Davidson Baseball’s Historic 2017 Run

So we’re going to have to have, as we do
every year, people step up. People that we may not be expecting to jump into impact
roles may have to do that. For a lot of us we made it so close to reaching our goal in winning the A-10, that it kind of drove us in the off season, drove us all fall,
and up at this point. I think we’re all really excited about it and we kind
of know what it takes to get to the top, and we just got to get over that
hurdle. (Music Playing) In the 2017, A-10 Baseball
Championship. And there goes a throw… That gets away, a run will score. And another one that gets away from Morisano, this will score a run. Back through the box, base hit! Johnson will score Robertson being waved home here comes the throw… not in time and we’re tied! Wow! Now they’ve finally put the error up. This one driven into right-center field that’s going to plug the gap, this will score
Acosta. Davidson has the lead! Strike three called and Davidson will play for the Championship. Wow! Impossible, some might have thought
when they were down by four but they found a way. All kind of heroes in this
game for the Wildcats. Does Davidson have enough gas left in the tank
to take on the mighty Rams of VCU. This one lifted into right field,
pretty well hit, Willett going back, still going, it’s up over his shoulder and it
hits up against the wall. Centracchio and Bazin will both score on a two-run double for Cam Johnson. And this one drilled into right field, Willett on his
horse but he’ll have to play it off the wall. Here comes Acosta to score, Eric Jones being held at third on the double by Lebek. Swing and a miss and down goes Farrar. Wow Josh Hudson. (Music Playing) We’ll see what happens here tonight
between VCU and Davidson. And Robertson hits this one deep to left center
field and it is… gone! And he drills it to deep centerfield. Farrar going back, he’s looking up. And it’s up against the wall. Acosta’s being waved home. An RBI double for Fortier. And this one gets away! Ball four, and that will allow Fortier to score. Ground ball will get a run home and… bobbled by Witt! Here comes Lebek. And he drove one down the line in left field, if it stays fair… it is…GONE! Acosta again! Ground ball up the middle, Bazin, the flip to second for one. And Acosta turns, the double play! High fly ball, left field. That may do it. Lebek! Davidson wins the Atlantic 10. (Cheering) Well I think it’s a great opportunity
for a lot of alums, friends of the program, to come out. Super for the
fanbase. That’s really exciting for us. I know we were all getting a lot of texts and calls from former players and I think it’s really cool for them to be a part
of it and share that history is something very special. We’re confident against whoever we play but to know that we can hang with these guys is
definitely something that gives us confidence. If we’re playing good, solid
defense and we keep hitting like we have been and our pitching is there, we have a very good chance. We will do a scouting report on North Carolina but we’re not going to do
any “Win one for the “Gippers” it’s just let’s go play like we’ve been doing. (Music Playing) Drives one to centerfield, and deep. That’ll get a run home it may get more. Going back, going back! Off the fence! Here comes one run in. It will be a double, the throw to third is safe. And the Wildcats lead 1-0. That’s hit to right field for a base hit. That’s going to score at least one. Sidwell coming home. Centracchio driving toward the plate. Here comes the throw, it’s going to be short. The Wildcats lead it 3-0. Riley awaits a 1-2 pitch as O’Linger delivers and it’s grounded to second. Fielded by Acosta. Flips to Bazin. Fires to first. Double play! That’s ball four outside. That walks home a run. Will Roberston scores run number five. 5-0 Davidson Back through the middle… gets into center field. Here comes Sidwell. He’s rounding third. He’ll score. The throw will come to second. First and third and the Wildcats lead it 7-0. Pitch to the plate, is driven to left field and deep. That ball is going back, Lynn will catch it shy of the track. Coming home is Bazin to score. Sacrifice fly RBI. It’s 8-0 Wildcats. And the pay off pitch. Here it comes, 3-2. Strike three called! Strike three called! Cats win! Cats win! The Cats win! North Carolina falls to the Davidson Wildcats 8-4 in Chapel Hill! Oh my goodness, the Cats have won it, the Cats have won it. That’s…the biggest win in the history of the program, right there. Really the bond that these guys develop as players, whether we win a lot or lose a lot, there’s just something that happens at our place. My wife would say, “Folks drink that Davidson Kool-Aid and it’s kind of extraordinary.” (Music Playing) (Music Playing) 3-2 pitch to end the inning. Here it comes Swung on and missed. Pulled the string on him. Here in the second, no score. Hit to right field, that will get through!
Let’s see if Fortier can score. They’re going to send him. The outfielder over runs it and it’s going to be first and third. An RBI single for Justin Lebek. 1-0 Davidson. The pitch is hit to the right side, long run for Robertson coming over… makes a sliding catch! Drive to right field, going back is Robertson, still going back. Makes a
leaping catch and crashes into the NCAA sign for out number one. Back
to the middle, base hit! Here comes Johnson. Here comes the throw, it will be
back to second. 2-0 Wildcats! Here it is… Strike three! Swung on and missed! The Cats have won again! The celebration is on. The Wildcats
beat Florida Gulf Coast 2-1. I was looking really well today. I was hitting my spots, I was confident, I was attacking them. Coach Cooke and Jake had a good game
plan and I was with them the entire way. It was such a total team effort all
around. This is the most cohesive unit I’ve been a part of my entire life. By the way, the scholarship limits for division 1 baseball are 11.7. That’s the limit right? You know how many Davidson gives out? 9 and a half. Less than three. Are you kidding? They’re a game away from the sweet sixteen. Wow. What a story. To the plate, it’s hit, speared! Double play! Acosta grabbed it, stepped on the bag. Runner going. Pitch is low, throw to second it’s going to be… Out! Gunned him down. There’s the pitch grounded to third, that’ll get passed him! One run
will score! Here comes Bazin! Bazin will score! 2-0 Wildcats! First and
second, Wildcats take the lead in the top of the fifth inning. Pitch to the plate…
Swung on and missed! Struck him out. Huge strikeout for Josh Hudson. O’Linger fields! Flips! One down! Pitch to the plate, hit to right field. Here
comes Robertson, here comes the throw toward the plate. It’s going to be…he is… OUT! OUT! He missed the plate! He’s going to argue,
oh my goodness! They call time, there’s two outs. Wow! What a throw and he missed the bag. Sidwell came back and tagged him and they called him out it’s the right call he
missed home plate. Grounded to second, wide to first, fielded by Fortier. To O’Linger, they win! CATS WIN! CATS WIN! CATS WIN! Oh my gosh, Durin O’Linger gets to the base, Fortier flips it to him. It’s bedlam for the Wildcats. The Tar Heels are going home, the
Wildcats are headed to Texas. Davidson wins. Davidson wins 2 to 1. It’s some joy over there for those kids, shaking their hand. I’ve been on
the other side of that. It’s pretty special for Dick and those kids in that
program. As much as it hurts I have to acknowledge that they came in here and did something pretty special. I think we’ll
remember this for a long, long time. (Music Playing) Especially for the seniors, it’s been so cool. Keeping their baseball career alive. College Station has been awesome. We all walked out in wonder when we first saw the stadium. I think it’s gonna be a great atmosphere and we’re really looking forward to it. We’ve just been trying to enjoy
every moment of this run, that’s help us play that well. (Music Playing) I think the most incredible part is just watching the team come together, in the postseason run that we have had so far. (Music Playing) What a great baseball game. It’s a shame somebody had to lose that one. You know it was just a good
baseball game. I’m tired, I don’t know if you all are and I didn’t even play. So just a good solid baseball game and we get to come back and play again tomorrow. (Music Playing) It’s been quite a ride which we will talk about once we
get back home and let it process a little bit. Let these guys interact with these
hundreds of alums and former players that were here tonight. Let the dust settle and
take the next step. It still hurts because it was right there for us. We were chasing Omaha really today like we came in, loosest
club in America but it didn’t work out. Still, we did have probably the best year in
dancing baseball history, so it’s something special and gonna try to build
on that the next three years. Yeah, I mean it exceeded expectations and
we’ve talked about a little bit how we got here to begin with. How we
battled to get into our tournament in the league and then how we came out of the losers bracket and then we played and beat North Carolina twice and Gulf Coast. That’s far exceeding what, as a group, how they expected in the front end of the season. Tough ending, but I’ll remember it forever honestly. They battled. These guys, what’s been a pleasure for me is watching these guys compete… and never giving up (Music Playing)

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