David Spade on Adam Sandler’s Daughter’s ‘Crazy’ Bat Mitzvah

Hi, my Friend. Good to see you. Good to see you. Been a little bit. So Adam Levine performed at
Adam Sandler’s daughter’s bat mitzvah. Yeah. And you were there. That must have been a
very cool bat mitzvah. Oh, it was great. Got my tickets on StubHub. Had to scalp them,
but it was worth it. I went there, Sandler has two
beautiful young daughters, and one was having
her big shindig. They’re friends of
my daughter, too. So we all went. But I saw the daughter like
a couple of months before, and I said, you’re going
to have the whole thing. Is it going to be crazy? Because I’ve heard, you
know, Sandler’s rich. By the way. Look it up. And they said, I said they
had these crazy parties. And she goes, well, it’s just
going to be a theme of space, and then there’s going to be
like sparkles on the ceiling. I go, oh that’s nice. Finally like a normal party,
like I had when I was a kid. So I go there. Oh, was I wrong. It’s literally like
Jeff Bezos giving rocket rides, Neil Armstrong and
Buzz Aldrin, the lunar landing there. Elon Musk on a jet pack. It was so beyond crazy. 18 rooms, like, oh,
what was I thinking? Why would it not be crazy. It was so fun. So bananas. Harper had a great time. And then I think,
oh, Adam Levine. On top of everything else,
all these girls– can you picture these
13 year old girls? Oh my God. Who likes Adam Levine? And they’re like, ahh! They went crazy. And he came out, jammed some
tunes, everyone had fun. That’s very cool. And you said your
daughter was there. How old is Harper now? She’s 11. Wow. That’s amazing. She’s killing it. Yeah, I saw a picture
of you with her. She’s– I can’t
believe they just– Yeah, she’s been great. Oh, there she is. Look at her. Look at her right there. I think that was there. That was at the bat
mitzvah in the daytime, and then we went to
that shindig at night. Wow, it was a daytime
and nighttime thing? Yeah, she got McDonald’s
because she was behaving. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
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