Dear Hockey

Dear Hockey You have been my heart and my soul my blood and my tears You were my true first love. I put myself through whatever it took to be with you I changed in boiler rooms and bathroom stalls. I moved across the world. I pushed my body through hell and back, so you would never tire of me. I studied the best you had, and practiced your every move. All this time, I thought I was giving you something. but in return, you gave me the greatest gift anyone could ask for, true freedom. You gave me both joy and pain, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. through 4 gold medals and 13 world championships it was never about the wins. It was about the people. You taught me that. All those lonely years I spent as the only girl with the boys and men were hard, but when I stepped on the ice and got to be with you, that’s where I belonged. Dear Hockey, we did a lot together! You gave me everything I have in my life, including a beautiful son who teaches me everyday, that there is more to life than just you. Although our relationship is different now I will spend the rest of my life giving what I can back to you. I can only hope that those who follow will get to experience the love for you like I did. Dear Hockey, thank you.

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