Davidson Baseball vs Florida Gulf Coast

(Music Playing) On the ground,
Jones gobbles it up. Fires across the diamond to Fortier and quickly two down here in the first inning. Second 3-2 pitch in the inning here it comes. Swung on and missed. Pulled the string on him, 71 miles an hour. And the
top of the first inning Florida Gulf Coast goes 1, 2, 3. Pitch to the plate, which is hit
to right field for a base hit. Let’s see if Fortier is going to hold up at second. A pair of line drives over to the right side and the Wildcats are in business here in
the second inning. 1 and 2 to Lebeck with two on nobody out here in the second. No score. Hit to right field, that will get through!
Let’s see if Fortier can score. They’re going to send him. The outfielder over runs it and it’s going to be first and third. An RBI single for Justin Lebek. 1-0 Davidson. The pitch is hit to the right side, long run for Robertson coming over… makes a sliding catch! Just inside the foul line. Will Robertson, the senior from Greenville, makes the play and that is out number two. Grounded back through the middle. Backhanded by Acosta, gets to his feet, fires to first and got him. Out number
two Alec Acosta with a nice play. Runner going. Back through the middle, that will… get into center field! Robertson will go all the way around to
third and the throw will come back to second. First and third with two out.
Well, Jones hit that one in the right spot, he’s got two hits today. Drive to right field, going back is Robertson, still going back. Makes a
leaping catch and crashes into the NCAA sign for out number one. Pitch to the plate. Hit hard, base hit! That gets over the second baseman’s head. Won’t
split the gap. Johnson takes a big turn and he’ll come back. He’s got a good lead. Back
to the middle, base hit! Here comes Johnson. Here comes the throw, it will be
back to second. 2-0 Wildcats! Cam Johnson scores on the Eric Jones
single to center, and it’s 2-0. Hit number nine for the Wildcats. Matt Reardon. Westin Whitmire. Here it is… Strike three! Swung on and missed! The Cats have won again! The celebration is on. The Wildcats
beat Florida Gulf Coast 2-1, advancing to the Championship Round.
Wildcats two, Eagles one. Into the Championship Round. That’s one of those
games where unfortunately somebody’s got to lose it. That’s just a good baseball
game. Both sides of the ledger there. Two base on balls total, no errors just well
played baseball all the way around. Pitched great by both sides, Evan did a phenomenal
job. Their guy was outstanding. Both guys did a great job throwing non fast balls
in fastball counts and got some bad swings, that’s what you’ve got to do. I was
looking really well today. I was hitting my spots, I was confident, I was attacking
them. Coach Cooke and Jake had a good game
plan and I was with him the entire way. It was such a total team effort all
around. This is the most cohesive unit I’ve been a part of my entire life, defensively, and they play great. They pick me up all game and then we got
the clutch hits when we needed to. (Music Playing)

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