22 thoughts on “Dealing with Baseball Failures (A Memo To All Baseball Coaches)

  1. Easily the hardest part of baseball for a youth sport compared to other sports. In Soccer or Basketball, you have no time to dwell on it, you need to keep moving. I always tell my players to give grace to their own play. Play hard, have fun, be a great team mate. Focus on those things and not the results, and every player will grow and get better.

  2. You're right on the money Coach!! I do try to be the most forward thinking person at their disposal and talk to the kids and try to get them ready to play ball in their minds.

  3. Have to fail to succeed. Thinking of failures as learning lessons can be very useful. First step to being the very best you can be at whatever it is you want to pursue is accept that your going to be terrible once you start. Once you acknowledge that you are at the bottom and are ready and willing to be at the top then you can only make forward progression from there. Have a great day everyone, good luck on all future endeavors and most importantly thank you coach Madden for everything you do. You are the G.O.A.T !!! ⚾️💪🤟💯

  4. I have a question that's off topic but you have posted videos in the past on how to throw different types of pitches. My question is, how does a pitcher or a pitching coach determine what pitches a given pitcher should throw? There are so many pitchers out there and a lot of them throw different pitches. Derek Lowe and Greg Maddux would throw sinkers where guys like Roger clemens and curt schilling would throw a splitter. Mariano rivera would throw different tupes of fastballs and no curveballs. So how does someone decide what types of pitches someone should throw?

  5. positive reinforcement is the way to lead by example. negative comments can only hurt our mental game. that being said this is by far the best video as many players can relate. ⚾️Inspirational: thanks Coach!

  6. I have a question abt the pitching 365.2 . If I purchase it is it only online or will a book be shipped

  7. Great video! I'm all about the Mental ABC's of Pitching. The writer helped Halladay. Judge the effort in practice and games, especially if success has been there but a player is slumping.

  8. Lots of young players compare themselves to the pros, other teammates and the opponents. I have tried to teach my players to compete against themselves; get growth in yourself everyday and not worry about results, stats, wins, and losses. If a player feels good about their growth and they tried their best; then kids will enjoy the sport instead of quitting or being depressed. Sports should be the best part of the day, and not a chore.

  9. Hey coach madden I have a 9/10 year old team that we have like a forth inning melt down and no matter how much we are up we let them catch up my question is how I get them over that melt down

  10. Saw so many good kids, good ball players…destroyed by their parents yelling negative shit at their own child if he made an error or struck out. To a damn 9 year old child…I remember my dad confronted that kid's dad after a game one time, he was on our fall league team, and told him he was going to take his son off the team(not because be was a bad player, he was actually a great player, he just wasn't batting .900 like his dad expected) if he kept yelling like that from the stands and bringing that negativity to our team was making him sick as a former pro player and his dad was a bum trying to live through his son. My dad was a literal pro(made it to AAA ball but not the show), but never screamed or humiliated me, but man if I fucked up, did we hit the drills the next day-especially a passed ball when catching. The guy fell if line pretty fast during the games as in my region fall league was pretty much for the "serious baseball kids", not the ones being forced out there, and my dad had the respect of all the parents. The bastard prolly just waited until he got home to do his insecure outburst to traumatize his own son. I feel bad for that kid to this day. I remember I was batting 2nd on one of the teams my dad coached as I pretty much only hit singles, walked a lot and lead the league in HBP(dont ask), but I couldn't hit anything and that messed up my strike zone discipline so I swung at stuff I should have been walking on, never yelled at me, he talked to me about looking for my pitches and such, but when I went in a 4 game slump I found myself batting 8th instead of 2nd and him pitching to me with my mom and sister shagging balls lol

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