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I’m gonna show you a cross court
deception shot from my around the head side in the baseline. I’m gonna show my
opponent that I am I’m doing a straight shot like a smash or clear and just
before hitting the shuttle I do the rotation and the deception. So now we’re gonna we’re gonna do the
stroke and everything you do just before hitting the shuttle is the basic
techniques of the normal clear. So you go up with your arms and you take the elbow
and then you rotate like you normally do in the clear but right before you hit
the shuttle you rotate the forearm further around the shuttle so you make
the deception shot. So next thing when we are doing this
this stroke is that when we hit the shuttle we use our finger powers just a
little bit to generate an even bigger deception and actually my my grip
rotates just a little bit inside my hand like this when I hit any shuttle as you
can see it’s rotating just a little bit inside the hand. So what is the what is the main
deception in this stroke well when you when we hit the shuttle we actually show
our opponents that we we are doing a straight shot or even as a shot to the
left so as you can see my arms when I’m hitting the shuttle it goes this way but
the shuttle goes the other way making it really tricky for the opponent to see
what’s going on. And an extra deception is actually that
you generate a lot of power showing that you want to do a really hard stroke
but because you cut the shuttle the opponent cannot see that it actually
coming short to the net. Thanks a lot for watching this video I
really hope that you learned a lot and liked it if you have any questions or
any comments you can leave them below we will check them out as soon as possible
thank you.

64 thoughts on “DECEPTION reverse CUT – Badminton Famly

  1. I find it difficult to apply forearm rotation during clear and idk why instead I just hit it normally with a basic swing motion

  2. How do I clear a smash that is coming onto my right shoulder area, because I hold my racquet in my right hand, it's really difficult to return the smash coming onto my right shoulder ,please help

  3. Is it optimal to stay up high with you elbow and racket after the shot instead of following through? Not questioning you technique, just feels kinda stiff and less deceptive when everything stops so suddenly. Probably wouldn’t feel the same if I was standing on court though, but I was just wondering.

    (Edit) Watching it again, It kinda felt different between all the shot so maybe i overanalyze someone trying to exaggerate for teaching purposes. But question can still remain.

    Follow through and let the speed of the shuttle decrease solely by the slice, or stop your motion a little and slice it too?

  4. Love the video. I use this shot a lot. Can u make guides on spinning net shots on both backhand and forehand side?

  5. Did Thomas and Rasmus already played singles seriously? I wanted to see a match of these 2 great badminton coaches. I'm wondering who is gonna win. 🙂

  6. hey, can you do a video this cut from the forehand side to the opposite side? please, keep the good work!

  7. Hi guys, thanks for the video. I think i’d be great if there a scene which taken from opponent perspective (straight across the hitter) to see the deceptive shot better.

  8. In which situation would I use the stick hit instead of this shot? They both seem to have slower speed compared to smash of course. And if a stick hit isnt deceptive and not fast the opponent can get to the shuttle quickly while with the deception at least you can trick them a little bit. Hope my question/comment makes sense. Cheers

  9. What would be the difference in speed and placement between this shot and a reverse slice where one hits through the shot more (as opposed to brushing sideways more, as shown here)?

  10. Plz tell me abouthow much to keep lbs pressure of new string?? I want good smashing bcz I don't don't like to play placement shots I medium range nanoray racquet

  11. sorry if the question has been asked already but are you changing the grip to over rotate? not very flexible and racket keeps slipping

  12. Dear Coach, if we do it exactly the same, but hit is lightly (slower), is it the same as a slicing dropshot?

  13. Hi dood : ) . First of all i wann say that i love to follow your channel. Most of the stuff i know alreasy but in moments where im not aware of some details im very thankfull to be able to add somthing to my knoladge : ) its like finding a long missing pice in the puzzle : )
    In this video you described the arm writst racket movement and it should be a lot for people who wanna first try the shot and get some experience with it.
    Im missing out on a lot of details on that shot and a have a crapton questions. Is this shot for singles or doubles (deception) when is deception usable in doubles, do you need to hit the shutle over the head or in front of the head. what happens if you hit thi shuttle left from your body, would you try to get it in the rising period of jump or at highest point or at the falling phase, how does strong rotation of sholder (upperbodyrotation you know what i mean i hope ^^) influence the shot, would you use the shot when you return a punchclear or only when you have more time, is there a way to add this shot to your forhandrepertuar as well. I can probably find more questiens.

    Bla bla bla i love your content more more more : )

  14. Is this quite an advanced stroke? In which case, can you suggest what a starting point is to build towards this stroke?

  15. Great tutorial . This technique is so deceptive and if you are a tall person the cut would be very deep to corners. I used it often . Thumb up

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  17. Hello sir..nice video
    Thank you.
    But I am not able to end my racquet swing to the opposite direction.
    How should I correct it?
    Thank you so much.

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