Is that true, Leon? – [Leon] I made a
mistake, I’m sorry. – That’s so good, I’m
so happy about that. – Come on, let’s
read the first page. – Look, I’m telling you,
I didn’t write that book. – Of course you didn’t. John Shepherd did it. Alright. Let’s see what’s in the first
pages, I can’t wait anymore. “He and his wife escaped in a
restaurant for a long weekend, “and started cooking
the meal for themselves. “His purpose was simple. “He needed to
rediscover his muse.” – Wow, it is very
graphical, I like it. Maybe simple is not
very clear as a word. I think you need
something more– – Jill, please. – Okay, go ahead, please. – “He believed that the
tranquility would help him, “but it merely made the things
inside his head much louder. “After a year of days
and nights of failure, “he was visited one
evening by some friends.” – You can really keep a secret. – [Claire] I didn’t do anything. – Alright, it’s
better to finish. And, um… “Everyone was very surprised
because it was a special night “in a man’s life. “The supernatural had
been very good to the man. “To all of them, in fact.” – Cheers to that.
– Cheers. Cheers. – Cheers.
– Come on, cheers. To you, and to the new book. – “Yet, they, in
their infinite wisdom, “were not prepared
for what happened “on that dark day to them.” – Alright, Ava,
that’s enough, okay? – [Claire] No, Leon. – No, no, we stop
now, that’s enough. – [Claire] Let her
finish reading it. – It’s better to finish. Come on, it’s just getting good! We get to hear
what happens next. – Oh, I get this. You all did this, didn’t you? Yeah, you all did this. This is just some stupid prank to get me to start
writing again. – Yeah, but not me, I swear. – Oh, yeah, and the door
thing, that was a nice idea. That was great, well done. – Then who did it?
We didn’t do it. – Well, if you didn’t do
it, then who did it, then? – [Claire] Honey, I promise,
we didn’t do anything. – Well, alright, alright. So, now, listen to this. “Because of their simple
beliefs, they didn’t recognize “the power that
lie in the pages, “and in the ink the
story was written in. “But, “soon they would, when
suffocate in silence, “sat down around the restaurant,
trapping them inside, “and sealing their
fate forever.” – What the hell is happening? – Calm down! – Okay, relax, please relax. – [Claire] What the
hell is going on? – Look, it’s the story, alright? Whatever’s written in here,
it’s happening here, out here. (pages flick) – [Claire] “The editor
is the first to meet “his horrible fate. “The dark day as a man’s
literary creation.” – Creation? – Are you saying that your
novel is coming to life? – It’s a book. It’s fiction. – It attacks a small
town, it’s an infection. – Okay, so what happens next? – You earned it! – So what does that mean? – The silence, it
overwhelms you. You become, it’s one shared
thought, one shared desire, this desire of first for
blood, that’s what it is. – [Claire] Okay, okay, but how
to fight silence with noises? – It’s a book. It’s fiction. – I don’t think so, not anymore. Oh my god. – [Claire] Answer
me, Jill, Jill. – Just don’t worry
about her now. We need to leave this place. (thuds) (thuds) (thuds) Jill? Are you okay? – It doesn’t matter what you do. The book is coming to life. – It’s what’s
written in the book. What the hell is that thing? – I have a no
idea, I don’t know. I don’t know what the
fuck that book is. – We need to destroy that
book, it’s our only chance. – [Claire] Oh my god,
how is that possible? – Move, move!
– This isn’t happening. – [Claire] Okay, if everything
that is written in this book is happening, we should
find out what happens next. – “And everything returned
to the way it had been.” – [Claire] Thankfully fine? – “Thankfully fine.”
– What does that mean? (distorted voice in
foreign language) – [Leon] She tricked me, Claire. – [Alice] I wrote the book
that made him a superstar, and after all that, after
all that I gave him, after all that I did for him,
he still wouldn’t leave you. Why, Leon? – [Leon] Because I loved her. – [Alice] Yeah, I know. But you’re supposed to love me. But, it’s a love
for you, Claire. For me, it’s supposed to be. A committed soul, I curse
you all for the eternity. – [Leon] I made a mistake,
I made a mistake, I’m sorry. I escaped from her,
and I stole her book. – [Claire] Leon,
why did you do that? – She’s infected.
– What? – [Leon] Oh, Jesus,
she’s turning! Because it was said in the book. Everything’s written in
the book, she’s turning. (dark electronic music)
(Jill growls) I wrote that, that’s
what I wrote in the book. That’s what happens. She’s infected. The darkness, it
comes in the silence, but it fears the light. Claire, quick, grab the torch! (groans) Oh, God, Jesus. (groans) Get her in the bathroom, quick! (groans) Jesus. – It’s not working!
– Quick, lock her in now. Lock her in. – What’s gonna happen to Jill? – [Leon] The darkness
will overwhelm her. It infects you from the
inside and it devours you. – We need to get outta here. – Can we make it to our car? – [Leon] No, we’ll
never make it in time. – [Ava] So what do we
do, we just stay here? – Oh, how strong, how
strong is the darkness? – [Leon] It’s
unstoppable, alright? In the book it’s unstoppable. The wall, it’s
impossible to destroy. The darkness, it’ll destroy
everyone and everything. – Can infected be killed?
– Yeah, I suppose. – Hey, we’re talking
about Jill here. – You have to understand, that
thing is not Jill anymore. – [Leon] Fine. Fine! Be my guest! – Shit! What are we gonna do now? Are we just gonna stay here
until the darkness kills us all? – [Leon] No, we survive, we
wait for someone to find us, and they open the
door from the outside. – I don’t think anybody
will come here soon. We have to find a
different solution. Is there anything at
all we are overlooking? Anything at all–
– It’s my fault, alright? Okay, it’s my fault. – It’s not your fault,
it’s the book the problem. I mean, think about it. It’s not you, the
book is the problem. Everything is written there
comes to life, let’s see– – [Leon] That’s it,
that’s it, that’s it! Everything that’s written
is from the past, right? So if I write it again, if
I write the book again… – You can change the ending!
– Yes! – Oh, right! So, changing the end,
that is your big plan. – [Leon] Yes. – This can’t be real. I’m almost killed by a novel. That’s just nuts. (clatters)
(Jill screams) (yelps) – [Leon] Move, move! (groans) (thuds) (door handle rattles) (thuds)
(pants) (distorted breaths) – “And everything returned
to the way that it had been, “at 10AM, the January
cold, empty night.” – [Ava] Writing that fucking
book again is a good idea. – Okay, where’s the book? – Well, we left it out there. – Okay, I’ll go get it, then. – No, you cannot go out there!
– Oh, yeah, right. And, uh, alternatives? – We don’t have any.
– It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine, okay? The lights, the lights– (Ava screams)
Shit. The lights are still
on in the restaurant. They’ll disorientate
her for a little bit. They’ll give me enough time
to get the book, alright? – [Claire] Leon, please
don’t go, please. – [Leon] No fucking
light, ah, shit. Alright, listen. Alright, keep this,
just keep it for light. And what I’m gonna do with
this, I’m gonna cook ’em. Brilliant, okay,
fine, keep the light. Wait for someone, if they
come and they open the door, then you’ll be alright. Alright.
– Please don’t go, please! Don’t go, please.
– I’ve gotta go. I’ve gotta go.
– Don’t go. – I’m going to go.
– Please, don’t go. Don’t go, please.
– I’ve gotta go. – Don’t go, please. (Ava pants) (distorted breaths) – [Leon] Oh, shit. (Jill screams)
(groans) (groans) (Jill gasps) (grunts) (pants) (Ava pants) – Leon? Leon, is that you? Can you hear me, Leon? Leon? (Ava grunts) Leon? Honey, is that you? Ava, we have to get out of here. (Ava coughs)
– Move, move. Just, die!
(Ava screams) (moody electronic music)

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  1. If anyone actually watches this let me know how it is.. I'm 17 min in and had to fast fwd to get through the bad acting.. can't do it

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