Deception Lift Forehand+BONUS Double Shot, Badminton

So the purpose of this shot is to show a net shot but actually I’m lifting. As I’m lunging I want to show that I’m hitting the shuttle. But just before I hit the shuttle, I pull back and I use my forearm and my fingers. To generate the power. So I’m lifting instead of doing a net shot. The purpose of this shot is. To delay the impact with the shuttle, so I’m actually disrupting the rhythm of my opponent.

30 thoughts on “Deception Lift Forehand+BONUS Double Shot, Badminton

  1. I am regular watcher of your videos and i have a request that pls upload the video of how to hit half smash plsssssssssssssssss

  2. I'm not really catching the difference between the doubles and singles deception. He flicks faster than the singles shot because doubles is more fast pace?

  3. Excellent video as always Rasmus. I always struggle with this shot! It’s difficult to get the timing right after you show a net shot and then lower the racket to hit the shuttle for a lift/push.

  4. Awesome Video. A front view of the shot would have been nice, so that we could see what the opponent would see if you perform this shot 🙂

  5. Great video! Would love more videos like this which show deceptions that are actually possible to perform in a real match instead of the fancy ones which look good but there's no way to perform them in a real game. Cheers!

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