DC Multiverse Bat-Raptor Vehicle & Batman McFarlanes Toys The Batman Who Laughs Action Figure Review

I’m Batman hey guys me host supersorrell
you very soon in the cragger is the bat Raptor and the Batman
these are the brand-new DC Multiverse Villiers brought to you by McFarlane’s
toys servers all we’re gonna be looking at Bama this is the new Batman from
detect Detective Comics 1000 by McFarlane’s toys each figure going to
the collector clickable trading card that associate with that figure so on
this card we should have a big share of a card version of this it does have a
little blurb on the side Detective Comics 1000 from 2019 is the sauce for
this one they just says collect collect them all
and interestingly in the UK these are distributed by Bandai alright guys this
was from game store here in the UK I managed to find this at game for $19.99
I also nice to pick up the bat Raptor at game as well for $24.99 this is the bat
the bat Raptor again leaves from comics the truth about the Batman who laughs
number one from 2018 so I’ve got the modern back Batman to go on to go on it
yeah this is the bat Raptor each meal comes with a global trading card and I
believe even this vehicle has a trading card of the bat Raptor you can see
through the hall alright let’s break them out of the
packaging once I’ve gotten out the boxes guys I will head straight the desk out
to give you guys no clothes person look at these figures but for now is gonna
bring them out and have a look at them this is a brand new lining and this is
the first review I’m doing of this new line we do also have Harlequin Batgirl
and nice we’ve got the bat-armor soup yeah I think I might be in for now let’s
see how all those are and then obviously if we like the line I might move forward
and buy some more was it by a few at the beginning with it
being a brand new line of stuff I want to take a look at it and see how it
compares to the old Mattel stuff so the stuff McFarland’s gonna make is gonna be
heavily collects a friendly I believe it spit in my step and one reviewed a
couple of their forage products they’re gonna be handling sort of kids markets
and MacFarlane is solely dealing with the adult collectors I’m liking the new
lining on the inside of these boxes as well as very cool well different like
Batman headlines we don’t have to damage the packaging to get the car down stuff Batman free you so here is Batman well
do the articulation and we’ll look properly close over him on the desk come
guys so yeah eyes are the but Batman from detective comments or 1000 a very
nice-looking Batman articulation is pretty good on him a lot
he comes with a baron gun push off they also comes with a big chunky Batarang and then of course this was with his
trading card and I based the stand him on we get that base out I feel I might
need that now the bases just have a little DC logo
on them it’s not very emboss’d or anything like that I was expecting a
nice big back little guy something that’s a bit there we go so these cards
they’re just they’re not trading cards guys I’m sorry they’re not there’s
pieces of card but it’s not a trading card if it was a proper card I forgot to
get the idea but it’s not it’s just a flimsy bit of cardboard they just have
more details on the back ok data file to do with the comment so this Detective
Comics 1000 from 2019 it’s Bruce Wayne is 6 foot 2 210 pounds and then it’s
basically got a little outline of his of Batman’s past so here is that feel free
to pause the video and give that a read okay now we’re gonna get the backrubs
around again I’m not keeping these boxes I’m keeping these so correct created a
room I have not seen the buck Raptor for pre-order anyway yeah games the first
place I’ve seen it that’s why I took a toxic lead I’ve even bought in star
rather than wait for online softly sometimes look the online sell it like
Kapow with the demand booster will be a little bit will beep well sometimes
can’t be quite cheaper than game well $24.99 seem like a reasonable price and
the figures were based of $19.99 same as definitely from what UK stock oh my god
how many rope ties people railroaders how I’ll cut the video here guys and
I’ll get this bad boy out of the packaging and I’ll come back to you
alright now we’ve got the back Raptor Cardon everything out so the back Raptor
was from the bat the bat one whoo laughs number one comic of 2018 is 14 feet 8
inches is width is 8 by 8 feet it’s height is 14 4 feet high
anyways 855 pounds the bat wrap says a state-of-the-art three-wheeled open
aired roadster built by the dying eyes himself powered by a mighty engine this
trike is able to make massive heaps so a buzzy Felipe’s
scale brutal terrain unchaste the most invasive of criminals it has
also features a built-in grappling system and an emergency ejection seat
noise so that’s that so guys what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go I actually
will take what the back up to first here on the main camp I think it might be
easier to look up here so this is the back rubs every tumbler from the films
so why like what is this bit pulls out and then you can pull out the main
compartment as well to create a longer seating area you can shot and shot it as
well and you can open up to get a bit of a better terrain like thing going with
the car so that’s pretty sick Wells this thing didn’t this thing do there’s no
instructions or anything which is they annoy you there
so you are just kind of left your own devices as to what it does what are we
nice to get a little instruction well there doesn’t seem to be any other
buttons or anything on it I think that’s pretty much what it does well I believe
it was meant I’m the ejection seat but I can’t work out where that would be right
now you watch I’m gonna do like a fly in my face doesn’t feel like anything she
would eject or I got to have it right flicks out at a certain point for it to
push that out hmm yeah I can’t even figure knees now
so I’ll let you take a look and we’ll do guys’s we’ll go to the desk I’ll give
you guys an A+ but look out the back tumblr oh sorry back all right guys
we’re on the desk cams let’s bring back my lair a little bit he is one tall boy
so I’m struggling to get the whole but my name frame here but here is I have
used the stun right now we can optically need it but I have just used it to stand
him up for a while let’s take a look at the bum and first of all this is Batman
the brand-new McFarland’s version of Batman yeah this is definitely based on
detect details comics 1000 it looks just like the background from that comic and
on the back we already know about Batman but just says as a child Bruce Wayne
watched as his parents were brutally killed in Gotham City’s criminal alley
traumatized by their deaths he devoted his life between the Dark Knight just a
biography you don’t really need to know that in the back of a card however if
you want to come up close buzz look at the trading card that is it right there
but I am more excited about the figure so their head on this figure is on a
ball drinks he can look quite far up as well as quite far down unless and right
obviously these arms do lift over that top hinge they do rotate at that top
hinge as well as at the bicep with a double hinged elbow and hands are on a
ball joints as well there is a crunch here at the waist you can sort of crunch
him around is there a further waste cut no there’s
not she having to use their weight that’s as there was the waste core
really traditional McFarland’s legs though he can’t live if you lift out all
the way like as a first McFarlane I’ve seen to do that him as well as forwards
and backwards but there’s no top fyke or anything like that but there is a double
hinged knee no boot cut but the feet do rotate as well as a rock and pivot and
there’s also toe articulation slightly different articulation than what we used
to guys and this Batman does come with a battery he also called whoop that’s just
cuz I’m not gonna stab him right guys he does stand on his own it also comes with
a butter we’ll call it grappling hook and it’s
already like mid fire so you could have that sort of aimed into the air and I’ve
got mine looking up and it looks pretty cool and like I said it does come with a
stand but you don’t really need it but it’s there if you want it and it’s got a
DC stand logo on it we will move him to one side just for a second because we do
have the bat Raptor which keeps rolling away runing in through everything it
needs breaks so I’ve cooked currently going fully extended to its full 12-inch
scale you can actually crook cringy down to about five inches but you’re gonna
want to extend that for Batman’s are sitting I believe but either way this is
the bat Raptor from the Batman who laughs it’s a very nice thing it does
remind me of the tumbler as well it’s that same sort of look except you kind
of kneel like kneels up in it it’s gonna see is that a sitting down but I’m
loving all the little design details right look at the wheels
he’s got bat shaped on the wheels themselves look you see that
like Batman shapes on the wheels that’s what it looks like and yeah I just love
the overall design of it and even on the inside is like nicely painted out to
this even like loads a little buttons and things so they spend a good while
looking at this and I even like you look at the front it looks like he’s been
dinked and scratched and it looks like he’s gone through the walls you know
what I mean and again you can crunch this be out at the front and then this
bit comes as well with it they just pull it stretches outwards now on the back on
the card for the actual thing it does say they just have an ejector seat but I
don’t think they work work that inés a feature sadly that would have been cool
though and our Batman figure should sit in the car as well it is a City kind of
Neil’s or pin it so you can’t sit him in like that there’s
some little grooves for his arms there we go and that’s kind of how he sits in
there in there you punch it you K you can’t you can even crunch it together as
well when he did it there you go one of the extensions there just to make
it easier to get him in and then you sort of meant to crunch it back once
he’s sort of stable and in he’s fully it knows we’re nowhere look at all that
nice silver body water the leaf of that black and silver gives it a very nice
look love this baton bill is so cool it’s definitely a cool vehicle to get
and the fact that it’s only from a couple that look like at the year or so
ago two years ago in the comics it’s a pretty new thing to do and one new
element filings is doing that on purpose going for the more modern stuff
obviously DC collectibles tends to focus on the animated series of Mattel always
focus on the on the event on the Justice League and stuff so I’m wondering
whether McFarlane and I separate themselves as a new partner there’s like
going for the more modern stuff that more modernized collectors may want what
do you guys think let me know in the comments
I like the exhaust at the back with the oranges as well like he’s been burned
and stuff it’s just an overall brilliant car Stefan Leko a good vehicle is
definitely worth $24.99 and I’m glad I have this in my collection obviously
you’re gonna need a Batman to go with it so when it’s $24.99 but plus $19.99 for
the bar but you’re definitely not gonna want to display that without a Batman in
it oh yeah that’s why they’ve done it it makes you buy the Batman as well but um
it’s a great thing and I really really don’t begrudge them forum selling it
like that it’s super cool but what do you guys think of this Batman and the
bat Raptor let me know in the comments down below and let’s go back to the main
come and finish off today’s video so guys what do you think of that
are you looking forward to more DC vehicles coming in the future let me
know in the comments down below if you enjoyed today’s video guys please smash
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ever watching as always I’m your host supersorrell I’ll see you in the next
video may the force be with you bye

7 thoughts on “DC Multiverse Bat-Raptor Vehicle & Batman McFarlanes Toys The Batman Who Laughs Action Figure Review

  1. I've just got the Batman and Superman Animated figures and Harley Quinn. I've got Batgirl on watch. They're pretty good for the money 7.5/10

  2. Hi, You seem to have a wonky cape ? doesn't sit evenly across his shoulders but that is just the start of the problems with this figure……. the sculpt is bad, paint is terrible, legs have no size or shape, should have fist hands, stomach sticks out further than his chest, has a crack down the centre of his arms, a pinhead, and not even the slightest hint of a bulge in his diaper is this Eunuch Batman ? And don't get me started on that oversized happy meal toy Bat Craptor thing. Still enjoyed your review though lol Batman is my favourite Superhero so it pains me to see such god awful figures being made.

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