Davidson Baseball Regional Championship

Strike three called! Strike three called! Cats win! Cats win! The Cats win! North Carolina falls to the Davidson Wildcats 8-4 in Chapel Hill! The celebration is on. The Wildcats beat Florida Gulf Coast 2-1, advancing to the championship round. (Music Playing) A good Sunday evening everybody, grey skies
in Chapel Hill but the Davidson Wildcats getting set to do battle. It’s a rubber
game of sorts with the North Carolina Tar Heels. (Music Playing) The breeze picking up. To the plate, it’s hit, speared! Double play! Acosta grabbed it, stepped on the bag. No hope for Miller who had broke for third and the Wildcats get out of the inning. Pitch to the plate, hit on the ground and into center field for a base hit. A diving Logan Warmoth couldn’t get
that one and Eric Jones has a base hit. He’s red hot now after a slow start on
Friday night. Strike three called. Rung him up with a fastball. Waist high on the inside corner. Runner going. Pitch is low, throw to second it’s going to be… Out! Gunned him down. Nice throw by Jake Sidwell. There’s a line drive that’s going to get.. down. Digging for third is Centracchio. And its first and third
with one man out. There’s the pitch grounded to third, that’ll get passed him! One run
will score! Here comes Bazin! Bazin will score! 2-0 Wildcats! First and
second, Wildcats take the lead in the top of the fifth inning. Pitch to the plate…
Swung on and missed! Struck him out. Huge strikeout for Josh Hudson and the Tar Heels go down scoreless in the sixth. Grounded towards third,
Jones charges, fields, fires, got’em! Two down! Two down in the eighth. Eric Jones with a good strong throw to first. Holding nothing back, grounded! O’Linger fields! Flips! One down! Durin O’Linger just grabbed the baseball bouncing back through the middle and it’s one away in the ninth inning. Pitch to the plate, hit to right field. Here
comes Robertson, here comes the throw toward the plate. It’s going to be…he is… OUT! OUT! He missed the plate! He’s going to argue,
oh my goodness! They call time, there’s two outs. Wow! What a throw and he missed the bag. Sidwell came back and tagged him and they called him out it’s the right call he
missed home plate. Now the 3-2 pitch. Here it comes, runner takes
off at first. Grounded to second, wide to first, fielded by Fortier. To O’Linger, they win! CATS WIN! CATS WIN! CATS WIN! Oh my gosh, Durin O’Linger gets to the base, Fortier flips it to him. It’s bedlam for the Wildcats. The Tar Heels are going home, the
Wildcats are headed to Texas. Davidson wins. Davidson wins 2 to 1. It’s some joy over there for those kids, shaking their hands. I’ve been on
the other side of that, It’s pretty special for Dick and those kids in that
program. As much as it hurts I have to acknowledge that they came in here and did something pretty special. So many great, key plays
to this ball game. Well pitched both clubs. Great defense.
The throw by Will, other solid plays, just a good baseball game, again.
Josh gets us deep into the ballgame Durin comes and does yet another magical
performance. Will with a Roberto Clemente like play and I think we’ll
remember this for a long, long time. (Music Playing)

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