Davidson Baseball vs UNC

(Music Playing) The 2-2 pitch. Hammered to right field, down the line. That’s going to get down. Digging for third is Lebek. Sidwell will take a long turn, and runners at the corners as the Wildcats have their second hit of the day. Drives one to center field and deep, that will get a run home it may get more. Going back, going back! Off the fence! Here comes one run in. It will be a double, the throw to third is safe. And the Wildcats lead 1-0. I thought it might hit the backdrop out there but it bounced back on to the playing field. Must have hit the fence at about the 400 mark. And the pitch… that’s hit to right field for a base hit. That’s going to score at least one. Sidwell coming home. Centracchio driving toward the plate. Here comes the throw, it’s going to be short. The Wildcats lead it 3-0. A two run single for Cam Johnson. 3-0 Davidson, here in the top of the second inning. Riley awaits a 1-2 pitch as O’Linger delivers and it’s grounded to second. Fielded by Acosta. Flips to Bazin. Fires to first. Double play! 4-6-3 and there are two down here in the second inning. No where near. It gets away, the throw to third… safe! It skipped over there. Runners at first and third. There’s a walk for Fortier on a wild pitch. Hit on the ground towards second, that’ll get a run home. They’ll flip… oh he dropped it! Safe! That’ll be an error. But that will be an RBI for Lebek, on the error. As they try to go to second, Acosta comes home with run number four, Fortier safe at second. There’s a bounce, oh wicked hop! Fielded by Bazin. Fires to first, good stretch by Fortier and that is out number two. That’s ball four outside. That walks home a run. Will Roberston scores run number five. 5-0 Davidson Back through the middle… gets into center field. Here comes Sidwell. He’s rounding third. He’ll score. The throw will come to second. First and third and the Wildcats lead it 7-0. An RBI single for Cam Johnson. He’s driven in three in this game. Pitch to the plate, is driven to left field and deep. That ball is going back, Lynn will catch it shy of the track. Coming home is Bazin to score. Sacrifice fly RBI. It’s 8-0 Wildcats. And the pay off pitch. Here it comes, 3-2. Strike three called! Strike three called! Cats win! Cats win! The Cats win! North Carolina falls to the Davidson Wildcats 8-4 in Chapel Hill! Oh my goodness, the Cats have won it, the Cats have won it. That’s…the biggest win in the history of the program, right there. The year before I started they beat Miami when they were ranked first in the country. Midweek game, that was a great win. We beat Georgia Tech when they were ranked first in the country, on a Tuesday night. Varitek and Garciaparra. I had Jason on a camp team. Those were great wins, this is, you know. Again, I’m probably overusing it, but I’m telling you I’m a fan watching this stuff. Sid called, how ever many pitches we threw tonight, Sid called all but one of them. Coach Taylor runs the offense. He and Coach Munger manage those guys and prepare them. And Coach Lynch is handling our pitchers in the bullpen and conferring with me, and I’m truly just trying to stay out of their way. Really the bond that these guys develop as players, whether we win a lot or lose a lot, there’s just something that happens at our place. My wife would say, “Folks drink that Davidson Kool-Aid and it’s kind of extraordinary.” (Music Playing)

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