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Most of Australia hate me. You can read some of my
Instagram comments and you might believe it too. That comment was made a little
bit tongue in cheek obviously. People’s opinions are divided
over both Sean and I and we realise we’ve been given a lot
of opportunities. Social media these days gives
everyone an opinion and a lot of people see more of it so yeah, there’s probably a fair
bit of hate out there, but it’s all good. I love playing for Australia. I
love wearing the baggy green cap and I’ll keep trying. Hopefully
I’ll win them over one day. Five wickets for Mitchell Marsh. Yeah, well how proud is he gonna feel? The end of last summer felt like
probably the lowest point in my career. And I was extremely hungry to
get back in Australian colours and wear my baggy green again. Getting in the Ashes squad was
the first step in that and then I just stayed ready the whole time I was there for the opportunity
and I knew that if it was going to come it would probably come
later in the series and to be able to get, you know,
a maiden test five was an amazing feeling. Unfortunately, the Test match didn’t go our way but it was a little bit of a reward for a lot
of hard work and hopefully I can stay in there now. You spoke publicly about the
start of a tough summer last year and the effect that had on
you. For people who are listening to
you chat in their cars or on the radio around Australia, what advice would you give them?
What helped you get through? Tough question. Well, nothing really prepares
you for something like that, I guess. It’s a tough question, because I
didn’t handle it that well. What I do know is that I came out a bit stronger. And I appreciate everything in
my life now. The little things like playing for Australia, it’s
not little, but at times it can get away from you and you get through it eventually.

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