DCUO Episode 36: “Barbatos: The Bat God” Investigation Guide and Reward

What of the Dark Horned God?
What have I learned of Barbados in my travels? That he watches with hatred. Always. [HAWKMAN]:
He knew one truth.
That in the end all Worlds fail. For he had been a cosmic dragon,
whose sole purpose was to return
failed worlds to the forge. [HAWKMAN]:
His cries the wail of billions of failed
worlds. He knows that should he ever be set free and the dark structures align,
all he has to do to lower the earth into darkness is open his mouth and scream. [BARBATOS]:
I have devoured so many failed worlds.
Realities torn asunder because of the actions of the Batman.
He is the reason all roads lead to darkness. [BATMAN]:
Barbatos insists he molded my history to
serve his ends. A billion year old God should have a better understanding of the law of unintended consequences

21 thoughts on “DCUO Episode 36: “Barbatos: The Bat God” Investigation Guide and Reward

  1. The final Briefing/Investigation/Collectable from DCUO Episode 36: Metal Part 2. Hope you enjoyed watching and find the guide useful, or if like me you just enjoy the lore. Timestamps, as always, are in the description and below this text.

    Apologies if you were expecting a style. Sadly the thumbnail is just a shot of the Barbatos NPC model, taken from the Duo. There doesn't appear to be any additional styles dropping or available as rewards at this time.

    Check the guide I've been working on for more information on the rewards in DCUO Episode 36: Metal Part 2, at the following link: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/dcuo-episode-36-metal-part-2-rewards.305578/

    1) Barbatos Watches – 0:36
    2) All Worlds Fail – 0:58
    3) The Scream of Barbatos – 1:23
    4) All Roads Lead to Darkness – 1:53
    5) Law of Unintended Consequences – 2:18

  2. Love your video like always ^^ 1 think they should give us another kind of window item base but one show all batman passing a kind of portal like all around shattered with blue and black portal and batman in row side of each other with big demon eyes inside the portal….

  3. Do you know or have you seen the last piece of Batman trophy from metal? I know we get emerald t-Rex and now the Batman who laugh card. So am asking if you seen the merciless drachma Coin trophy drop?

  4. Barbatos is a huge badass… if he were real, that'd be messed up and we're all doomed… but since he's not… or something like him isn't… BARBATOS IS A BADASS BRO!

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